Have You Ever Done a 180 on a Game/Series?

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    @DMCMaster All I'm hearing are excuses.
    Get to work!
    Chop chop!

    @A7X458 I feel as if Dragon's Dogma is a sort of inverse Witcher 3.
    Zero story
    Incredibly boring characters (tho Mercedes is my waifu)
    But DAYUM dat combat

  • Cave Story

    Maybe this isn't a complete 180, but during the freeware days I did not particularly care for the game. I think I stopped playing after about 15 minutes not being very impressed. It was probably the game's reputation that led to me come back a few weeks later and complete it, and I just thought it was okay but not great. It wasn't until many years later that I would replay it via Cave Story+ and have my feelings turned around. Now I love the game.

    I think the difference was one of perception. Those first times I played it, I was mechanically focused since that was the part of the game that seemed most important at the time... Cave Story was being compared to Metroid, and this was a time when "metroidvania" was appearing on many lips and conversations were had about 2D games dying out.

    It was only years later in the Cave Story+ playthrough that I got more engaged with the characters and the story. It made the game a million times more fun, and I do find the gameplay good on its own as well now.

  • Semi update for @El-Shmiablo @DIPSET good news found the flash drive, bad news it's dead, like nothing is popping up whenever I plug it it, not even getting the little light from the flash drive either.

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    It's never too late to rewrite the whole thing. 360 pages would have been beautiful.

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    @DMCMaster Contact a data recovery specialist! WE NEED THIS

  • @El-Shmiablo i prefer 13-2 tbh. The story was better and the game overall was better

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    The only one I really can think of is the Assassin's Creed series. I loved the first couple of games. But halfway through AC 3 I just couldnt take it anymore and more or less gave up. I almost bought Origins now, but might pick it up in the new years if my backlog runs dry

  • @Lotias
    I'd say give Origins a shot when you can, I think the best way to describe it is that it's almost a soft reboot for the franchise.
    Granted I've only put a handful of hours into it since starting it, and the intro is pretty bad tbh (seriously almost gave up before the title credit appeared)

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    @DMCMaster Thanks! yeah and also as I said I havent REALLY touched the series since 3. or well I did stir around in Black Flag and the London one a little, but not enough to "count".

  • The most recent example I can think of is Shin Megami Tensei 4. I was hyped for it, but bounced off it pretty hard once I got to the overworld and found it confusing and frustrating. Up until the point my only explosure to SMT was Persona 3 and 4 and a couple of the spinoffs (Devil Survivor and Strange Journey). Last year I decided to give it a second chance and thought it was incredible! It had a really interesting story, demon fusion continues to be awesome and a very cool world to explore. Now it's one of my favorite games on 3DS. Super hyped for SMT 5 on Switch.

  • Not really. Not since I grew out of my teens.
    I guess the closest you can get is me giving games a second pass or chance. Games I didn't play at their release for various reasons.
    I've played enough games to know what I like and don't like. I'm also pretty good at getting the gist of a game fairly easily so my expectations are almost always in line with my experience with the game.

    I'm assuming this has nothing to do with if the game does a 180? Because that's pretty understandable honestly. FF15 for example went from being pretty open to very linear once you got on the boat. That's also when it started to throw wierd scripted sequences (like the Leviathan boss fight) your way. So that was more that the quality of the game dropped. Similar deal with MGS5.