Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

  • @Mbun I normally don't like people calling an individual out, but your 100% right. Skipping tutorials & complaining that the game doesn't show up how to play it (although not being able to see them again is idoitic) makes me doubt his ability to review games.

  • @Bigdude1 i see the orbs but i don't really know how to go from like level 1 water to level 2 fire to level 3 wind etc.

    hence why i don't quite get that system yet

  • @Yoshi when you are able to press zl or zr, your allies will be at the correct level

  • @Bigdude1 i press ZR and ZL when it tells me to but that doesn't really explain to me how i can make those attacks stronger

  • @Yoshi its stronger because when you get to level 3 of the chain it becomes a more powerful attack than a standard level 3

  • i really dont get how the element chain thing is confusing the game explains it quite well

  • 188 hours into the game and I am on chapter 9

  • @Yoshi said:

    i don't think i've really understood the whol elemental specials chaining thing yet in that case.

    Oh no, you're pulling a Damiani to get that far without learning that.

    @Musou-Tensei said:

    you need Aux Cores for Spike defense

    I'm starting to think I cheesed the game with my Rex build. I built him high crit then used accessory that heals you when you do critical damage, so I was constantly getting healing while attacking from attacking, so I never even noticed stuff like Spike Damage was a thing.

    @FutureCorpse said:

    Skipping tutorials & complaining that the game doesn't show up how to play it (although not being able to see them again is idoitic) makes me doubt his ability to review games.

    To be fair, I'm sure review Damiani is a different beast than stream Damiani. There's lots of points during the stream I'm hearing now where people in chat are trying to correct and teach Damiani the mechanics, and he's rejecting the help and getting upset saying the game should've taught him it instead, which it did try to, but he skipped through it, so now he's getting increasingly frustrated and skipping through all cutscenes and text. It's very uncomfortable to watch him rage like this. There's still like seven more parts I haven't seen yet. Waiting to see at what point this all turns around and he learns how to play.

    @Yoshi said:

    i see the orbs but i don't really know how to go from like level 1 water to level 2 fire to level 3 wind etc.

    Canceling attacks with arts and using attacks/arts in general charge up your special meter. Your allies will also charge their own special meters up during combat. When one of your party member uses one of their specials between their three Blades it will start up the special tree at the top right. That shows you potential paths you can take towards finishing the Blade Combo. Since you have three party members, when you can good practice is to try and advance the combo between them to spread out the time it takes to charge specials.

    So you can have Tora start an Earth special at lvl 1 which will be called Stone when you see he has that charged, which opens up your tree and you'll see you can either then advance the Blade Combo by using a lvl 2 Fire special called Volcano or another Earth special this time at lvl 2 called Gaia Crash.

    This can be achieved two ways. You can either wait for a party member with a Blade of one of those elements to charge their special up to lvl 2, which will allow you to select them with the corresponding shoulder button and advance the combo or you yourself can switch to one of your own Blades of one of those elements to use your own charged up special once it is lvl 2 or higher to continue the combo. Once you've done this, you'll be advanced on the Special Tree you see at the top right on one of the two paths, and once again you'll have an option between two Elements to advance the combo to it's final stage, however now the combo needs a lvl 3 or higher Special of that element to continue and finish it off.

    Say during our example earlier we chose to have our party member Nia use the lvl 2 Fire special called Volcano in this path with one of her Fire element Blades by selecting Volcano with the shoulder button, so you'll now have a choice between using a level 3 Wind special called Volcanic Storm or a lvl 3 Earth special called Mega Eruption. More likely than not at this point Nia won't have a special ready to fire off since she just used one, and it will take entirely too long for her to recharge to finish it off herself before the timer runs out, however Tora has had some time to charge back up since using his lvl 1 special Stone, and we know from using Stone he has an Earth element Blade, so if he's ready we can shoulder button select him to use his lvl 3 Earth special Mega Eruption, finishing off the Blade Combo with a massive damage burst and creating an Earth Orb.

