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    @dipset Imagine being a Stars fan in Dallas and not being able to get any info about your team playing in the finals because the Cowboys lost on a 4th down gamble again.

    LOL! Dude that play was brutal.

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    So I don't want to infiltrate the thread or anything, but I've never had an interest in sports and genuinely would like to know how to be more into them. Does anyone have any memories of how they started out when they were younger, or tips they can think of to help an older outsider get into watching and enjoying sports?

    It's a tough question to answer because sports are very cultural and your investment in them is likely based on your environment. My mom and dad were very athletic when they were younger, and my Dad especially is a walking talking sports bible. So I grew up watching all of the major North American sports. The ones I enjoyed playing were the more alternative individual sports which was within my personality and really different from my Dad. My Dad was always a bit annoyed I preferred skateboarding and biking to playing football and soccer.

    The point I'm making is that the sports you end up liking or disliking might have a lot to do with your own personality and how it relates to the sport itself. My Italian family really likes F1 and watching Juve play. So I too enjoy that. I really love skateboarding because its this perfect blend of athletics, art, individualism, and being in the moment with friends. I enjoy following skateboarding because every team offers something completely different. For example, a Baker video is equally about capturing the scene as much as it is filming the trick, whereas a Nike SB video is about getting really big technical tricks. Same sport, two completely different approaches to filming AND skating itself.

    I think my top advice would be to find the person you know who is into sports and maybe watch a game or two with them. They'll show you the ropes and you'll slowly get attached to the nuance of every game, the personalities and such. You also might not like certain games. I know people who love playing hockey but hate watching it. I know people who play and watch golf but don't know anything about anything else. Try a few different sports and try watching a few different sports. My girlfriend is pretty aware of NFL, NHL, NBA, F1, and skateboarding because she's sat down next to me over the past few years and slowly began to understand it all.

    My next advice would be to dive into some of the documentary style media so you get to know the personalities and history better. Attaching a story and personality to the game is something the TV Networks learned in the Olympics throughout the 80s and 90s and they never looked back. Emotion is like 90% of the battle.

    Basketball: The Last Dance
    Skateboarding: Bones Brigade
    NHL: HBO 24/7
    F1: Formula 1: Drive to Survive

  • @happygaming I'm gonna be punching in my nerd card here real hard, but try some sports anime. Haikyuu made me genuinely interested in volleyball, to the point where I now consider myself a fan of it. Like Dip said, attaching emotions to it helps immensely

  • @happygaming I've found it difficult to get too attached to new teams and sports as I've grown older as so much of my sports identity was formed from an early age. You're certainly not alone though as people undoubtedly pull this off on a regular basis, I'd imagine its simply a matter of getting their perspective. Despite being a massive sports fan its hard to communicate how to become passionate about them. I've played soccer since I could walk practically but have been unable to care too much about any club; I never grew up cheering for an MLS or Intl club outside of the US National Team and even with an MLS team coming to Charlotte I don't feel the passion for it all that much. The last time I really was able to attach myself to a new team was when I actually went to college, and the college I ended up attending was different than the one I grew up rooting for. And even then a lot of the schools were familiar so it wasn't some big culture shock of having to learn to appreciate something new.

    At the end of the day I care because I have connections to the teams and sports I like to watch and from playing I connect to the cruel/rewarding nature of actually playing the game. There's nothing quite like the reality and drama of live competition, especially when its paired with a team you're invested in on some level.

  • @happygaming I would also recommend looking up "best (sport name here) plays". Seeing people do insane things always gets me hyped to watch or play more.

    That in mind, you might want to look up players too. Here are a few suggestions for fun to watch players

    Football: Michael Vick, Barry Sanders, OBJ

    Soccer: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo (I love Messi but I think his talent is less overt to the layperson)

    Hockey: Pavel Bure, Alex Ovechkin (skills and hits), Pavel Datsyuk, Jaromir Have, Mario Lemieux, Iguchi Aito

    Basketball: Vince Carter (2000 dunk contest), Derrick Rose (on the bulls), Allen Iverson, Steph Curry, Kenyon Martin

    Baseball: Jim Edmonds, baseball is generally dry but Jomboy Media's breakdowns on YouTube are short and awesome

  • I only ended up watching on game of the Stanley Cup. I feel like this NHL season just needed to end. I don't know anybody who is paying attention anymore with all of these overlapping sports on TV. I haven't even watched NBA either. No room for all this overlap.

