• England - USA has started in a great way, this'll be a good game! 1-1 after 22 minutes now.

  • @sentinel-beach with a Scottish mother and Canadian father, there was no result that could have satisfied me. Yet another penalty save late so that's exciting. I have to be honest, as great as it is to save a penalty and the keeper could easily have gone the other way and we wouldn't be talking about it, that was an abysmal penalty. I'd say the second yellow was a bad call but inconsequential. On to the second semi today!

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    The 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar start tomorrow. It's been a heavily criticized topic to even award the games to Qatar, but here we are now. Putting athletes in a literal hot oven built on corruption money and dead Gastarbeiter.

    The weather forecast seems to show pretty rough temperatures for the next ten days, basically 40 °C for days and 30 °C for nights. (That's about 104 °F and 86 °F.) For this reason the most demanding and longest events like marathons and the race walks start at midnight local time.

  • Women's marathon is about to begin in the Arabian night. Still 33 °C, I just heard, and the humidity is 70 %. Goddamn, could be ugly.

  • Chepngetich (KEN) won gold while Chelimo (BRN) and Johannes (NAM) came second and third. Our Finnish duo Hyryläinen and Vainio crossed the finish-line 19th and 26th, respectable results in those brutal conditions. And when you consider that out of the 70 runners around only 40 finished the whole race.

  • I love the NFL but these arbitrary video reviews from New York are absolutely killing the momentum. I sometimes feel like I’m wasting life watching this.

  • @dipset said in Sports?:

    I love the NFL but these arbitrary video reviews from New York are absolutely killing the momentum. I sometimes feel like I’m wasting life watching this.

    This has drifted into something that every high level sport deals with, and the I fear the line of no return has been crossed. There will only be more angles, cameras, slower lenses moving forward - its truly a nightmare. This may sound hyperbolic but its killing the soul of sports.

  • @miserableperson

    I just don’t remember it being as painful last season of the NFL but I agree. Let the officiating stand, then go to the cameras as needed.

    Like when a team is running a hurry up offence, and they make a first down, run to the line, about to snap, then refs stop the play dead to review the last one... like why? You called it a catch already and nobody challenged it.

    I understand the pursuit of fairness but my god on a bad day, it’s reeeeeallllly bad.

  • NHL season has started again. Not a whole lot to say since it's only just begun but I enjoyed the Canes/Habs game earlier tonight. Always love me a back and forth that goes into shootout.

  • I was switching between Avalanche vs Flames and playoff baseball.

    Avs are my team and they look as great as ever. I might put like $15 on them to win the cup for a $240 payout. It’s a fan bet but low key possible.

  • Being a relatively young adult, the only loss I’ve had to suffer was one of my best friends in 2017. Today, I’m feeling a similar sort of pain knowing my hero Kobe Bryant has died. Today has been a tough day to process losing somebody who’s been with me for so long.

    I sometimes get disappointed that my generation of athletes growing up has retired and I won’t get to watch them again. I didn’t expect to have to mourn the loss of my generations' athletic hero.

    I don’t want to take this passing lightly. I want to do great things just like Kobe did. I gotta make sure he continues to inspire me.

    RIP Mamba 🏀💔

  • Football (the one where you use your feet with a ball), tennis and boxing mostly.

  • Super Bowl tonight.

    Making some scotch bonnet wings and some honey sriracha wings and a big pot of rigatoni with meatballs. I never host because my apartment isn't great but the Super Bowl is a tradition that supersedes putting on airs for your guests. We're just here to eat good food, watch a great game, and have a good time.

    I put $115 on the SF 49ers Moneyline @ 2.05 odds. I'd prefer KC Chiefs to win but I don't believe Mahomes can carry the whole team.

    Great season in 2019. I hope this is a great Super Bowl too.

  • Mahomes!

  • Didn't watch the Super Bowl because I've basically been on Australian time (weird as a Brit) because of the Australian Open.

    So happy to see Novak, the greatest ever, lift another trophy.

  • I saw a pretty good game yesterday. Canes beat the Canucks in shootout.

    Look I get why it is this way but I just can't bring myself to care about any sport where the championship isn't decided in a best of 7 or some similar format

  • Best of 7s and stuff like that seems specific to American sport. Personally think it’s much better when there’s a singular final like grand slams, heavyweight championship of the world, champions league final, World Cup final.

    Often semi finals in football are two legs, one at one ground and one at the other. The final is then on a neutral ground.

  • I usually like best of 7 too but NHL and NBA have waaaaay too much fat on the playoffs with the first round being pretty much useless. I like that only the very clear best of the best make the playoffs in MLB and NFL. Those are two sports where the best are usually solidified by their ability to even get into the playoffs and their decisiveness is shown in the subsequent close games.

  • @DIPSET That's similar to an issue affecting the european championship of nations in soccer football, for me. Before, only 16 teams qualified from the qualification stage to the final tournament, and 8 through from the group stage (2 teams from every 4) to the knock-out stage. From 2016, they changed it to 24 teams, and now 3 from each group qualify to the knock-out stage of 16. The World Cup of nations will be expanded as well, starting in 2026, and I feel like in its current format it already has some teams that shouldn't be there in terms of quality.

    I liked the Euros more before because there was a certain tightness and momentum in the tournament, teams had to step up to go through the group stage. Now a team can get through the group stage without winning any match, which is the example of the current champions.

  • @irongrey Yeah I haven't followed in years, but my friends have been complaining to me about this.