The Game Awards 2017. Who has your vote?

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    @michemagius Yeah I need to give Persona 5 a try! I keep hearing great things about it and people bring it up for GOTY since.. well its release.

    With Horizon it was kinda funny, I played for about 10 hours back when it got released, Im not sure what was up at the time, but I put it to the side to play some other games and at the time it hadnt really grabbed me that much. I wrote it off for being a bit "meh". I picked it back up recently and it just really grabbed me and I couldnt stop playing or thinking about it! I HOPE that I get to play a fair share of P5 and Nier (as I mentioned) before the GOTYs so I can bring in some valid points.

  • @Lotias If you do get a chance to play P5 I really recommend it. But I think you can still make a case for any of the nominees winning GotY regardless of what other ones you've played since all of them are so strong. Obviously I would like P5 to win, but I know that's highly unlikely. Even though it's been the most played Persona game, and one of the most played JRPG's this year, Zelda and Mario just have more of a widespread appeal. Not to knock either of those games' quality since I know that they are both excellent, I just think that JRPG's, especially ones like Persona are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to GotY deliberations. P5 is a phenomenal, but super niche title. If you're not used to the art style, anime tropes/storytelling, the darkness of the story, or the themes of the Persona/SMT franchise, then P5 might not float your boat. I don't think that stops it from being one of the best JRPG's ever made, but there aren't as many JRPG fans out there as their are action or platformer fans out there, at least not in the west. And that's probably the reason why JRPG's rarely with GotY titles, and the reason Persona 5 probably won't win, it's not representative of the tastes of the majority of the people who crown titles GotY or the majority of people who read articles or vote for GotY. I hope that changes soon, because I think JRPG's deserve more of a spotlight in the gaming community at large.

  • Just hoping that we here could have our own GOTY voting in January then, like EZA themselves are going to do it this time. I'm hoping to be able to play South Park and possibly Injustice 2 still in December.

    At the moment my Game of the Year is Horizon Zero Dawn, but AC Origins is a close second. Other than that, I hope Claudia Black wins the Best Performance. <3

  • @Sentinel-Beach i cant wait to vote on the forums goty

  • The 2017 GOTY thread is going to be great.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah, I can't wait for the Forums GotY vote, I have a feeling it's going to be buckwild but fun. And considering how diverse the tastes on these forums are I really wonder which game will come out on top.

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    @michemagius Yeah I really want to play it through though since I am a huge JRPG fan, just funny how I missed the Persona and also the Yakuza series before I got into the EZA community. I've always been over the Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, suikoden etc. I really like the sound of Persona 5 because its dark story (also the music is awesome). I just havent taken me the time to play it yet or been out of money. I wanted to play it in September, but since I lost my job I preoritised food over games. But now though Im waiting to get payed from my new contract and then I want to buy it to give it a try. I guess a good thing is that is has gone down in price a little now, so if I dont like it, thats still okey. Still dont know too much about the series though, you collect... personas? and use them in battle? are the battle system hard/complicated? it feels like recent RPGs have tried to do the combat more and more complicated with different weapons, potions etc which just makes me annoyed. I want something fairly straight forward with a flow.

  • Persona 5 wasn't nominated for best narrative, awards shows are worthless and inept as per usual.

  • I really really want to see Nier Automata win something, just because of the idea that Yoko Taro might be there in that goofy Emile hat, lol.

  • we expanding it this year to 10 votes a person or keep it at 5? 5 is gonna be hard.

