• Didn't watch the Super Bowl because I've basically been on Australian time (weird as a Brit) because of the Australian Open.

    So happy to see Novak, the greatest ever, lift another trophy.

  • I saw a pretty good game yesterday. Canes beat the Canucks in shootout.

    Look I get why it is this way but I just can't bring myself to care about any sport where the championship isn't decided in a best of 7 or some similar format

  • Best of 7s and stuff like that seems specific to American sport. Personally think it’s much better when there’s a singular final like grand slams, heavyweight championship of the world, champions league final, World Cup final.

    Often semi finals in football are two legs, one at one ground and one at the other. The final is then on a neutral ground.

  • I usually like best of 7 too but NHL and NBA have waaaaay too much fat on the playoffs with the first round being pretty much useless. I like that only the very clear best of the best make the playoffs in MLB and NFL. Those are two sports where the best are usually solidified by their ability to even get into the playoffs and their decisiveness is shown in the subsequent close games.

  • @DIPSET That's similar to an issue affecting the european championship of nations in soccer football, for me. Before, only 16 teams qualified from the qualification stage to the final tournament, and 8 through from the group stage (2 teams from every 4) to the knock-out stage. From 2016, they changed it to 24 teams, and now 3 from each group qualify to the knock-out stage of 16. The World Cup of nations will be expanded as well, starting in 2026, and I feel like in its current format it already has some teams that shouldn't be there in terms of quality.

    I liked the Euros more before because there was a certain tightness and momentum in the tournament, teams had to step up to go through the group stage. Now a team can get through the group stage without winning any match, which is the example of the current champions.

  • @irongrey Yeah I haven't followed in years, but my friends have been complaining to me about this.

  • @dipset NBA? Yes. Especially those brutal Warriors vs. Cavs years.

    NHL? I'm not so sure. The Blues were third in their DIVISION last year and the President's Trophy winner rarely wins the cup. Although one thing I would say is that it can sometimes dumb down the hockey in the playoffs where lower seeds start playing super tight defence and win a bunch of 1-0 games.

    I don't disagree with MLB playoffs being super intense but can you imagine playing 162 games, being 30 games over .500 and not getting in? Not saying it should change but man that would suck.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I think Kings in 2013-2014 is another example of the lowest seed actually winning but in terms of quality, the first round of the NHL playoffs is very sloppy normally.

  • @dipset I think that was 2012 and the only reason I remember is because I'm from Vancouver :(

  • Toronto Raptors are on a 12 game winning streak which is the longest streak in Toronto professional sports history. The next closest was the Toronto Blue Jays 11 game win streak in 1993 when they won the World Series.

    Gotta say, its been a privilege watching the Raps last season and surprisingly this season as well. Marred by injuries, this team is still entirely entertaining and 2nd place in the East.