• For me, college level athletics, with a primary skew towards football and basketball (sometimes, mmmmaaayyyybbbbeeee baseball). I can never really get into pro level stuff, though there are stories from time to time that I appreciate like the last two world series champions, or the NFL Draft.

    While football maybe my chosen sport, my absolute favorite event is the NCAA tournament in March, ESPECIALLY the first two days, when there are four televised games at once at four different blocks. That's a lot of elimination basketball, and when a school that's given no-shot to win upsets a big time program, it's just the best.

  • @Brannox Got a favorite team? I was born and raised UK here but my brother's more of a UL guy.

  • I love the energy, flair, and personalities that thrive in the NBA. I greatly respect the technical prowess and cooperation of college basketball, but the incredible athleticism that it requires to outmaneuver several defenders, drive to the hoop, and slam down a flashy dunk in the professional setting is a spectacle to witness. Favorite team: San Antonio Spurs. Favorite player: Kawhi Leonard.

  • I watch football, soccer (football), baseball, sailing, the Olympics, and Boxing / MMA occasionally.

    I am currently planning to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as it's a convergence of some of my all-time favorite things:

    Going to Tokyo
    Watching the Olympics

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  • @DeweyDTruman That would be king losers Florida State, and the place investigated for everything Auburn. Oh and EVERYONE that plays Florida, Miami, USC, and Ohio State. Except when they play each other. Then I hope for a draw.

  • My avatar pretty much gives it away, but I'm a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs/Hockey fan ever since I was about 8 years old. Love watching it, love playing it.


  • @TokyoSlim said in Sports?:

    I am currently planning to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,

    Me too, hopefully.

  • I'm a qualified skydiver, so the main sports I follow are various disiplines of Skydiving, like Formation, FreeFly, Speed, and Indoor.

    I also do my best to follow my home football team, Blackpool, but I haven't been to a match for ages due to the Oyston Boycott. I really hope that changes soon now that BFC has been put up for sale.

  • I follow quite a few sports!

    • WWE
      I'll get this one out of the way, we already have a topic for it and one could argue it's not real sports. I do watch UFC too once in a while.

    • Football
      And by this I mean soccer. Big big fan of the sport, I constantly follow the exploits and disappointments of my French hometown 2nd division team, as well as the top tier European leagues, Champions League, and international competitions. Now that I live in Asia it makes it really hard to catch a game live though, so I mostly have to watch highlights, which sucks immensely. I still stay up until 4am sometimes to watch important games. I also play FIFA regularly with some colleagues and used to have countless tournaments with friends back in the day.

    • Rally (WRC)
      On and off because it's not easily accessible, but I find it a lot more entertaining to watch than Formula 1. My love for the sport actually started with games like Colin McRae Rally or Rallisport Challenge. I bought Dirt Rally too but it's way too hardcore for me, I suck at it.

    • Tennis
      Again I don't follow tennis regularly but once in a while, during grand slams for example, I get caught up in it again. Spending the entire day in front of the TV during Roland-Garros is a strong French tradition!

    • Ice Hockey
      I only started watching ice hockey a few years ago, influenced by my Czech friends, and it's a lot of fun! I only watch the Ice Hockey World Championships each year, not NHL or any other domestic league. France is not exactly a powerhouse but it's fun in its own way, constantly rooting for the underdogs and being happy with just not being last!

  • @Oscillator It's gonna be fun. And insane in a way that only Tokyo can deliver. Self driving taxis!

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    Oh yeah, also I tend to kinda follow Rugby as well since I moved to the UK. I mean like the main sports events. Its a nice mix of lunacy and brain damage. I didnt understand it too much until a couple of friends guided me through a match.

    However, Cricket are on of those sports I'll never understand.

  • @Lotias Yeah I don’t really get it either. When I was in middle school I was friends with an exchange student from the UK who loves cricket. She tried to explain it to me but I could never understand further than “team golf on horses”.

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    @michemagius Haha yeah! also who in their right mind wants to play a game that goes on for 6 days? I have had multiple people trying to explain it to me, but its just too much! with ropes, rounds and what not! I've given up and will focus on sports I enjoy instead haha

  • @Lotias Yeah, some sports are just too complex for me to really get in to them. Better to focus on what holds your attention.

  • @michemagius team golf on horses is polo, cricket is like baseball with a paddle

  • @TokyoSlim Ahhh I see.

  • @Billy I'm also a big NBA fan. It's just a really fun league to keep up with. I'm a lifelong Washington Wizards fan and John Wall is a wizard with the basketball

  • Everyone in my family was either a swimmer or a diver; I was a diver for 16 years (5-21). It got me into college, gave me a crazy widespread group of friends, and, unfortunately, ruined my body. I've had chronic injuries since I was 13, and will be dealing with them for probably the rest of my life. That said, I still miss it tremendously, and follow it closely. I also follow swimming very closely, since that's what my siblings and most of my friends from college did (swimming and diving is a joint team like Track and Field, with way more swimmers than divers). Other than that, I used to follow baseball, but haven't followed pro-baseball in years (my family is full of crazy Mets fans, though). Still keep up with my college's baseball team, though, since I had a lot of friends on that team as well.

  • We'll definitely make a new thread for the FIFA World Cup next summer, but here are the eight groups after the final draw that just took place in Russia. I'd say they're all pretty interesting. Maybe a stand-out one is Group B with the three neighbours Portugal, Spain and Morocco, which seems funny geographically speaking.

    alt text

  • We (France) have got an interesting group!

    Australia should be an easy win, but they're the kind of physical and tenacious team that can easily hold us to a 0-0 draw, especially since it'll be the first match, they'll go all out.

    Peru is arguably the easiest team we could have gotten from Pot 2 (except maybe Switzerland), so we can't complain there, but it'll also be a tricky match.

    Finally, Denmark will be an opportunity to get revenge for 2002, they've got a top player in Eriksen and they're very solid collectively, so our forwards will have to be inspired! Hopefully we don't need a win when we play them, otherwise we could easily get sucked in and get hit by counter-attacks.

    Apart from that, most groups seem pretty even, it's going to be fun! Can't wait for England to draw 0-0 against Panama! ;)