• Downloadable Content. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. For some it's situational. A lot of DLC has come out recently, and a lot of DLC is on the way.

    How do you feel about DLC? What is your favorite piece of DLC? What's Your Least Favorite? For the purpose of the thread I'm not counting loot boxes as DLC, since I think we have enough discussion on that. I'm mainly talking about extra characters, skins, levels, music, etc, that you buy directly. (Or is free.)

    My favorite examples of DLC Are:

    Characters For Skullgirls (One of 2 Fighting Games I Actively Play and Own All the DLC For):
    -Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowolf, Fukua, and Robo Fortune are all great additions to the roster and I love all of them as characters. (Except Fukua which is basically a clone.)
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    Characters For Super Smash Bros. (The Second of 2 Fighting Games I Actively Play and Own All the DLC For)
    -All the DLC characters are great but my favorites are Lucas and Bayonetta. Any references to Mother 3 are good in my book.
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    More Tracks for Mario Kart 8
    I love Mario Kart 8. I love Mario Kart in General. Any excuse to play more of it is good to me, and the DLC tracks were all awesome. (Ok I'm not crazy about the Zelda Track but that's like 1 out of 16 DLC Tracks which is a pretty good ratio.)
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  • Artorius of the abyss for Dark Souls is probably the best part of the game
    Old hunters has also the best bosses in bloodborne

  • I used to buy some DLC last gen, mostly for Fallout 3 and Mass Effect series, but then I played the Leviathan DLC for ME3, imo such a crucial part of the story as it explains so much, that was when I decided to not support this anymore, I couldn't believe they sell this seperately, unnaceptable.
    I did buy some more later though under the influence of my Nintendo fanboyism, the Mario Kart 8 Season Pass and the Hyrule Warriors Season Pass, which was also the last DLC I bought.
    Nowadays announcing story DLC before the game's release, can make me reconsider to get a game, Nioh was not the 1st and surely not the last game I have cancelled due to story DLC. In such a case I either wait for a full release (GotY, Definitive, Ultimate or whatever) and when that doesn't happen I buy the game used or on a hefty sale/bargain bin eventually if I still care. Like Nioh they refuse to release a full retail version on PS4 (like they have in japan), but I'm getting Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition which I have been also waiting for.
    I decide this on a case to case basis though, as sometimes story DLC is just not worth it (in RE7 and Nioh's case, I think they are, in FF XV's case, not so much) and when I see that it isn't, I just buy the main game and won't bother with the DLC.
    I couldn't give less of a fuck about cosmetic DLCs, new costumes and stuff, and of course multiplayer DLC.

  • For me, significant story DLC released well after the main game's date is fine, and said DLC should, you know, be good.

    My favorites are:

    The Citadel (Mass Effect 3): Strictly for the party, if you've played not just Mass Effect 3, but the ENTIRE trilogy right, everyone still drawing breath by that moment should be at the gathering and by the end, it's a feeling of camaraderie like no other game has given.

    Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (Borderlands 2): Not only is this really funny, the RPG references in every facet, from story to quests, from challenges to world, from easter eggs to "characters", this was the one thing about the game I appreciate the most.

    Road to Ruin (Gears of War 2): What makes this one personally special is this takes place after the most pivotal scene of the game, and the entire crux of the DLC is to either stealth through one of the most heavily guarded areas, or gun down every grub in a bloodlust rage. Both options are satisfying and a little puzzling why it was not part of the main game.

    DLC that I don't like are simple map packs, or content that is locked either at specific retailers, preorder bonuses, or "Day One" DLC that should be in the game. For example, the Bouncer weapon in the rebooted Ratchet and Clank, Jaavik, Kasumi, and Zaeed from Mass Effect series.

    I did not count stand alone games that received retail releases so awesome games like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider are actual games as opposed to DLC.