    Let's hope the 2021 season goes smoothly. I guess it would normally be starting up around now?

  • I'm happy for Tampa, thoigh part of me is bummed that Dallas didn't get it. I wanted to see Corey Perry get another cup so late in his career. I was never even a big Anaheim fan but when they are so close to being your home team it's hard not to feel some sort of allegiance to them.

  • I'm also happy for Tampa. They've been dynamite for like a decade but just couldn't win it all.

    Corey Perry did too much puttering around and flip flopping for me to root him on. Dallas proved you can go far with some hard old school hockey, but Perry was kinda annoying to watch.

  • @capnbobamous only person who was not a fan of Perry's team I have ever heard want good things for him.

    I would have been cool with Dallas just for Bowness but Tampa have been knocking for a LONG time. Just kinda stings to see them get their second cup since entering the league in the 90's while the Canucks are still 0'fer since 1970. Also cool to see Stamkos get a goal.

  • Getting preeeetty sick of Man U running the VAR booth

  • When Biden was down in the polls late-Tuesday night on the verge of losing Ohio and Florida, his value to win the election went UP because it was looking a bit grim at that specific point in time so I laid down a small bet for Biden to win at a better 3.20 value.

    Couldn't resist the novelty of parlaying the US Presidential election with the NFL so here's my bet card:


    Already up $18 if I cash out, but I'm gonna let this ride. I think GB can beat a Covid-riddled and injured SF by 6 points.

    This is one of the most degenerate things I've done lol

  • Toronto Raptors lost their centers Gasol and Ibaka (Ibaka took a massive paycut to play in Los Angeles) so we had to promote Boucher on a 2-year deal. Fair enough because Center isn't the most important position anymore.

    Van Vleet got his bag, $85M 4-years, becoming the highest paid undrafted player ever. Good on him and I think he's earned it. It's clear as day he isn't the best decision maker so the whole team will need to step up to be a contender which I don't think they'll be in 2020. Not sure if Lowry is healthy enough to carry the team for another year. Also looks like they aren't doing any dramatic moves this offseason which means they are saving cap space for HOPEFULLY Giannis in 2021. Not entirely sure Lowry will be elite in 2021 if he keeps playing big boy minutes and getting injured. Hate to say it, but if he can't play then Raptors are saving $33M in cap space for a big name free agent 2021.

    Going to be an interesting year but I wouldn't be surprised if Lakers win again.

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    How do I downvote?

    I can’t take the pain anymore...

  • @dipset You're a Cowboys fan, I take it?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Born a fan without a choice...

    I can't go back now. The carrot at the end of the stick is that we're always mediocre, then show glimmers of hope, maybe make the playoffs one year, then go back to being mediocre, then have signs of hope and so on. We're never terrible outright, but this season begs to differ.

    I want Jerry Jones to just sell the team or step down as GM and hire a proper President of Football Operations and just let grown ups who know what they're doing run the franchise. Like how did he keep Jason Garret for 7 years and hires a new coach without a job hunt — just a grown man sleepover in the off season...

  • Btw

    RIP Maradona

    Youtube Video

  • @dipset So funny how when we were born changes our views on this stuff. I still associate the Cowboys with the 90s teams and feel like that's who the Cowboys truly are. It's probably the same with the Avs. You might only just remember their last cup run and had to live through the post-Roy/Sakic/Forsberg years but for me, the Avalanche are a historically good team. I bet kids today even think the Red Wings are a sure thing lottery team and don't remember them basically not being able to lose for nearly 20 years. TL;DR: fuck I'm getting old.

    But yeah, Jerry Jones is a tit.

  • @phbz And heeeeere come the England supporters

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I barely remember the good ol Cowboys, just some of the Emmitt Smith years in the late-90s but I was pretty little then.

    I definitely remember the good years with the Avalanche, but the mid-2000s was painful. I also remember all the good Lakers years but also the bad ones. But yeah, basically most of my life I can only recall terrible Dallas Cowboys and it hurts me to no end. I assume this pain is worse than childbirth.