• @hanabi funniest part being the Hurricanes were the one and only team to vote against this format and most pundits thought it was because they were afraid of the Rangers after they swept the season series. The bunch of jerks strike again!

  • 5OT, like the third or fourth longest game in NHL history (with most of the games ahead of it being from way back in the 30's mind you). What an intense game of hockey. Don't even care for the Blue Jackets or Lightning but I gotta respect that.

  • @hanabi yeah, for the uninitiated, a regular game is 3 periods. These teams played 7 and a half tonight. And that's only game 1 of a series that could be as long as 7. They gonna be tiiiiiiiiired.

  • That Blue Jackets vs Lightening game made my bet card void when I hit on the two other bets I had. My parlay was:

    Vegas @ -1.5
    Vegas vs Chicago Under 6.5 goals
    Carolina to Win
    Carolina vs Boston Under 5.5 goals

    But the last two went void and I only got $397 on a $100 bet. Bullshit. I wanted to let that riiiiiiide.

  • the reffing in game 2 of boston/carolina is a fucking embarrassment and I straight up stopped watching it after that no-goal.

  • Game 1 reffing was bad too.

  • @dipset yeah, I won't deny that for a second, but there's a point where it stops feeling like "wow this is some bad reffing" and it starts to genuinely feel like it becomes a game of the players vs the refs instead of against the other team.

  • I got really angry about the reffing in game 2 but honestly I think I'm far, far more upset about that complete and utter collapse in the third period on game 4. They can't blame that on anybody but themselves.

  • @hanabi Absolutely crazy how much they dropped the ball

    Edit: figure of speech

  • Carolina has had some bad luck this series. Not seeing them pull off the victory but they’ll come back strong.

    My Avalanche will probably wrap this up in game 5 after scoring a touchdown last night.

    The Toronto Raptors also completely mopped up the Brooklyn Nets in an effortless destruction. I expected a badly injured Nets to be a bit better because they managed to get some wins in the bubble but this should be a 4-0 sweep.

  • @dipset I can't imagine a person in Toronto not being a hardcore Leafs fan. Even our stadium fills with their jerseys when the Leafs are in town. And a western conference team no less. How did that come about? When I was a kid, I hated the Canucks and was a huge Habs fan because I loved Patrick Roy. I would see humour in your reason being the same.

    Back to the Canucks, they are officially in a series. I think most would say the odds now favour the Blues but either way, these two have played a pretty good series to-date.

  • If you haven't started it yet, I really encourage you to check out this years NFL Hard Knocks. It's fascinating watching a team try to start training in the middle of a pandemic.

  • Is anybody else beyond done with baseball's unwritten rules?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Loooooong but easy two pronged answer.

    I'm from Hamilton and moved to Toronto for my career. Hamilton and Toronto are sort of soft rival cities despite being nothing alike. Our only professional sports team is the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the CFL and our insane working class fan base of drunk steel workers over the years will get in full blown flights with Toronto Argonauts fans at the old Ivor Wynne Stadium. Among other insane things I've seen at TiCats games over the years was a drunk Hamiltonian taking a full blown piss on the Toronto fan next to him.

    I went to the final game of our Ivor Wynne Stadium because I used to film high school and university sports for the local TV station. I stuck around after our shoot day to watch the final home game. Fans in the box seats were leaving garbage everywhere, while the fans in the stands ended up ripping out benches, seats, retirement plaque's and anything else they could physically steal as the stadium was to be demolished.

    Good times, but the new culture at the stadium doesn't have that good Hamilton grit like it used to. For example, there was a massive smoking section which had pretty much every body shoulder to shoulder in this massive lot just hacking darts. Still glimmers of those old days though. I saw one fan at a soccer match during the PanAm Games, smoking a cigarette with her kids in a little alcove. I knew the Hamilton spirit will live on somewhat in the new stadium...

    Maple Leafs are a complete JOKE of a franchise. I can't stand the Leafs. They are a poorly managed franchise with idiotic fans who overpay for tickets to a consistently losing team (about half a century).

    The prices MLSE charges for tickets is insane, making hockey, a staple of Canadian culture, completely unaffordable for working class fans in Ontario. Maple Leafs are a franchise for the rich and there isn't any other way around it. Corporations buy all of the tickets and give them out free to woo clients. Leafs have been "sold out" every game for decades, yet, the stands have plenty of gaps if not mostly unattended throughout the years. Then the corporations buying all of the tickets jacks up the prices for the average joe who wants to see a hockey game in their home town.