  • @Lotias I'm kind of opposite of you, I was always into Persona and didn't get in to Final Fantasy or Suikoden until I joined the EZA community. To answer some of your questions about the series, the lore of the franchise is a bit confusing so I won't fully explain it here. Basically, you as the player collect Personas, the other party members do not. Personas are representations of the personality we show to other people, to face hardships in life. Like how some people appear tough but are actually sensitive. So, those facets of our personality become powerful entities that the characters use to fight enemies(demons/people in P1/2, shadows in P3/4/5). Each party member and the protagonist have a starting Persona that is representative of their outward personality. At some point in the game, whether its through story beats (P1/2/3) or through actions of the player (P4/5), the characters (including the player) grow and change so that their outward personality is different then when the game started and their Persona changes. The player can swap between a bunch of different personas that represent all different kinds of personality traits (which is meant to represent that the player character is being controlled by a real person and real people could have any number of combinations of personality traits.) Personas are generally based off of figures from various world mythologies and religions. Like Hades and Castor from greek mythology or Amaterasu and Sukuna-Hikona from Shinto myth. How you obtain Personas depends on the game. In some you just play a card game where you draw a Persona from a pile, in others negotiation is involved. In some cases negotiation is just convincing an enemy to join you as your Persona, in other games it involves convincing an enemy to give you cards that can be spent on a new Persona. P5 just has you convince an enemy to join your side. New Personas can also be made by fusing 2 or more Personas together. It looks complicated from the outside but is actually pretty simple. Just put A and B together and you get C.

    The battle system is not very difficult to understand for people who have played JRPG's before. The systems for 1 and 2 are pretty standard fare with the addition of a positioning system in which where party members and enemies are positioned on the battle field effects what moves effect which people. From Persona 3 onward the games use the press-turn system. In this system you can chain attacks if your attacks are super effective or critical. So, say I use a Zio (electric) spell on an enemy that's weak to electric damage, then that enemy will be knocked down and unable to act, as a result I can attack them again within the turn. You don't get to attack a knocked down enemy more than twice though, to continue a chain you have to keep knocking down different enemies. Enemies can also take advantage of the press-turn system and get multiple attacks in on you or the party as well. If you or a party member knock down all of the enemies on the field you can do an all out attack, which is basically just a flashy guaranteed critical attack. Depending on the game there's different amounts of elemental and physical damage types that are all effective on some enemies and not effective on others. Basic JRPG stuff. There's also fusion spells, buff and debuff spells, and co-op/team attacks depending on the game, but again, very easy to understand if you've played JRPG's before. There's items too, like most JRPG's. But rather than potions and stuff you generally use food or medicine to heal. I think of any modern JRPG P5's battles have the most natural flow and you don't generally get tired of them the same way you would in other JRPG's.

    Each game has its own unique overarching theme and it's own level of darkness. I'd say Persona 5 is one of the lighter games in the series in day to day tone, but important story moments can get pretty heavy. It's similar to Persona 3 in that sense. I'd say if you were ranking darkness from least to most dark I'd go P4, P1, P5, P2, P3. So P5 is in the middle of the pack, but it's still a lot darker than most games you'll play these days. And even though I think that P5 isn't the darkest game in the series overall, it's got the most disturbing set pieces and villains in the game. For example in previous Persona games you would fuse Personas through a simple merging of balls of light, in P5 you hang them or decapitate them with guillotine.

  • Always hurts to see these kinds of award nominations and see your favorite games either a total no-show or only in one category that they absolutely won't win. Rooting for Persona 5 in most of its categories I guess.

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in The Game Awards 2017. Who has your vote?:

    Just hoping that we here could have our own GOTY voting in January then, like EZA themselves are going to do it this time.

    If everyone is fine with it, I'm planning to organize a GOTY voting like for 2016 and 2015, around mid-January. With more than 5 nominations allowed, because this year is just impossible :D

    @michemagius Yup, I think it's going to be a 4 or 5 horse race for our GOTY this year, really hard to predict which one will come out on top. I'm excited!!

  • I don't mind the nominees and categories at all but Yakuza 0 probably has the best narrative I've ever played in a video game, yet it wasn't nominated at all.

    I'm also surprised they nominated Nier Automata under Best RPG (which is fine) but didn't mention it under Best Action Game.

