• @e_zed_eh_intern Jesus christ

  • lol and with that Liverpool lose a match in the league. They were absolutely awful but it was bound to happen at some stage. While I don't want to jump on Lovren too much since it was his first game in ages but I think it really shows the team is very unsettled with him in it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Honestly the main thing I've been following on the EPL this year has been the relegation battle and the battle for the UCL since it is already clear the league is Liverpool's so I was thinking this was a completely inconsencuential match because who would think Watford could beat Liverpool.

    Other than that I happened to watch the whole Spurs-Wolves match, first whole game that I watch this season and a great one at that, I have had some affinity for Wolves since I played a campaign with them in FIFA 10, simply because I thought their name and logo was cool, so it is a bit unreal to see them be this succesful irl.

  • I watch and play basketball. I also watch boxing and a little UFC.

  • I'm roughly $1600 in the plus for sports betting the past 30 days.

    Not sure if anybody hits the sportsbooks time to time, but down to discuss bets if anybody touches NBA, NHL, NFL, Boxing, MMA.

    Lowkey might put $20 on Max Verstappen to win the F1 Driver's Championship. I don't think he'd sign with Red Bull for 3 more years if he didn't think they were gonna win.

  • Sooo I've already watched the entire 2001 NBA Finals on YouTube. Might watch the 2001 NHL Stanley Cup.

    I have some gaping holes in my Formula 1 knowledge because I stopped watching around 2004. From let's say 2006-2014, which season should I watch? I heard 2010 and 2011 were fantastic seasons. I found a whole race archive Dailymotion page a while back so now is a good of time as any to watch some old races:

    This too:

  • @dipset Ray Bourque!

  • Two wonderful things happened in the English Premier League today: Liverpool won their first title since 1990 and Manchester United didn't win the title for the 7th straight year. I hope Steven Gerrard sleeps well tonight because I know I will. I'm not a Liverpool supporter but I'm glad they finally got one for their fans and for Gerrard.

  • hockey's back
    and by that I mean the rangers just got swept out of the qualifiers lol

  • @hanabi funniest part being the Hurricanes were the one and only team to vote against this format and most pundits thought it was because they were afraid of the Rangers after they swept the season series. The bunch of jerks strike again!

  • 5OT, like the third or fourth longest game in NHL history (with most of the games ahead of it being from way back in the 30's mind you). What an intense game of hockey. Don't even care for the Blue Jackets or Lightning but I gotta respect that.

  • @hanabi yeah, for the uninitiated, a regular game is 3 periods. These teams played 7 and a half tonight. And that's only game 1 of a series that could be as long as 7. They gonna be tiiiiiiiiired.

  • That Blue Jackets vs Lightening game made my bet card void when I hit on the two other bets I had. My parlay was:

    Vegas @ -1.5
    Vegas vs Chicago Under 6.5 goals
    Carolina to Win
    Carolina vs Boston Under 5.5 goals

    But the last two went void and I only got $397 on a $100 bet. Bullshit. I wanted to let that riiiiiiide.

  • the reffing in game 2 of boston/carolina is a fucking embarrassment and I straight up stopped watching it after that no-goal.

  • Game 1 reffing was bad too.

  • @dipset yeah, I won't deny that for a second, but there's a point where it stops feeling like "wow this is some bad reffing" and it starts to genuinely feel like it becomes a game of the players vs the refs instead of against the other team.

  • I got really angry about the reffing in game 2 but honestly I think I'm far, far more upset about that complete and utter collapse in the third period on game 4. They can't blame that on anybody but themselves.

  • @hanabi Absolutely crazy how much they dropped the ball

    Edit: figure of speech

  • Carolina has had some bad luck this series. Not seeing them pull off the victory but they’ll come back strong.

    My Avalanche will probably wrap this up in game 5 after scoring a touchdown last night.

    The Toronto Raptors also completely mopped up the Brooklyn Nets in an effortless destruction. I expected a badly injured Nets to be a bit better because they managed to get some wins in the bubble but this should be a 4-0 sweep.

  • @dipset I can't imagine a person in Toronto not being a hardcore Leafs fan. Even our stadium fills with their jerseys when the Leafs are in town. And a western conference team no less. How did that come about? When I was a kid, I hated the Canucks and was a huge Habs fan because I loved Patrick Roy. I would see humour in your reason being the same.

    Back to the Canucks, they are officially in a series. I think most would say the odds now favour the Blues but either way, these two have played a pretty good series to-date.