• @dipset 1. I'm not so sure that that's not a Hamilton thing and more a CFL thing. The majority of Lions fans are also a ragtag bunch. Although, their practice facility is in the roughest part of Surrey and I feel like that's where most of their fans hail from too. I've yet to see one do the R. Kelly to an opposing fan though.

    1. Canucks are not at all innocent of these sins and I hear all the same complaints from people here too. I would say, though, that people in all parts of the metro city area are fans of the Canucks. Not every single person but the fan base isn't so heavily concentrated as the Lions' seems to be.

    Funny note on that Detroit trip, they were coming off back-to-back cup finals. The Leafs had Kessel and Grabo.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    From what I understand, every Canadian team exploits the corporations buying up tickets forcing fans to spend $290 on a single ticket in the nose bleeds. I just think that business practice coupled with the awful management of the Leafs makes them impossible to cheer for.

    My dad was a Nordiques fan so when I was born I was by default a Quebec then later Colorado fan. LOTS of people I know growing up were Avalanche fans too considering so many top players in the 2000s were Canadian or on Team Canada. It always sucked convincing my mom to let me stay up to watch the games. It was a losing battle, but in high school I'd stay up and watch.

    I kinda dig the new playoff format with matinees cause I can play it on the side while I work.

  • @dipset Must have been weird to go from hating Roy to watching him backstop your team to a cup. Yeah, that early Avs team was insane. Also crazy they could have had Sundin and that Sundin was once traded for Wendell Clark.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I mean, I was a baby. My extend of Nordiques fandom was little baby jerseys I had.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm not a baseball fan but I think I've gotten the gist of what this is about and if I'm right then I can safely say giving a player hell for having the audacity to try and do their job is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life.

  • @dipset said in Sports?:

    The MLSE have no incentive to make a winning franchise because morons keep buying overpriced tickets to watch them lose. Their old majority shareholder was the Ontario Teachers Pension who just cared about making money and didn't care about the Leafs actually winning.

    FYI, Ontario Teachers Pension sold their shares in MLSE and bought either a majority or massive minority share in Ubisoft, who again, are a horribly run corporation with massive corruption, abuse, etc. Same idea, they only care about money.

    As of the end of 2019, the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan had $159 billion USD in assets. For comparison, that's between the GDP of Hungary and Ukraine.

    Note that this is a provincial pension plan, just for teachers.

  • @oscillator

    Oh I thought it was the teachers, no? The same teachers that invested in MLSE, tobacco, etc?


    According to Wikipedia, they now invest in the Yankee's among other things. Crazy how much capital is out there to just invest in random shit.

    On topic of current events, pretty wild night in the NBA. I think the LA Lakers have ring rust but Portland looked really good. I still have a feeling game 2 might end in LA Lakers beating Portland by 9-12 points.

    Haven't checked the highlights for Orlando vs Milwaukee but it looks like some of the Bucks momentum has been pushed back in the bubble. Pending how Boston Celtics continue to play with injuries, I think the Eastern Conference is going to either Boston or Toronto.

  • @dipset said in Sports?:


    Oh I thought it was the teachers, no? The same teachers that invested in MLSE, tobacco, etc?

    ...yes? Not the teachers themselves, their pension plan.

    You had the facts right the first time. I was just pointing out how INSANELY loaded this provincial, single-occupation pension plan is.

  • @oscillator

    Sorry, I just misunderstood you/

    Big big day yesterday. I couldn't watch everything but I caught a few games. I felt like the sober guy at the party cause I didn't place any bets for the first time in a while.


    • My Avalanche scored another Touchdown and won the series.

    • Vancouver took the series 3-2 against St Louis in a super competitive game last night. Both teams looked significantly better than the other at points of that game.


    • Brooklyn had a more competitive game, but Toronto cleaned up in the 4th quarter and I don't expect Brooklyn to win a game this series.

    • DONCIC! Dallas got it done yesterday against Los Angeles Clippers. It wasn't perfect and I'm worried they'll fail to protect the net against individual efforts the Clippers have in their wheelhouse, but if they can keep their leads protected, then we have a real series here.

    • An injured Boston proved to be the much better team against Philadelphia. I think the 76ers are done.

  • Bayern München, people! Neuer's the GOAT.

  • Indy 500 spoiler:

    ! spoiler
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    ! After dueling with Scott Dixon for about a dozen laps, Takuma Sato won for the second time when Spencer Pigot had a massive crash into the pit lane divider with 4 laps to go, ending it under caution.

  • Avalanche are disappointing me. Sometimes the look great and other times they’re sloppy.

    Dallas is looking great and they’ve got the Avs figured out to a degree, but their play isn’t perfect either. Dallas has been very beatable every game so far so it’s painful to see Avs down 3-1 going into an elimination game tomorrow.

  • @dipset I haven't watched any of the games but am blown away that Dallas seems to be running away with the series considering how stacked Colorado is. That's playoff hockey I suppose. Crazy Dallas is doing this well only a year out from the owner calling Seguin and Benn shit.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Benn is essentially the player of the series so far. I definitely think Colorado have potential to stay alive, but it's hard to come back 3 games straight, especially with an injured starting goalie and struggling backup.

    Dallas looks good and they're winning by playing bigger than Colorado. Lock down defence protecting the net. Thing is, when Colorado starts getting hot, Dallas looks pretty much helpless. I wish they warmed up faster. They could've won this game if the goal tending wasn't weak in the 1st.

    If they Avs can't win with this squad then I don't know how much more they can do other than get a few grinders and stronger 2nd or 3rd string goaltending.

  • Between one of the most stressful work weeks of my life and Colorado having back to back elimination games, I think I’m gonna go grey before 26.

  • @dipset they had a really good run. Would have been good to see them go through. Sorry for your loss.

    Now onto the Canucks!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern well shit

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern I have THPS to remedy the pain...

  • @dipset Borderlands 3!

  • @dipset prob shouldn't feel so bad about losing to the stars now