  • I only ever buy DLC for my favorite games. Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion is one of my favorite parts of that game, some of the most interesting story content, and a very good Laura Bailey besides. Dragonborn added a whole new environment and increased the breadth of the characters you could play with new equipment and spells, and its dungeons were all very well crafted and unique.

    The Last of Us: Left Behind is of course a very interesting prequels story and features some of the best combat encounters in the game.

    I still mean to play the DLC for Oblivion, Monument Valley, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I haven't gotten to them yet. A lot of games I value highly (3D Zelda, Metroid Primes, Paper Mario) just haven't had DLC. The only series I follow that really does DLC is Elder Scrolls, and those have gotten around 2 expansions for years.

  • I think DLC is fine when it adds story content that provides hours of additinal gameplay to your game at a fair price.

    However, I never buy DLC because by the time it releases, I've usually moved on to other games and the game already served it's purpose. I'm happy with a self contained story in the game.

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    I dont buy DLCs that often. I tend to look into what they are before I buy them. Normally Im quite old fashioned and dont like to buy extra material that I feel should of been there to begin with. I dont like when a developer are trying to sell us a chunk of the main story as a DLC. Like its like the cut a part just to be able to cram out more money of us. I didnt buy the Division DLCs because it really felt like at least the first ones should of been there from the start.

    That said. I really like meaty DLCs that complements the story and add new things to it. For example I am extremely hyped to buy the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds now because it feels like its something they worked on after giving me a complete game. This will be something that adds new elements, complement what I had before and give me more of the experience. Sure I have been guilty of buying the additional avatar and skin. Just I wont buy a DLC that gives me like a couple extra MP maps and a weapon.

    I did buy the Mass Effect collection on the PS3 and got all the DLCs with it. I must say that the shadow broker DLC was my absolute favourite DLC of all times, that said I didnt manage to get the citydel DLC to work, which I have heard a great deal about. Yet the shadow broker DLC stuck me in the right way. Fun dialogue, more lore and a mission that was so cool on so many levels. I was smiling all the way through. I never got a chance to play the Skyrim DLCs (which I played for like 400 hours) due to a broken internet connection on my PS3. Now lucky enough though I got the complete edition really cheap on PSN so when I got time I will head back there and get even more out of this game.

    Oh yeah, if a game have given me plenty of fun hours which I really have enjoyed I can be happy to buy their DLC in order to support the developers.

  • @michemagius said:

    More Tracks for Mario Kart 8
    I love Mario Kart 8. I love Mario Kart in General. Any excuse to play more of it is good to me, and the DLC tracks were all awesome.

    I was gonna bring this up, but I'll add that it was a combination of how cheap of a pricepoint it was to add another third length of content to that game, on top of generally keeping the playerbase healthy by giving people a reason to keep playing, on top of the track generally being amazing. Like we're almost to 2018 and there's still no Animal Crossing that looks as good as that Mario Kart 8 DLC track, which by the way has a configuration that affects visuals AND gameplay for every season.

    That's why it's hard for me to be salty, even with the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that includes all that DLC from the original and the missing piece of the original, something I've always loved dearly, Battle Mode. I still can't bring myself to drop sixty dollars again on this new version for just the Battle Mode and some tweaked gameplay, better visuals, and 1 more FPS but I don't think I'm upset about what I bought and played at the time.

    Hopefully this isn't cheating, but since that was already taken, I'll talk about another DLC update that was completely free and extremely generous. Honestly the video probably speaks for itself, but Advanced Edition for FTL was just a joy to first hear about, after loving the base game before it was revealed. This game is absolutely perfect for tablets, phone, etc. by design, and that alone would've been so much good will to introduce, but on top of that they added so much new content, tweaked the final boss to include this new content, added new random encounter stuff and music, added a new race and new ships to unlock, and all of this was completely free.

    We're talking about for a game that was already relatively cheap to buy always. When you hear about people talking buying Shovel Knight multiple times for different systems and think that's insane, it's exactly because of stuff like this that you make your player love you as a development studio and have zero qualms paying what other studios would normally make them pay anyways just to experience the new content to buy your game all over again as gifts for friends or to play it on a new device too. This is a home run win for everyone, and I wish more developers would realize if they respect their player base, then their player base will rave about and respect them right back.

