Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

  • @Yoshi I'm a bit further than you and these things will be explained to you as you progress, so no worries. I don't have the answers to all of your questions yet but one important tip:

    Whenever you want to trigger an Art, try do it right as one of your auto-attacks makes contact (to "cancel" the auto-attack, although it's weird they call it that because your auto-attack still does damage so it's not actually cancelled). If you time it right, you'll see a blue circle appear around your character. This will make the Art more effective and make it recharge faster. Also, the effect is stronger if you use it on the third auto-attack of a series rather than the first.

    As for combos and stuff, I'm still slowly wrapping my head around it, so far enemies have always died before I had the chance to complete a full combo, so still don't know how that's supposed to look like.

  • @Yoshi to do a cancel you have to wait till just after the attack hits and the rhythm of that affects damage, you will see a ring on screen if you did it correctly.

  • finally got the blade combos down, basically was watching my sister playing it and i was reinterpreting the tutorials.

    i wish it kept a log of it like they did in previous games. maybe they did i just dont know where.

  • is there anyway to view the entire map other than using skip travel?

    only beng able to use the left stick to bring up the map, and not even the full map is pissing me off. the originals map was so much better

  • @Yoshi the original didnt have a full map either

    but i do agree that everything being subdivided kinda makes it a little cumbersome to find skip travel points

  • @Yoshi Yes I hate that too, that's probably my biggest gripe with the game right now, there's no proper map. And the compass is really not useful enough to find objectives sometimes.

  • @Yoshi I know what you mean, and I am only about 3 hours into it, but I'm trying to avoid using any form of minimap at the moment. I find I just focus on that little circle instead of the amazing world they've crafted surrounding it. I did the same with the Witcher 3 and it made each area feel more real.

  • @Bigdude1 Someone advised me to take screenshots of the tutorials which has helped alleviate some of the memory fade. However a tutorial log would be appreciated in a future update. What a wierd age we live in where we wait hopefully for future updates to improve games.

  • @Pitcher-T there are informants in the game that can sell you the info. im not sure how in depth it is, but they tell you a lot

  • Ben's review is on YouTube. Before you watch, I'd advise reading this comment Bloodworth posted:

    "Some users have found the footage at 8:20 to be spoilery. If you want to skip that portion, you can go to 8:42. You can also find the text of the review at https://easyallies.com/#!/review/xenoblade-chronicles-2 We do take care to avoid spoilers, but sometimes opinions differ. -Bloodworth"

    In addition, someone in the comments of the r/games post of this review says that 4:10-4:12 contains party member spoilers.

    Youtube Video

    Damiani tweeted this:

  • i take Ben Moores opinion over Damiani's because he seems to have really high expectations of games that they cant seem to reach while Ben is more realistic.

  • I do kind of miss, was it GamePro, where the review format was having, like, 3 people review games, so you've got several different outlooks.

    Obviously not a realistic expectation with this crew. Just my 2 cents.

  • got it today and im about a hour in enjoying it so far however the voice actings not bad per se i just dont get why they have welsh accents

  • I've watched about two hours of gameplay today, I'll just say that I'm beyond convinced this game is not for me and move on, hope you all are enjoying it.

  • this game is really fun but its not a perfect game in anyways. I think Ben in the review said some of the things but there are other problems. I am 27 hours in and enjoying it so far. I have never played any xenoblade before so this is my first entry. I think the combat is interesting and complex without being it to complex imo but it can really be confusing some times. I do hope ben does a stream of it even if Damiani is doing one. I would love to hear him talk live about his view on it instead of a simple review.

  • @bard91 combat system?

  • @Bigdude1 I would say it is mostly everything, the combat system seems very close to the first which doesn't help at all, I've watched a few more hours today, and I'm doing it because I honestly find it mesmerizingly bad

  • @bard91 Combat is great, if that’s what your concern is. Whether you could appreciate it is another matter. It’s still vastly different from the first but it’s cut from the same gameplay idiology. I’m about 17 hours in and the story, side quests, and world design are also really good so far

  • I'm still marching through the game myself after 40ish hours, sadly I'm finding just too many similarities and potential laziness that I couldn't stand with Xenoblade Chronicles X in this game, might be easier to just bulletpoint each thing that bothered me.

    • Objectives are poorly presented. "Go Here" with naught but a poor compass marker and no idea where to go in a large world is a lot of what I really disliked in XBX, several sections of the game have you running through areas with monsters 40-50 levels higher than you and have quite the aggro radius, and many of them also roam a pretty wide area to boot.

