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  • I was just writing a post about Okami and I was thinking about how cool it was that it got ported to Wii, even if the whole process of bringing it over was a bit of a fiasco with the whole IGN watermark on the cover thing (I'm lucky enough to own one of those copies), and the whole cutting out all references to Clover and the staff credits. But despite those unfortunate occurrences, it's one example of a great game making its way to a console that was uniquely suited for it's gameplay, when it wasn't originally on that console. It's times like this that gave me hope for one day games being available to a broader audience, beyond the console wars. HD was only on PS3, but another happy turn of events is happening this December when Okami HD is going to be released for both PS4 and PC. I would obviously love to have Okami on Switch because I think having that game on the go would be awesome, even if I don't currently own a Switch myself, and I think that it would expose a whole new crop of gamers to what is in my opinion, one of the greatest action-adventure games ever made. But what I'm really excited is the PC release. I've become somewhat of a PC gamer recently, mainly because a lot of indie games I'm a fan of are only available on PC, but that's not why I'm pumped for Okami on PC. I'm pumped because a lot of PC gamers will get the opportunity to play such a great game for the first time! I know a few PC only gamers, who are generally content with the games they get for PC but occasionally wish they had a console so that they could play a few games. One of those games is Okami, and I know they're all excited to finally experience that game, and do do it in 4K, which I think is just going to be mind blowing. I first played Okami on PS2 was was blown away by it's beauty, I had never seen a game with its art style, can you imagine seeing Okami for the first time in 4K. It's gotta be crazy.

    Anyways, I've rambled on about Okami long enough. My questions are, what are your favorite examples of games being released/re-released on a different console? What's your favorite example of a game being released on a console you didn't expect it to? What games do you think should be/should have been moved to a different console?

  • Skyrim is on like 6 platforms and is jumping into VR. I played it for like hundreds of hours on pc, and am still amazed that people still want to play it handheld, and in vr and etc. Like, it's a good game and all, but seriously?

    They are gonna keep releasing Skyrim for another 6 years.

  • My favorite example of a game being moved to a different console after release is Kirby Squeak Squad on WiiU for the virtual console. This isn't as much of a big deal since it didn't cross over to another console family the same way Okami did, but Squeak Squad was one of 4 DS games that largely shaped my childhood and gave me my initial passion for games. It was just super nice to own Squeak Squad again, since somewhere along the line, either during the theft of my original DS Ben style while I was a plane, or during the great disc disaster of 2014 that happened when I was moving and I pretty much lost 90% of all the games I ever owned, I misplaced my copy of Squeak Squad. And ever since the great disc disaster I've had to prioritize buying back my favorite games and picking up new ones. Squeak Squad is definitely on my list of games to buy, but I've been having a hard time finding a good price for it. And when I have to save for a Switch and spend money on Christmas presents, a $50 DS game just doesn't fit in to my budget. But since I have it on Virtual Console, I can still play it whenever I want! Another one of my favorite examples of a game coming to another console is Mother 3 for WiiU. Yes, that release was only for Japan. But, I did pool my money with a few friends to buy a Japanese WiiU, and with the help of a member of my Kpop fan club who teaches English in Japan, we were able to navigate the EShop and purchase the game without much issue. We also printed a transcript of the fan translation and read some guides, so together we were all able to experience the best Mother game on the big screen. Since none of us have our personal accounts attached to the Japanese WiiU, we were looking in to seeing if we could hack the system and just apply the fan translation ourselves, and while it wasn't beyond the realm of possibility for us since a few of us are pretty tech savvy (I'm not one of the tech savvy ones, I'm but a lowly computer science student who's still in introductory courses), but it seemed like it would take us all a lot more time and effort than any of us were able to commit to. Also we're all pretty much broke so we didn't want to risk ruining the Wii U we went through all the trouble of importing for.