    It was cheaper for my entire family of 4 to drive to Detroit, get 4 first bowl tickets, and stay in a hotel for 2 nights, than it was to just get 4 tickets to a Leafs game in 2010. That is ridiculous.


    The MLSE have no incentive to make a winning franchise because morons keep buying overpriced tickets to watch them lose. Their old majority shareholder was the Ontario Teachers Pension who just cared about making money and didn't care about the Leafs actually winning.

    FYI, Ontario Teachers Pension sold their shares in MLSE and bought either a majority or massive minority share in Ubisoft, who again, are a horribly run corporation with massive corruption, abuse, etc. Same idea, they only care about money.

    I used to also loathe the Raptors for the same reasons - they were AWFUL but the tickets were priced insanely. They had no incentive to try because people still bought tickets. At least the Raptors for the majority of a decade hired the right staff to turn the franchise around and start a "winning culture" with management who knows what they are doing. The Leafs are starting to get there, but they still seem to be run by complete idiots and I'm not convinced they will make it unless they rebuild the management and staff again.


    Also, fun fact, but other than my ONE friend who grew up here, I don't know any Leafs fans. Everybody in Toronto likes the Raptors. I barely even know anybody from university, work, general life who even gives a shit about hockey in general. For example, my girlfriends family comes from the Philippines none of them really caee for hockey. Her little siblings in grade school and high school don't even have a hockey team, nobody plays, watches or cares about hockey, but everybody loves and plays basketball. Their schools are mostly filled with Asian kids from Asian families who outright don't participate in sports outside of volleyball and basketball.

    I assume the Leafs fanbase are Ontarian's from other cities or white rich people who can afford a house in the city and don't interact in my circle.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Sports?:

    Is anybody else beyond done with baseball's unwritten rules?

    I understand them on some level but hitting a grand slam in a 7 run game isn't one of them. There's a time to take your foot off the gas, that isn't it.

    @hanabi said in Sports?:

    I got really angry about the reffing in game 2 but honestly I think I'm far, far more upset about that complete and utter collapse in the third period on game 4. They can't blame that on anybody but themselves.

    Super deflating, especially when it was 2-2 and after a timeout Staal got rocked and nobody seemed to care. There's still a chance they can win three straight, just sucks that is what its going to take after looking so strong against the Rangers. Sports are pain and I hate Boston.

  • @dipset 1. I'm not so sure that that's not a Hamilton thing and more a CFL thing. The majority of Lions fans are also a ragtag bunch. Although, their practice facility is in the roughest part of Surrey and I feel like that's where most of their fans hail from too. I've yet to see one do the R. Kelly to an opposing fan though.

    1. Canucks are not at all innocent of these sins and I hear all the same complaints from people here too. I would say, though, that people in all parts of the metro city area are fans of the Canucks. Not every single person but the fan base isn't so heavily concentrated as the Lions' seems to be.

    Funny note on that Detroit trip, they were coming off back-to-back cup finals. The Leafs had Kessel and Grabo.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    From what I understand, every Canadian team exploits the corporations buying up tickets forcing fans to spend $290 on a single ticket in the nose bleeds. I just think that business practice coupled with the awful management of the Leafs makes them impossible to cheer for.

    My dad was a Nordiques fan so when I was born I was by default a Quebec then later Colorado fan. LOTS of people I know growing up were Avalanche fans too considering so many top players in the 2000s were Canadian or on Team Canada. It always sucked convincing my mom to let me stay up to watch the games. It was a losing battle, but in high school I'd stay up and watch.

    I kinda dig the new playoff format with matinees cause I can play it on the side while I work.

  • @dipset Must have been weird to go from hating Roy to watching him backstop your team to a cup. Yeah, that early Avs team was insane. Also crazy they could have had Sundin and that Sundin was once traded for Wendell Clark.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I mean, I was a baby. My extend of Nordiques fandom was little baby jerseys I had.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm not a baseball fan but I think I've gotten the gist of what this is about and if I'm right then I can safely say giving a player hell for having the audacity to try and do their job is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life.