    Alternatively, Rex has been charging his specials up all this time and happens to possess a Wind Blade. Say for this example we're also fighting an Ice element enemy, which is the opposite of Wind. So to do even more damage, what we want to do is have Rex swap over to his Wind Blade, who's icon will be blinking indicating they're able to continue the Blade Combo, then have Rex use his own Special which will come out as Volcanic Storm and finish off our Blade Combo with a massive burst of Wind damage, hurting the enemy even more since Wind is super effective against Ice, and creating a Wind Element orb.

    Either of these paths will finish off your Blade Combo, don't be afraid to use the less effective one if that's available and your other option is not. It's better to perform them than to let the combo drop from timeout. There's a second reason you might want to wisely choose the path you take on these Blade Combos, and that is that the element at the end of whatever tree you go down determines and additional effect the enemy is subjected to for awhile. Back to our example before, ending our combo with the Wind element Volcanic Storm will subject the enemy to Seal Blowdown effect, which will prevent them from blowing down your party members with Blowdown attacks for a time. However if we instead chose to end our combo with the Earth element Mega Eruption, we'll get the effect of Seal Shackle Driver on the enemy, which is super useful for some of the harder encounters in this game, since Shackle Driver is one of the worst Status Effects you can be subjected to. If you were noticing you're in a fight with an enemy who's doing this to you often, you can use performing this Blade Combo to Seal the enemy's ability to do that to your party for a time. Every element has an effect. Easier to just link a wiki page than to explain them all and explain every Blade Combo you can perform, so here.


    It might seem like alot and might seem daunting, but through playing you'll over time learn what leads to what and naturally be able to know what element you want to start with to get to whatever particular Blade Combo you're trying to pull off to generate whatever element final burst of damage or effect you're seeking, and the Special Tree at the top right helps when your memory is more hazy. So basically, the most important thing is simply to have as many Blades with as many different elements equipped on all your party members, and to learn to space out the specials between everyone so that there's enough time to perform full Blade Combos to generate as many Orbs as possible as quickly as possible, which you can then use for bursting during a Team Attack to extend the length and enhance the damage of.

    I'll add one more thing to this, which is that the creation of an elemental orb weakens attacks of that element until it is burst. This is to discourage you from simply spamming the same elemental Blade Combo over and over and to incentivize you to use your Team Attacks to burst the orbs. So basically just mix it up and remember to burst some orbs when you start to accumulate 2 or more and you'll be fine. Also, defeating an enemy during a Team Attack with Overkill makes them drop double the loot, so use that as you will.

  • @Bigdude1 when i saw 3 orbs surrounding the characters face earlier today i pressed ZR/ZL like game tells me to andthe attack didn't seem any stronger than normal at all.

  • @Yoshi if orbs are surrounding a enemy and your Party Gauge is all full click your +
    button (the one that opens menus normally) 0_1514376088139_maxresdefault.jpg

    this will start a chain attack. The idea is to destroy the orbs. the way you do this is you choose the opposite element to damage the enemy. fx if you have a fire orb then you would choose water. each character gets a turn and if you destroy a orb you get to go one more round again. The more orbs you have the more times you can go. I think the max number of orbs you can put on a enemy is 4.

    To put orbs on a enemies you do the blade specials and the last element you use is the orb type that will float around the enemy so if you do. water, water, wind it will be a wind orb.

    if you do it right you can do a LOT of damage


  • What chapter are you on?

  • @fettouhi you can put as many orbs on a enemy as there are elements but you cant have any duplicates

  • @Bigdude1 i was stuck at the end of chaper 5 but i managed to get past it last night when i stopped attacking the power cables when they dealt spike damage to me, regained my health fighting the core and then did short quick attacks on the cable instead

  • @Yoshi ah yeah , what i did was have my other characters fight the defender thing and i attacked the cable. Grabbing them for a last big chain attack at the cablw near the end.

  • @FF7Cloud I think they explain it quite well, but i think they tell you a little too early, the fight on the ancient ship is too early because you dont have anyone to really try it out with.

  • @Bigdude1 yea thats true

  • @Mbun I was out of line there. I apologies.

  • @Yoshi the character portrait circles are different than elemental orbs. I think i might have mislead you by accident. The character ones are only to show what level special they built up

  • well 203 hours of game time and 800+ screenshots. I am finally done with the game. can't wait for Ben to start his stream

  • @fettouhi im still waiting for the Trails of cold steel stream he said hed do when it came out on pc