    An example of a game being released on a console I didn't expect it to is Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360. I was just surprised because Katamari had always been a Playstation exclusive series. It's got that unique kind of extreme Japanese-ness (for lack of a better term), that is usually found only on Playstation. Xbox consoles occasionally get Japanese games, and I might just have the wrong impression because I've never owned an Xbox, but it always seemed like they were a western gamer's console. That featured primarily games produced in the west and games that were made with a western audience in mind. Nintendo is of course a Japanese company, but most of their games are made with a western audience in mind, at least these days. And most of their games (the major ones at least) are released worldwide (except for games like Mother 3 which I guess are just a challenge to localize). Whereas with Playstation there are a good number of Japanese games that aren't made primarily with a western audience in mind, and there are a lot more Japan exclusive games as a result. That's all beside the point. What I'm getting at is the Xbox 360 was a weird choice for Katamari. I don't know how well it was received by Xbox players, or how well it sold. From what I've seen it's one of the weaker entries in the Katamari series, so I'm not that upset about the fact that I'll probably never play it. Especially when Katamari Forever released on PS3 not long after with a selection of the best levels from Beautiful Katamari and remixed (and better) versions of the songs. I'll always just think it was a weird move, but I'm glad it happened. Even if Beautiful Katamari is one of the weaker Katamari games, it's still Katamari, and I hope that it made some new fans within the Xbox community. Another game that came out on a console I didn't expect it to is Persona Q on 3DS. Persona Q was the first Persona game I ever saw, and it's what sparked my interest in what would become one of my top 2 franchises. If I didn't have a 3DS, I would have never been looking in the 3DS section at Target and never would have seen PQ. I would have never watched a let's play of P4 which would have driven me to buy a Vita. Which means I would have never played Golden, P1, P2, or P3Portable which is my favorite game ever made. I would never have dug my PS2 out of storage so that I could play vanilla P4 or P3FES, which means there would have been a lot of other PS2 games I would have never played. My life as a gamer was totally and forever changed because I saw a copy of Persona Q in a target one day. It's crazy to think I would have never found my all time favorite game if it wasn't for Atlus deciding to randomly release a canon (and mandatory for fans of P3/P4) crossover game of their most popular franchise on a console who's company they had never released a Persona game for. And that partnership has payed off in a big way for Atlus and Nintendo fans. PQ is a great game (albeit a great fanservice game), and it's popularity is likely what lead to the announcement of Persona Q2 which will feature characters from Persona 5 and is likely to be a big hit, and the release of the next mainline SMT game on Switch.

    As for games I want on other consoles/think should have been on other consoles, the first that comes to mind is Stretch Panic that was on PS2. I've talked about Stretch Panic a bunch of times on these forums, and it reviewed very well, but it's still an extremely niche title that most people have never heard of or played. In the game you play as the youngest of like 13 sisters or something, and all of your sisters get possessed by the demons of vanity that turn them in to twisted versions of their idea of true beauty. And since it seems like your sisters are pretty messed up, the twisted versions of their ideas of true beauty turn out to ax murderers, blobs of green jelly, and giant Mr.Potato looking creatures. Each sister has a backstory and a detailed explanation of why they turned in to the things that they did, but I won't bore you with the details. Basically, one of the demons tried to posses the player character, Linda, but since she's pure of heart or something it could only possess her scarf. Linda then uses the scarf to grab and stretch the world around her. Hence the name "Stretch Panic". She can pluck eyes off of faces, throw items at enemies, or just wind up a big stretch so that it catapults her in to the enemy. She can also exorcise the demons out of her sisters, which are the bosses you fight (I should have said earlier this is a boss rush game). You don't have to exorcise the sisters to beat the bosses but you do have to exorcise them to save the sisters and get the good ending I think. Overall it's just a really fun, really strange, really off putting, and at times downright scary game that really shaped my childhood and gives me nightmares to this day. Despite the nightmares I still think its one of the most unique and well made games I've ever played. I also forgot to mention that none of the exposition I just explained can be found anywhere in the game. There's actually no text or dialogue in the game at all, except of your sisters occasionally grunting "damn it" and stuff like that when you hurt them. Anyways, it's not so much the tone of this game that I think would make it a good fit for another console, but the gameplay. The stretching mechanic feels like it was MADE for wiimotes. That game would be so much easier if I could just point, grab, and shake the wiimote to perform actions at attacks rather than Stretch Panic's weird dual analog control scheme. It's very unintuitive, and makes early levels a lot harder than they ought to be. Like, the game has some of the most difficult and uniquely designed bosses in video game history. But the challenge is supposed to come from the AI of the bosses and enemies and the fact that the way you fight bosses is different from methods in most games, forcing you to think outside of the box. It's not supposed to be difficult because the controls are confusing. Once you've played it enough the controls are second nature, but it definitely takes a while to get used to, and I just think it would be a great fit for the Wii, WiiU, or even the Switch. Anything with motion controls. Which is weird to say since I think most games do not benefit from motion controls.
    Here's Some gameplay so you can get an idea of what the game is like. Unfortunately this video shows a pretty weird boss fight. Rather than fighting the boss directly, it will OHKO you if it looks at you, your objective is just to keep it out of the room your in.

  • @TokyoSlim get ready to hear Skyrim music this E3 when they announce the mobile version.

    I'm likely going to get it on switch when I get one, since I'm one of the four people that haven't played it :P

  • @bard91 I haven't played it either. I'm not sure if I really want to. But if I can get it for a good deal on Switch some day I might pick it up.

  • Sega games on a non-Sega platform were a real trip for a while. Talking primarily of Dreamcast games showing up on the Gamecube and Xbox. Man, that was really weird.

  • I like games left exclusive to the platform they release on.