Question about Divinity Original Sin II

  • I am about a third of the way through Divinity Original Sin (the first game) and I like it but the conversation now seems to be really swirling around the sequel. After hearing Ben Moore's recent accolades and seeing all the spectacular reviews on-line, I am wondering if I should shelve the first game in favor of the second (considering that I am a) not too far in and b) probably only have time to play one of the two)

    Is DOSII a dramatically better game than the first game? Or is it just more of a good thing? The reviews make it seem like it is the greatest RPG ever but I cannot tell if that's simply because its a slightly evolved take on the first game or if it actually made great strides. If the two experiences are very similar, I will prob just stick with the game I am already playing, but if its a really monumental sequel, I will consider upgrading

  • Keep doing what you're doing. The second game isn't going anywhere.

  • I think yes, the second game is a much better game, one of the greats for me personally. That doesn't mean that first one is much worse though. It's still very much worth playing. I would recommend to finish one first.

  • Take your time with the first game, because there are many things to enjoy in that as well. And once you've done with that, there's the sequel, which will blow you away. It's not going anywhere, and it's more than likely going on to be on sale soon, so grap it then, so it will be ready to play once you've done with the first game.

  • @Ozymandsss I'm going to straight up give you a different opinion here because it seems like your more concerned about time. I personally don't have time to play all the games I want anymore. I have to be picky. So if your feeling that playing just one is the experience your going for and have the money, abandon the first and get the second one. I hear it much better in every way.

    The other advice here is good if you have the time and are willing to continue on.