What's Your Favorite Shirt?

  • So, I realize this is a weird question, but part of my College's required courses is a "University Preparedness" class. And in class today my professor was talking about giving presentations. She told us that a big part of having confidence when presenting is looking a way that makes you feel good. That looking professional isn't as important as feeling confident in what you're wearing. Obviously you shouldn't wear jorts and flip flops to your Biology presentation but it helps ease nervousness to be wearing a shirt that you like.

    This got me to thinking about how I do something similar in situations outside of school. When I went to E3 for the first time this summer I was really nervous about how I looked. I wasn't so much concerned with like my hair or makeup or anything, but I wanted people to take me seriously. A problem I've run in to a lot when at other conventions (actually the 1 other convention I've been to) or just at GameStop is that people assume I'm just someone's girlfriend and that I'm not actually there for my own interest. I can't even begin to explain the eye rolls I got when I walked in to GameStop and only picked up a copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn. It wasn't until I explained the rating and content of the Persona series to a concerned mom that anyone took me seriously.

    So basically, when I was packing for E3 I wanted to look in a way that would let people know I wasn't just tagging along with a friend or significant other, that I really was excited to be there. I also just wanted to look nice since I knew there was a chance I'd get to meet or at least see people that I'm a fan of and didn't want to make a bad impression. So I ended trying to do a fusion of clothes that I like in general and my favorite gaming related shirts. I ended up going in one regular shirt, an Earthbound Shirt I got at my first convention, and a Persona 4 shirt.

    This is the Earthbound Shirt.
    This is the Persona 4 Shirt. (Which is overall my favorite shirt that I own.)

    Pictures tell me that I looked absolutely dreadful at the event (or at least that I photograph horribly), but at least when I was there I felt really confident and that's what matters.

    So, are there any shirts/other articles of clothing, that you like to wear to events and the like, to give yourself a boost of confidence? What shirt/other article of clothing is it, and when did it help you the most?

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    I'm kinda past the part of my life where I worry TOO much about what others think about me and my clothes. That said when I did presentations at university I always tried to look "good" for as you say try to be take more serious.

    I do have a couple of normal longsleve shirts which I really like to wear, especially in the summer with just some jeans. Lately though I have managed to let my geekyness shine through a little more. When I was younger games and the culture was kinda frown upon so I always tried to hide my interests for it, going to university and so on helped me understand that most people play at least something and that it is okey to have a passion for it. I recently bought a bunch of gameing related tshirts which I now wear with pride. Especially going to event and so on it feels better to be able to show off a bit. I have my Titanfall 2 tshirt which I love as well as my "streight out of Arcadia Bay" (Life is Strange).

    In the winter however I feel most comfy and "boosted" when I can hide in thick clothes such as hoodies or similar. I think sometimes you just gotta stop looking at others and just put on what you feel most comfy in... that said though, coming into class in PJs arent too popular :D

  • I don't put a lot of thought into what I wear and most of my shirts are just plain colors. I guess my favorite shirt is this one since it's got a nice, simple design instead of either having nothing at all or some obtuse thing you have to spend half a minute processing.

  • The most important thing to me is durability and I have always had luck with Industrial work shirts that I usually buy from Aramark.

  • Ben Sherman long sleeved checked. I'm a ninety's child I thought i was so cool it was a Belfast thing. ( photograph evidences dispels that theory)

  • My absolutely favorite shirt at the moment is my "LV" t-shirt. It's the old logo of finnish gaming group LaeppaVika that makes YouTube videos and such, but it's not that famous, especially outside of Finland. Most people who see it are just confused, but anyone who recognizes it is like Heck yeah xD

    But I do like my Kojima Productions t-shirt as well. The one with Ludens logo. I know Huber has one of these as well :D

  • My wife got me two of my favs, both from the Yetee, and both to support a good cause.

    Revenge Chef

    Save the Animals

  • I really like the shirts of xxxtentacion and in the winter season I really like his comfortable xxxtentacion hoodies https://xxxtentacionmerch.net/category/hoodies/ that was one of the best thing that I must be buy in the winter season.

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  • I don't own anything from InsertCoin, but I really dig their aesthetic. They've got a ton of Persona, Yakuza, among other stuff I love the look of that doesn't resemble a Hot Topic shirt with a snarky quote on it.

    I used to wear this shirt until it eventually wore all the way out. Overall though, I think anything that can be infused with a sort of 'classy casual' feel is a confidence boost for me. I love showing my passion, but I don't love shoving it down people's throats.

  • Also, @DIPSET should probably know this exists.

  • @happygaming

    NOW I know.

    I actually added Edgar Wrainwright on LinkedIn who did UI, motion graphics, and graphic design for the Wipeout series and Sony PlayStation at large up until recently. I sent him a message letting him know I love his work and it brings me back to a simpler time and he replied thanking me for the kind words. I didn't realize this but there is a reason A LOT of the PlayStation family had similar graphic design–it was him!

    All of this is his work. Always felt like these games racing games all had a unified style to them...








    So cool to me. I just love the aesthetic in all these games.