• I thought we had a thread for this topic, but none come up in the search, so I'm making one.

    We all have differing opinions or cheating in games. We all have differing definitions of what constitutes cheating in games. And we all have our own feelings on when cheating is OK and when it isn't.

    What I want to know is, have you ever cheated in a game? When do you think cheating in games is ok? Are some cheats ok and others not? Does your opinion on cheating change depending on the type of game that's being played?

    To my knowledge I've only cheated in 2 games. Okami HD and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Those are both games that are very important to me, and games that I value the creator's intent for, but I still cheated in them. I think though that the cheats I did were pretty harmless and were done in an effort to help me beat those games when I otherwise wouldn't have.

    In the case of Animal Crossing, my cheating was more deliberate and significant. I was 8 years old and Animal Crossing was the first game I played where I could actually save my progress and get beyond the first half hour of a game. So I was lacking in a lot of skills and common knowledge that most players had, also I was 8 so I wasn't the smartest. All of my friends who also played Animal Crossing started playing months before I did so they had bigger houses and their shop was Nookington's whereas I had 2 rooms and a Nook's Mart. I was feeling the pressure to catch up to them, and I didn't understand how to properly manage and make money in game, so I did what any kid would do. I picked up an Action Replay cart at Walmart. It had tons of cheats, but I only used the ones for Animal Crossing. The cheats I applied to my game were: Max Nook Points, 1 Bell Mortgages, and Weeds Turned In To Bells. It basically broke the game and made me so rich I had no idea what to do with all the bells. I still jump back in to my old save every now and again and just marvel at the absolutely bonkers amount of cash I have and the bonkers amount of bells lying around everywhere. To be honest, even though I do appreciate creator's intent for the Animal Crossing games and I do wish I could play every day and really commit, that's just not my play style. I like to get a lot of stuff done all at once and AC isn't that kind of game, so I think if I ever got access to cheats like the ones I used on Wild World, for New Leaf, I would use them.

    In the case of Okami I wouldn't say the cheat I performed was even that significant. I played Okami HD all the way through last year, after never getting beyond Hana Valley for like 10 years. I was at the Demon's Fortress (or whatever it's called) and I found myself up against a blockhead (I'm not sure that's what they're actually called), and was unable to progress. There were too many pressure points and they revealed themselves too fast, I couldn't keep up. Once I did adjust to the amount of information I needed to absorb and the speed at which I needed to absorb it, I still couldn't get the positioning right so I kept failing every attempt to move past it. I looked up online if there was some sort of trick to it but turns out it was just really hard. So, I looked up a way to cheat and get past the blockhead. It involved doing a weird jump so that I rebounded off one invisible wall and landed on top of the invisible wall above the blockhead. So after a few tries I made the jump and just walked right over the obstacle. I continued on through the rest of the game without issue.

    In general I don't really mind cheats in single player games. What you do with your time is your business. I do think some game breaking cheats like how I did with Animal Crossing do take away from the overall experience. But as long as you keep your experience to yourself and don't judge to base game on your experiences with a hacked version, I think it's fine. Multiplayer is another story. Don't cheat in multiplayer. If you do, it better be in a game where everyone else is cheating too.

  • There is literally nothing wrong with cheating in a singleplayer game. Some of my fondest memories as a kid were playing GTA: San Andreas and using codes to cheat in motorbikes on top of skyscrapers and just flying to my death or getting a monster truck and using codes to fly around in it or instantly blow up anything I touched in it.

    A bit of an edge case is abusing glitches but again, if you're in a singleplayer game I don't see the harm. I straight up wouldn't have bothered finishing Sonic Adventure 2 when I played through it a year and a half ago had I not found out there was a glitch to give you 99 lives which made Cannon's Core bearable.

    On that same note is abusing savestates in emulated games or something like the Virtual Console. I did it as a kid and I regret it now since it really detracts from the experience, but despite saying that I still made a savestate (or whatever they're called on VC) on my 3DS when fighting a boss in Link's Awakening yesterday since I had like 2 hearts and didn't want to redo the entire dungeon up to that point. I didn't end up using it but still.

    That all said I don't go out of my way to use or abuse them these days (usually, see the above paragraph after all), but I'm not adverse to it. If you're playing Contra and can't deal with its difficulty there's no shame in getting 30 lives.

  • Man, I thought this was gonna be a fun thread about people's favorite cheat codes from back when those used to exist, not a player morals discussion.

  • @Mbun Well I definitely always used the jetpack code in San Andreas just to mess around and fly across the county whenever I played. That and Rosebud in the first Sims game so I could make bank without having to earn it and just make my nice dollhouses.