Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

  • @NeoCweeny its a collection point, not a salvage point

    You have a chance of getting insect collectibles from most flower, tree or mineral collection points.

  • @NeoCweeny

    I'm guessing you're using Aegaeon since he's the one who needs Insects for unlocking a level of Ancient Wisdom, but don't forget you also have Dromarch who also possesses Ancient Wisdom, and yes you can stack both of them on top of one another. If you just want to unlock Aegaeon's third level, it's useful to equip other Blades with Entomolgy alongside Aegaeon, so when you run around and find Insects, you'll find more at a time, making it less tedious.

    Also, there's a random rare Blade named Perun you can pull that also has Ancient Wisdom, but they're not necessary.

  • Thanks for the help! I'm passed it now.


    I have level 2 ancient wisdom for Dromarch and the third level is still locked that's why I needed Aegaeon to have level 1.

  • "Dont forget me"

  • Update 1.3 is coming next week bringin NG+, don't read the article if you're not done yet, it might spoiler some things

    Basically what get's transfered are
    Driver level
    Driver and Blade equipment and growth elements
    Awakened Blades
    Acquired items and gold
    Town development degree and Mercenaries level
    Event Theater contents and Unique Monster kills

    Quests, Heart-to-Hearts, Skip Travel points, and cleared Mercenary Missions will reset.

    Of course there is some other stuff, now all blades, including Pry etc., can be send to merc missions, you will be able to resonate with some more rare blades that you can either get through core crystals or through sidequests if I understand that correctly.

    You can get the blades of the Torna as well as the Torna themselves, which will cause some weird scenes when you ahve them in your team but fight against them at the same time, lol.

    And some more options like locking any blade you want so you won't release it by accident and you will be able to skip the summoning cutscenes.

  • @Musou-Tensei Sounds like this update will fix lots of my biggest problems with the game, besides the map. I know some people will complain this stuff wasn't in the game at launch, but free update two months later isn't too bad and the game was "complete" at launch, not even close to early access tier. Considering how improved this postlaunch support is, coming off the back of disappointing Breath of the Wild postlaunch support, I think Nintendo might be learning what actually matters for postlaunch support now.

    If I'm satisfied with the new sorting options for stuff and everything else, I might go ahead and bite on that Expansion Pass finally, although actually I'll probably wait until My Nintendo's new points system thing is all sorted out so I don't get screwed on less gold points than I could earn from the same digital purchase amount.

  • I beat this game yesterday. It was beautiful. Not perfect as I did have questions of the bad sort, particularly involving certain things in chapter 7 that felt confusing and rushed, and I'm not sure I fully comprehended all the chapter 10 revelations either, but emotionally it was fantastic and the ending feels so earned.

    One thing that made me fanboy sad though:

    I actually wanted Pyra/Mythra to die for good, and let that be Rex's maturation, and then in the epilogue imply that Nia has the hots for him because that'd have been too cute.

  • @linkenski That spoiler...

    That'd be terrible considering how forced the Nia romance with Rex was. I literally burst out laughing out loud during the cutscene where Nia suddenly confesses to Rex and he doesn't get it or plays it off. They start the game with kinda a rivalry thing going on, so I guess you could argue it's a kiddish budding romance, but it didn't feel earned to me at all since there's nothing shown beyond that until the Crucible part and Rex clearly sees Nia as nothing more than a friend. Rex also very clearly has a thing for Pyra / Mythra, even introduces them and them alone to his deceased parents.

    What I don't like about Pyra / Mythra coming back to life at the end is the nod of whoever's name you choose for Pneuma calling out to Rex as though she remembers him. The Aegis already Mary Sue breaks every other normal rule in the universe, so yea sure it makes sense. It just feels over the top to me, like it completely undoes all the drama of her "dying" in the part right before when she immediately comes back. They should've left her dead at the end, then added postgame DLC later where you can do a quest in the new world that ends with her coming back. Then at least some of the impact would've been maintained.

    The only real sad part at the end is all the Titans bonking their head into the new continent. Felt like the game wanted you to forget those things are living at that point. It's not like they're dying at the end either. They just fall out the sky now that the Cloud Sea is gone and bonk with everyone left to fend for themselves in this new land with the old way of life being completely destroyed and probably a large portion of the previous population murdered by the events right before the end. Then if you think about the Torna Titan with it's eggs and how these mature Titans probably have them as well, but the new Cloud Sea-less world can't really support them. Looking pretty bleak.

  • I think you guys take this work of fiction a bit too serious, lol.

  • @Mbun Like I said, it was a fanboyish reaction and I concede that. That being said, the Chapter 7 scene you speak of also felt underwhelming to me and it kinda comes out of nowhere. In general I was disappointed with some of the big moments in that particular chapter. It felt strangely contrived and rushed, and it halted some of the character development for the rest of the game. That's really the only part of the game I did not enjoy storywise.

    I did love the ending as a whole, but as a fanboy I wished a slightly different resolution for Rex.

    That said, it was a feel good ending for a game that already revealed itself to be more of a, slightly sappy, but feel good plot around halfway through. Its mysteries and world building was still strong throughout and also the focus of the very final chapter, but it's true, some of the resolution kinda breaks the rules in some ways, but it has good emotional reasoning behind it, so it's not like ME3 where the lore is reduced to toeast over an unsatisfying climax. Overall it felt pretty meant-to-be in my eyes. Maybe as I see it a few more times I'll get more critical but for now, I pretty much loved the entire thing.

    @Musou-Tensei It's a stortydriven game, heavily so. it's entirely reasonable to take it seriously.

  • @Mbun i just have one question

    who the fuck was talking to PNeuma when she was in the Aion about to self destruct? the guy who asked her "was it worth it?"

  • think the dlc will be about addam

  • @FF7Cloud i think so too, thats really the only plot thread hanging

  • @Yoshi she was talking to malos

  • @Bigdude1 yea like who is he lol

    also who was that baby Amalthas found

  • @FF7Cloud i feel like hes a character we know, but there are points where you can get a semi decent look at him and i cant find any similarities.

  • @FF7Cloud maybe the baby was addam. Its hard saying.

  • I thought it was just a random baby and he suffocated it with his hand.

  • @linkenski Despite the mega cheese around Rex and around Nia, I personally love Chapter 7, mostly because I love everything about Spirit Crucible Elpys and the stuff that happens at the Cliffs is pretty cool too.


    Isn't he like dead? Wasn't that the whole point of the tomb at the bottom of Spirit Crucible Elpys? Or do you mean like a flashback deal or something? Also, I don't think the baby itself is important, just Amalthas witnessing that event furthered his views towards society.

  • @Mbun

    he has to be alive or pyra/mythra wouldnt have their memories