Not for nothing but since round 3, I’ve won $800+ because of the Raptors and I also won $140 on St Louis winning the Stanley Cup.

    Life is GOOOOOD!

    GO RAPS GO!! NBA CHAMPS!! You have NO IDEA how nuts it is here.

  • Very happy to see the Raptors take it, but specially not seeing the Warriors take it again.

    And I'm so surprised the NHL final happens at the same time, as the NBA Finals, that seems pretty dumb to me.

  • @bard91

    The seasons overlap so it’s hard to watch both sports but at least the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals happen on different days.

  • Has anyone been watching Women's World Cup?'s_World_Cup

    I've noticed that I started to get more invested during the Round of 16. Today begin the quarter-finals, only eight remain.
    Norway - England
    France - USA
    Italy - Netherlands
    Germany - Sweden

    Tomorrow's FRA/USA could very well have been even the final of this tournament, should be a great match.

  • @sentinel-beach I have not been actually watching but have been keeping up. It sucks to see Canada AND Japan get knocked out 1 day apart, our house officially has no horse in the race. But what a save by that Swedish keeper on that penalty. It was obviously stoppable but not a bad penalty by any means, incredible stop. Too many times we see plays like that get wasted by a later goal caused by poor defending so it was good to see her efforts be rewarded.

    It would be good to see anybody but the US win and not just because my passport mandates that I route against them in all sports but because it would be good for the game to get a new power in. I think I'll maybe pick up the Netherlands in hopes that that country can finally get its first World Cup.

  • @sentinel-beach I don't really have a way of watching aside from streams on the internet and most of the games take place while at work so no, just keeping an eye for the results.

    It's kinda sad actually we are a big football country and we would always have broadcasts for the Women's World Cup but now they are only available on paid services and most people just don't care enough so no one is really watching.

  • That's unfortunate, sorry to hear. Here in Finland our national public broadcasting company went big for the first time with women's World Cup and has been broadcasting every match with a studio before and after etc. And we're not even in there.

  • @sentinel-beach yeah it's very unfortunate, we did qualify for the last one (or the one before that, not sure) and that one was definitively very followed, but hell even for Russia 2018 not all matches were broadcasted in the public network, only the ones where our team was playing and a few others, otherwise we had to pay for a streaming service which a lot of people did do in that case, so it has been getting worse for us here.

  • England - USA has started in a great way, this'll be a good game! 1-1 after 22 minutes now.

  • @sentinel-beach with a Scottish mother and Canadian father, there was no result that could have satisfied me. Yet another penalty save late so that's exciting. I have to be honest, as great as it is to save a penalty and the keeper could easily have gone the other way and we wouldn't be talking about it, that was an abysmal penalty. I'd say the second yellow was a bad call but inconsequential. On to the second semi today!