    Best narrative needs to go to Nier Automata. It played with what players expect in a video game and spun it on its head which provided unique gameplay moments as well. They even provide detailed context for the UI. It's a no brainer to me.

  • I really don't care about that show but in any case, Persona 5 takes any eligible vote for me

  • Let's not forget, EVERY nominee came from the judges panel, which you can look up here

    If you're wondering why any game didn't make any category, these are the outlets/influencers who nominated games. From what I gather, everyone selects an unknown amount of nominees per category, which are then aggregated down to the five (or six in case of a tie) nominees who held the most votes.

    SO: Among ALL of these outlets, most if not all picked Zelda, Mario, Persona, Horizon, and PUBG to be GOTY, regardless of ranking. Now that the nominees have been announced, all of these same judges will probably have, if not very, VERY soon, vote for which nominee they feel should each respective category.

    It is ENTIRELY possible that a handful nominated several games like Yakuza, Nier, or Hellblade for GOTY, but did not get enough votes from their peers to bump out say Persona or PUBG. THIS IS ENTIRELY CONJECTURE ON MY PART. I do not know how the system works. This is just the only conclusion that made sense to me.

  • @Axel I'm good with whatever you decide. You did an awesome job before, and I look forward to participating once again! If you are going beyond the five nominations, I can only provide seven total. I honestly believe keeping it five should make it a more earned list. And I'm saying that knowing full well only one, MAYBE two, of my picks will place.

  • @Brannox

    What you are saying makes complete sense. I doubt they interview the industry panel. They also likely submit a vote. I'm surprised that Yakuza 0 didn't make best narrative which makes me wonder how many people on the panel played it. It's actually shocking to me.

    What I'm curious about is if they had guidelines for the genre categories. I wonder if Nier didn't make the cut in action game or if it didn't qualify due to their classifications.

  • @DIPSET Again, I can only speculate, although I do feel like the judges had some liberty in what to nominate where.

    And while it may surprise you, it doesn't to me. I think Yakuza is following Persona's track. Persona has really become mainstream since Persona 4 Golden. Now that people such as yourself are singing Yakuza 0's praises, who isn't to say when Yakuza 6 launches next year, it has more of a presence?

    Please also keep in mind who is on the panel. Easy Allies and other influencers? I believe they know of Yakuza's quality. But the big named mainstream not primarily associated with industry (Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, TIME) probably don't focus on franchises that are currently more niche than others like Yakuza, Nier, and Nioh. Once more, this is entirely conjecture, and it could come out one of those three was the only one to nominate Yakuza 0. Shrugs shoulders

  • First off, yeah i hate that PUBG is nominated for GOTY or nominated for anything at all. I don't care how popular it is, it's not an official release. But whatever.

    This was very hard voting for me. The best year in gaming of all time. It took a while to decide between Zelda and Persona. Good thing they both came out at the same time. I love them both a lot but...I voted Persona 5. It just stuck with me longer than Zelda, i kept thinking and missing it. Whereas for BotW it was just, well I'll get back to it with the DLC so any thoughts were dismissed. Whereas, I still think about the characters in Persona 5. I still think about things in BotW too like some puzzles and just exploring the world. But one had to be chosen for GOTY.

    I did vote for BotW for Best Action game. Best Music was the hardest, harder than GOTY. Cuphead, P5 and Nier Automata have outstanding scores/soundtracks. I went with Nier. Mostly because I gave votes to Cuphead and P5 in other categories. But that's not a good thing to do, if something is the the best, it's the best. Nier is the game i played more recently so it's not even fair that it's fresh in my mind. But I honestly hold the music of these 3 games on the same pedestal of greatness so..yeah there's my poor justification. All 3 really deserve it.

    I didn't vote for Odyssey because i don't have a Switch yet :( else it would probably sweep my choices.

    Also it's weird how P5 was omitted from Best Narrative and how both P5 AND Nier Automata were omitted from the Games for Impact category. I'd argue both of those games are very thought provoking and Persona is absolutely pro-social.