Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

  • @Bigdude1 i was stuck at the end of chaper 5 but i managed to get past it last night when i stopped attacking the power cables when they dealt spike damage to me, regained my health fighting the core and then did short quick attacks on the cable instead

  • @Yoshi ah yeah , what i did was have my other characters fight the defender thing and i attacked the cable. Grabbing them for a last big chain attack at the cablw near the end.

  • @FF7Cloud I think they explain it quite well, but i think they tell you a little too early, the fight on the ancient ship is too early because you dont have anyone to really try it out with.

  • @Bigdude1 yea thats true

  • @Mbun I was out of line there. I apologies.

  • @Yoshi the character portrait circles are different than elemental orbs. I think i might have mislead you by accident. The character ones are only to show what level special they built up

  • well 203 hours of game time and 800+ screenshots. I am finally done with the game. can't wait for Ben to start his stream

  • @fettouhi im still waiting for the Trails of cold steel stream he said hed do when it came out on pc

  • @FF7Cloud I remember Ben streaming that game once, but it definitely wasn't a full playthrough. Also, a full playthrough for that series would take literally years.

  • @FF7Cloud they are all busy so I am not setting my hopes up just hoping and thats pretty much it

  • Just dropping a useful image for reference

    alt text

  • I just started Chapter 7.

    Dem feels...

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  • Does anyone have any tips of beating the Chapter 9 boss?

    i've got Rex at level 65, Tora at level 66 and Zeke at level 67 and yet i still can't win.

    i manage to get him down like an 8th of his health but that one hit KO Smash move always kills me and to top it off, he also has fucking Zero Zone. most annoying attack in the entire game!!!!!

  • @Yoshi I can't remember which boss that is or "Zero Zone" at all, but looking off your levels and the other info given if I had to guess I'd say the problem you're having is forgoing your dedicated healer. You'll either need to deck Rex out in good healing Blades, swap Zeke for Nia, or use good accessories that provide alternate healing. Also, maybe you're blowing your party meter on chain attacks too early instead of saving it for the occasional revive and only chain attacking when the enemy is all orbed up and you can take them out with a single chain attack. That's all I can figure. If you're getting actually Smashed though, you could also try Launch or Smash resist gear although I think where you are right now Shackle Blade resist might be much more important.

    Also, don't forget activating Rex's newish ability for massive damage. If you time the activation right before the end of a Blade Combo with Rex ready to go, you should be able to use the ability to finish that combo, then quickly squeeze another out by using your party members to start it and finishing it with Rex again, then leap into a chain attack right before the meter runs out and have at least two, hopefully three or more orbs by this point to burst which means that many more specials. Every time you roll around to Rex's turn during the chain attack you'll do absolutely massive damage. Should easily finish off anything you're fighting. Frankly, it's broken as hell. Just save it for the second half of fights, because you can only use it once per fight and enemies usually get much harder during the second half of the fight.

  • @Mbun how do i spoiler tag on here?

  • The dumbest post I'll ever make here

  • cool thanks.

    i'm fighting Jin in Chapter 9 at the moment. i think i need to learn more about the orbs system. i understand how to do a stage 3 blade combo now, but a couple of nights ago i was watching a video of someone fighting the Territorial Rotbat in Gormott and i saw 3 coloured orbs floating around him. i think i need to learn and understand how to do that first.

    at the moment i can usually get Jin down to just under half his health or if i manage to to activate Pyras 3rd form, i can get him down to like a 12th of his health bar, Jin always manages to get the best of me with his 1 hit KO Smash Attacks and always fucks me over by using his Zero Zone move which prevents me from healing my party at all and it's really pissing me off.

  • @Yoshi When you start a blade combo by using a level 1-3 attack you get 2 elemental choices on the upper right, use a Level 2-3 attack of one of those 2 elements (or telly our team mebers to do so if they can) and you get another choice, use a Level 3 with one of those 2 elements to perform the special attack that will create the elemental orb. Rinse and repeat but finish with different elements to create more orbs as you can only have 1 orb per element (yes, that means you can have 8 orbs in total). If you go into chain attack mode (press + while the bar on the upper left is full) with at least 5 (or 6, I forgot) orbs and manage to destroy them all (pro tip:

    Spoiler transform Pyra/Mythra before starting the chain combo, in her 3rd form Rex can only attack with her but she will hit all orbs with 1 damage and dark ones with 2 of course, her time limit is stopped dueing chain attack also.

    you will get a very powerful finishing move that should be enough to wreck the boss.

    Tbf though I think I was like 5-8 levels higher than you at that point.

  • @Yoshi a orb of a element will appear after the 3rd stage of a element combo after 2 or 3 combos there should be 2 or 3 element orbs around the enemies then press the + button to do a party attack and hit the orbs with the opposite element to prolong the combo and get a damage bonus for every rotation of the party you do.