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    Ya I agree. I think there is a huge deal made of VAR but it more so shows up rules that were made for whatever reason that don't really fit the modern game.

    Now, there have absolutely been errors like the chelsea game mentioned but overall I think it's a good thing that will hopefully improve. They just need to do a much better job communicating and if possible reduce the time it takes to make a call. And in terms of the premier league. just encourage the referee to take another look.

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    Also... Liverpool this season, just insane.

  • @tokeeffe9 just nuts. A buddy and I were just talking the other day and he said EPL is trash this year. I disagreed, I thought it was super tight and any team could win any match - unless they're playing Liverpool. Even when they're ass they find a way to win. It's been such a cool year and I'm glad they're finally gonna get one, some redemption for Stevie G. I'm even more glad that United were mathematically unable to win barely half way through the year. It seems like the only pattern the past few years is Sergio Aguero will score.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Jesus christ

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    lol and with that Liverpool lose a match in the league. They were absolutely awful but it was bound to happen at some stage. While I don't want to jump on Lovren too much since it was his first game in ages but I think it really shows the team is very unsettled with him in it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Honestly the main thing I've been following on the EPL this year has been the relegation battle and the battle for the UCL since it is already clear the league is Liverpool's so I was thinking this was a completely inconsencuential match because who would think Watford could beat Liverpool.

    Other than that I happened to watch the whole Spurs-Wolves match, first whole game that I watch this season and a great one at that, I have had some affinity for Wolves since I played a campaign with them in FIFA 10, simply because I thought their name and logo was cool, so it is a bit unreal to see them be this succesful irl.

  • I watch and play basketball. I also watch boxing and a little UFC.

  • I'm roughly $1600 in the plus for sports betting the past 30 days.

    Not sure if anybody hits the sportsbooks time to time, but down to discuss bets if anybody touches NBA, NHL, NFL, Boxing, MMA.

    Lowkey might put $20 on Max Verstappen to win the F1 Driver's Championship. I don't think he'd sign with Red Bull for 3 more years if he didn't think they were gonna win.

  • Sooo I've already watched the entire 2001 NBA Finals on YouTube. Might watch the 2001 NHL Stanley Cup.

    I have some gaping holes in my Formula 1 knowledge because I stopped watching around 2004. From let's say 2006-2014, which season should I watch? I heard 2010 and 2011 were fantastic seasons. I found a whole race archive Dailymotion page a while back so now is a good of time as any to watch some old races:

    This too:

  • @dipset Ray Bourque!