    The map is equally useless, the fast travel map shouldn't be more useful than the map on your screen that's supposed to fulfill that role.

    • The "Plot twist" that I won't spoil until later if requested I'll just edit this post is very easy to see coming and actually feels like the same "Twist" in XBX. Maybe that's the fault of JRPGs leaning on the same tropes as Anime does? I don't know, but it's disappointing all the same.

    • Performance is surprisingly not good. I've had the framerate straight up tank in many places while weather effects such as rain will trigger the dynamic resolution or otherwise cause textures to frequently pop in and out which is VERY jarring to me. It's not unplayable but it's not what I'd expect for a game of this scale or hype. And is mostly what worried me with how hurriedly this game was released, it definitely could've used another quarter or two simply for polish, it's no secret that nintendo can do some serious magic with limited hardware, this should've been a graphical benchmark for them like Mario Odyssey.

    • Combat is....well boring and not well thought out, it encourages movement and positional attacks but punishes you in many ways for doing so, your movement is slow, your tether to your blade isn't very long (Yes I'm aware of accessories to help with this) and your auto attacks are interrupted by moving which slows down the recharge of your skills. If this was the route they wanted to take then it should've been a turn based game IMO.

    • Progression is....bad. And what I mean by that is how you obtain your blades via the cores, this is one occasion where I really hate the Lootbox concept in a game, and is further compounded by how arbitrarily LONG it takes to sort through a large number of them in a sitting, skills take far longer to upgrade as well as the affinity chart compared to even the first Xenoblade.

    The Bonus xp system really has me wondering why it's even there, it's only usable if you accumulated enough xp to "Buy" a level rather than actually spending the xp to help you level, and no matter how much fighting you do it's rare when you're able to spend enough to get more than 1-2 levels at any given time....so why not refine the actual progression/xp system built into the combat by adding more xp to the things you kill instead? I just don't understand the thought process.

    Merc system so far (Rank 2 at the moment) doesn't feel useful, a lot of the Blades you'd want to level their affinity charts for have really really specific requirements to unlock higher ranks so sending them on missions does nothing for them, like Boreas. It takes a long time sorting through what happens as they leave and come back, it's just a chore. Hopefully there's a pay off of some kind later but for right now I'm not seeing it, other than being allowed to keep more of your unused blades.

    And the idea that blades can only be shared to other characters via a finite and rare item is even more baffling, it makes you NOT want to give any blades to anyone other than Rex for fear of them getting a rare blade you'd rather have on yourself.

    • Graphics are outstanding overall when the textures are playing nice, the environments are pretty, the character designs are good for the most part. The only glaring weirdness is that there's so many different artists who've made blades that it feels like a crossover game with a ton of cameo characters because there's no unified design scheme, you get one guy who looks like a Final Fantasy Summon drawn by amano and the next looks like a 1980s anime character.

    • Music is decent, I felt more passion and got pumped for a lot of fights in the OG Xenoblade with it's OST compared to Xenoblade 2 and while it's not bad in Xenoblade 2 a lot of the tracks feel like standard scènes à faire for a JRPG, many "Tales Of" vibes to me.

    • Cast is likable, nothing really stand out for me. I mean we've all seen the "Child hero" trope before. He's not annoying at least, although I still don't like his outfit lol.

    I like the game, it's in ways better and equally as bad as XBX in some areas but it's hard not to compare it to the original Xenoblade and it's equally difficult not to see how the game could have been if given a little more time to cook, it's not as though we're starved for long RPGs this year, and we're definitely not left substantially wanting on switch titles.

    That's just my take, I'm hoping in the next 40-ish hours until the game's completion I can find something more redeeming about it, but for now I'm regretting my faith and the $87 I spent getting it, not because it's awful but that it just to me didn't live up to the hype surrounding it.

    They could easily solve a lot of my complaints with a patch but who knows if that will actually happen or not. I mean the answer to fixing XBX's performance problems were massive downloads that basically filled your HDD on Wii-U, I'd rather that not be the solution here.

  • @Bigdude1 Based on my experience with XC and what I've seen I wouldn't like the combat, in fact I'd probably think it is terrible just like the first, and other than that the music is the only aspect of everything that I've seen in about 6 hours that doesn't seem bad. It honestly seems so bad I would be interested in playing if there were a "safe mode' just to see how bad it gets for me.