    Least Favorite though, that can be judged in many aspects. I hate how much Fire Emblem Echoes DLC costs, literally more than the base game, even when buying a packaged together deal. I hate any early access game that arbitrarily decides when the game is finished, then starts releasing DLC that still feels like part of the base game experience for extra cost, even to the people who supported them during all those early access years. I usually hate DLC in general that's announced before a game is even released. That's an immediate red flag.

    I hate the DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, because it's so phoned in it's hurting people's lasting impression of an otherwise amazing game. How hard is it to simply make the DLC armor upgradeable and dyeable so it's actually fun to equip and use, to make Trial of the Sword have variety instead of themeing sets of floors together with an already low number total, to make a proper Hard Mode where you tweak game mechanics to challenge the player like putting a cooldown on food and a limit on fairies and Champion abilities or even more aggressive enemy AI instead of phoning in Master Mode with bullet sponges that regen health and hit like trucks plus adding some stupid world-breaking floating platforms everywhere with new enemy groups on them? I get that this game was in development for way longer than intended, and an amazing game came out of it, and I'm okay spending extra money to support this game's development, but please let the things I'm buying be meaningful to the game and not phoned in. I don't mind paying extra to fund them being meaningful when I love love love the game and want more of it. I just want to see this grow the game to be even better, not bog it down.

    My LEAST FAVORITE DLC of all time though?! Simple answer. Geno Mii costume in Super Smash Bros. 4. You're telling me you wrangled the nightmarish rights from the depths of hell for the mere permission to use the likeness of that particular beloved character, and all you fucking did with it, in a game full of amazing third party character additions that timelessly honor the characters they invite to the party, all you FUCKING did with Geno of all characters is made a slapdash costume for Mii Gunner characters outta his legacy?! FUCKTHIS
    Like that's it, Geno will never be a playable fighter, even though he could've had an amazingly unique moveset and playstyle, even though it makes very little sense for him to ever reappear in another game, hell Nintendo has even been taking his cameos in other games out of their rereleases, probably again due to rights hell, but his one true shot here will forever be blown on something this stupid that nobody likes.

  • Paradox's DLC extravaganza is my guilty pleasure.

    I'll buy any Day One, fully enjoy myself with it, and then semi-regret the fact that it's quite expensive for the amount of content it adds to their games, and then ready myself to do it all again once they start teasing the next expansion.

    If that's what it takes for their games to be fully supported and to evolve over the years, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

  • @sonmi Yeah, that's kind of a sad truth. That it takes DLC and Day One Expansions to help make a game profitable. I'd almost prefer games went up in price to $70 or something in general so that we got all the content when we bought it and then just have extra added on content as DLC. I'm not on the train that we're witnessing the beginning of the gamespocalypse and that eventually every game is going to have each level gated off by microtransactions, that there will be no more story driven single player games, or that every game will become play to win. But I do think something in the way games are made and sold is going to have to change in order for this industry to be sustainable. Maybe that means games needing sponsors, maybe that means games on the whole are going to become shorter (which I personally hope doesn't happen), maybe game developers will have to unionize, or maybe games will have to go fully digital to cut down on manufacturing and retail costs (which I think is likely). Whatever happens I hope it happens soon, because I'm studying game design now, and this may sound selfish but I'd like to have some sense of job security one day.

  • @michemagius said:

    I'm not on the train that we're witnessing the beginning of the gamespocalypse and that eventually every game is going to have each level gated off by microtransactions, that there will be no more story driven single player games, or that every game will become play to win.

    Not DLC but an example that came to mind of a game we already have where each "level" leading to the ending is gated behind paywalls you have to clear. Also, one of the best Final Bosman episodes period.

  • @Mbun I totally forgot about that episode, it's a gem for sure!