Fun/Dumb game Monday and Kyle's Friday streams

  • It has been 4 weeks since the last fun/dumb game Monday stream and 3 weeks since the last Megaman stream.

    During the last Kirby stream, Kyle mentioned that the new game for Fun game Monday would start during the following week which was yesterday. He said he was very excited to play it so it confuses and disappoints me that the stream didn't happen. There hasn't been any notice, to my knowledge, as to why the Megaman X Command mission hasn't continued which is very frustrating since it's been a very enjoyable series so far.
    Does anyone know what's going on with Kyle?

  • He tried to stream last night but Brave Fencer Musashi, a PS1 game, just black screened for chat on his PS2. He did a Q&A stream and deleted the archive like with Star Wars VR.

  • Thank you. I'm not able to watch his streams live so I wasn't aware there was an attempt. Do you know why he hasn't streamed Megaman?

  • @Haru17 Did you happen to watch the whole stream? I left early and I guess someone asked him about leaving EZA and I'd like to know what he said.

  • @ScottVan96 About what? I don't remember all of the questions.

    No idea about Mega Man, apparently Kyle was sick the last couple weeks.

  • @Haru17 About leaving the allies and going somewhere else or doing his own thing possibly

  • @ScottVan96 To my memory he didn't answer anything like that and I don't think he would ever take a question like that, as stubborn as he likes to be. Not sure where that person's question is coming from.

    He did say that The Final Bosman and Bosman at Home are done repeatedly though, that if he started a new series on his channel it wouldn't be called 'Bosman at Home.'

  • @Haru17 ok thank you. Maybe it was something chat was trying really hard to ask and Kyle ignored it. I saw tweets where people are mad that it was asked and I was at least there for the Bosman at Home questions.

  • @Haru17

    @Haru17 said in Fun/Dumb game Monday and Kyles Friday streams:

    No idea about Mega Man, apparently Kyle was sick the last couple weeks.

    Thank you for the information, I appreciate it.

  • Easy Ally

    In both cases it's just been a series of unintended delays. Dumb Game Monday had to be delayed because of the Halloween stream, then I was sick, and last night I realized I can't stream PS1 games on my PS2 through component cables. For Friday Mega Man X Command Mission Streams it's just been things popping up. For instance, this Friday my friend Dan is in town so we're streaming Star Fox 2 instead. As I've always said, Command Mission is Me Time. I'm still looking forward to playing more.

    For the record, someone asked what it would take for me to leave Easy Allies, and I said it would have to be impossible for me to work it out time-wise, or Damiani would have to leave.

  • @Bosman Thank you for the clarification, Kyle. I appreciate it.

  • Dan streams are great streams.

  • I hope Kyle picks Stardew Valley for the next Chill Friday Game. It seems like it would be good for bits, which I've been missing since Tetris ended.

  • Can we submit fanart here? Someone mentioned reaching him out on Twitter but I'd prefer other non-invasive methods, besides I rarely use it and not exactly for personal stuff.

    Also I hope this qualifies

  • @Dario
    I hope he checks here cause that's a really good one!

  • @Dario Unless Kyle specifically specifies if that is a possibility, I would continue to post fan art to his twitter since that is where he specified he wants fan art to be posted. Having one place where he can gather all of the fan art is most likely what he would prefer just out of convenience.

  • @Bosman So what happened to the PS3 one of the Allies sent you as a gift to use? Isn't it one of the original fully backward compatible PS3s? Wouldn't SSX tricky work on it since the original PS3s had PS2 hardware in them?

  • @MLegend It's at EZA HQ because Kyles PS3 was working.

  • @ib0show I'm aware his personal PS3 works.

  • Watching Kyle's Harry Potter stream, this is fun. But hearing him praise it a lot, the castle grounds and all, makes me think did he never play the Spyro trilogy? Especially in the second one there's that second hub world - Autumn Plains - with that whole big castle and its grounds precisely. Soooo much better than HP. (Can't wait to return there in September!)