• @dipset NBA? Yes. Especially those brutal Warriors vs. Cavs years.

    NHL? I'm not so sure. The Blues were third in their DIVISION last year and the President's Trophy winner rarely wins the cup. Although one thing I would say is that it can sometimes dumb down the hockey in the playoffs where lower seeds start playing super tight defence and win a bunch of 1-0 games.

    I don't disagree with MLB playoffs being super intense but can you imagine playing 162 games, being 30 games over .500 and not getting in? Not saying it should change but man that would suck.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I think Kings in 2013-2014 is another example of the lowest seed actually winning but in terms of quality, the first round of the NHL playoffs is very sloppy normally.

  • @dipset I think that was 2012 and the only reason I remember is because I'm from Vancouver :(

  • Toronto Raptors are on a 12 game winning streak which is the longest streak in Toronto professional sports history. The next closest was the Toronto Blue Jays 11 game win streak in 1993 when they won the World Series.

    Gotta say, its been a privilege watching the Raps last season and surprisingly this season as well. Marred by injuries, this team is still entirely entertaining and 2nd place in the East.

  • There was an absolutely ridiculous game tonight between the Canes and Leafs, with an emergency backup goalie stealing the show in the best way possible.

    ...and of course I missed all but the last few minutes because of work. Just my luck.

  • @hanabi not to mention Ovi hit 700 goals today

  • @hanabi

    My buddy works with the backup goalie. He’s the building manager for the Ryerson University athletic centre (former Maple Leaf Gardens).

    He apparently takes shots in practice for the Leafs when they’re resting the goalies between games but that’s infrequent and he’s 100% an Average Joe.

    Made $500 betting on the Wilder vs Fury II fight. That was an absolute beating and it reached scary territory. Glad Wilder is ok in the end.

  • Is anybody else done with VAR? Besides the ref from the Chelsea vs. Tottenham game?

    The majority of the offside calls that lines...persons (?) are missing are even tough to tell on VAR. And if they need to check the replay, that often means it was close to the point of being negligible. Strikers are often half a step ahead because they start their run before the defender reacts and chases. I'm all for diagonal runs and perfect through balls but sometimes the ball over the top is there and I'm ok if the attacker notices it before the defender and so gets one toe ahead.

    This is not to mention the excitement factor. Every time anybody scores a goal now, everybody is afraid to get excited because you know they're going upstairs. We had this kind of thing one year in hockey where any foot in the blue ice meant no goal so just about every single goal was reviewed and a whole ton were disallowed. And it sucked so they got rid of it (after the Stanley Cup winning goal was scored with a foot in the blue paint).

    I know it's a crooked sport and cameras are supposed to help us avoid biases but this is too much. Thoughts?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm about done with replay in all sports, which would shock a 2005 version of myself who was eager to see the creep of replay. It simply isn't applied correctly in most situations and only serves to make decisions murkier, slows the game, and drains energy.

  • I’m for video review but at a certain point you gotta just trust the call on the field. It’s getting really out of hand and slowing everything down to a crawl. In the NFL, video replay of catches is turning into this philosophical discussion about what constitutes a “catch” physically.

    I saw a touchdown get overturned by video replayed because in slow motion, he caught it, hits the ground, doesn’t bobble it, but it’s only loosely held by his fingers and they ruled that it wasn’t catchy enough to be a catch. I could understand if he bobbled it and dropped it but he caught the damn ball and nobody would think differently if they didn’t spend 10 min looking at the replay frame by frame.

    There’s a time and place for modern cameras and replay systems but they shouldn’t taint the game or slow it down to a crawl. Maybe just check scoring plays and that’s it. Case to case in every sport.

  • It definitely gets out of hand at points, there was a game a few days ago where a goal got waved off because the net flew off and it seemed pretty open and shut but they spent like ten minutes reviewing it only to come to the same conclusion they started with.

    or maybe I'm just salty because that game was already a blowout at that point anyway

    I do think it does more good than harm but at the same time they need to just chill sometimes.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern I like the video assistance referee, I think football has definitely improved since its inception. There were so many wrong calls that it kind of spoiled the fun in the game, players would cheat or the referee made a wrong decision and couldn't know what we all could see through the television. I think there's room for improvement, but I already like it as it is in the Premier League, without the referee going to have a look on a screen off-field. Let VAR overrule wrong decisions by itself.

    If anything, the VAR exposes some failings in the offside rules, but in my view this is just a great chance to finally tweak said rules and allow the game to run more smoothly.

  • Ya I agree. I think there is a huge deal made of VAR but it more so shows up rules that were made for whatever reason that don't really fit the modern game.

    Now, there have absolutely been errors like the chelsea game mentioned but overall I think it's a good thing that will hopefully improve. They just need to do a much better job communicating and if possible reduce the time it takes to make a call. And in terms of the premier league. just encourage the referee to take another look.

  • Also... Liverpool this season, just insane.

  • @tokeeffe9 just nuts. A buddy and I were just talking the other day and he said EPL is trash this year. I disagreed, I thought it was super tight and any team could win any match - unless they're playing Liverpool. Even when they're ass they find a way to win. It's been such a cool year and I'm glad they're finally gonna get one, some redemption for Stevie G. I'm even more glad that United were mathematically unable to win barely half way through the year. It seems like the only pattern the past few years is Sergio Aguero will score.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Jesus christ

  • lol and with that Liverpool lose a match in the league. They were absolutely awful but it was bound to happen at some stage. While I don't want to jump on Lovren too much since it was his first game in ages but I think it really shows the team is very unsettled with him in it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Honestly the main thing I've been following on the EPL this year has been the relegation battle and the battle for the UCL since it is already clear the league is Liverpool's so I was thinking this was a completely inconsencuential match because who would think Watford could beat Liverpool.

    Other than that I happened to watch the whole Spurs-Wolves match, first whole game that I watch this season and a great one at that, I have had some affinity for Wolves since I played a campaign with them in FIFA 10, simply because I thought their name and logo was cool, so it is a bit unreal to see them be this succesful irl.

  • I watch and play basketball. I also watch boxing and a little UFC.

  • I'm roughly $1600 in the plus for sports betting the past 30 days.

    Not sure if anybody hits the sportsbooks time to time, but down to discuss bets if anybody touches NBA, NHL, NFL, Boxing, MMA.

    Lowkey might put $20 on Max Verstappen to win the F1 Driver's Championship. I don't think he'd sign with Red Bull for 3 more years if he didn't think they were gonna win.