• Everyone in my family was either a swimmer or a diver; I was a diver for 16 years (5-21). It got me into college, gave me a crazy widespread group of friends, and, unfortunately, ruined my body. I've had chronic injuries since I was 13, and will be dealing with them for probably the rest of my life. That said, I still miss it tremendously, and follow it closely. I also follow swimming very closely, since that's what my siblings and most of my friends from college did (swimming and diving is a joint team like Track and Field, with way more swimmers than divers). Other than that, I used to follow baseball, but haven't followed pro-baseball in years (my family is full of crazy Mets fans, though). Still keep up with my college's baseball team, though, since I had a lot of friends on that team as well.

  • We'll definitely make a new thread for the FIFA World Cup next summer, but here are the eight groups after the final draw that just took place in Russia. I'd say they're all pretty interesting. Maybe a stand-out one is Group B with the three neighbours Portugal, Spain and Morocco, which seems funny geographically speaking.

    alt text

  • We (France) have got an interesting group!

    Australia should be an easy win, but they're the kind of physical and tenacious team that can easily hold us to a 0-0 draw, especially since it'll be the first match, they'll go all out.

    Peru is arguably the easiest team we could have gotten from Pot 2 (except maybe Switzerland), so we can't complain there, but it'll also be a tricky match.

    Finally, Denmark will be an opportunity to get revenge for 2002, they've got a top player in Eriksen and they're very solid collectively, so our forwards will have to be inspired! Hopefully we don't need a win when we play them, otherwise we could easily get sucked in and get hit by counter-attacks.

    Apart from that, most groups seem pretty even, it's going to be fun! Can't wait for England to draw 0-0 against Panama! ;)

  • I’m insanely into football.
    The Australian one.
    The Australian one with the crazy rules.
    The Australian one with the crazy rules that isn’t rugby.
    Gah just google “Australian rules football” it should come up.

    It’s nuts, the people who run the sport are bloody useless, the rules for whatever reason change on a yearly basis, and the vast majority of fans are the Australian equivalent of rednecks. That being said I can name far too many of the ~750 people currently playing in the AFL to be considered healthy, and I love it.

  • Speaking of Olympic weightlifting, the Weightlifting World Championships are currently happening in Anaheim. Though many of the "best" teams have been banned for doping this year (a nuclear option exercised because it's at risk of being dropped from the Olympics), and non-tainted favourite North Korea didn't enter for political reasons, there's still plenty of good competition. The heavyweights are lifting the next two days.

    Watch in the U.S. on ESPN3, and in Canada and Japan on DAZN. Streams of the "B" sessions and a complete list of international broadcasters are available on the organizing committee's site.

    Schedule (pacific time):

    alt text

  • Any interest in Formula One here? I could create a thread for it, as the new season starts in less than two weeks.

  • I grew up watching a ton of sports. Very into hockey, basketball, football, wwe, boxing, everything!

    As an adult... no time!! BUT, I literally screamed at my TV in hype when Kobe Bryant won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. I'm a HUGE Kobe fan.

    I used to watch Indy cars/F1 because my Zio and father are into it but I don't even know how to get into it anymore. If somebody can guide me, I'd be grateful. Stations, the days, what to look out for. I'm half Italian so caring about F1 is sorta in my blood. I even have a retired pro drag racer in my family.

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    @sentinel-beach YES! I am so hyped! The testing had some interesting results and by the looks of it, we might have a very interesting top 3 teams this year. I'd say it really deserves its own thread over the season. I will follow every practice/qualy/race closely.

  • Ho-Ho-Hockeyfan here! :)
    I tend to follow my SHL team Linköpings HC the most, my favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators.
    I sporadically follow NHL. Since staying up so late, the time difference can really screw up my days, especially if it's a game played on the west coast :b
    I watch some MMA (UFC) and Football (soccer) from time to time. Mostly national soccer games/events.

    Come winter/summer Olympics time i usually dont miss much, i keep the streams running all night/day :) Go Sweden!

  • Champions League final. I feel so bad for Karius. :( It'll take a while until he gets through this. And Salah got injured, hopefully he can play for Egypt in a few weeks. Bale's first goal was unbelievably pretty.

  • @sentinel-beach Liverpool started the game very well, but they lost the momentum quickly after Salah left. Congrats to Real Madrid! Third UCL in a row, what a team.

  • As a Welsh man i’ll Be the first to say we get a little over excited about Bale at times.

    But that goal top notch! They just don’t get better than that.

  • As an avid hater of everything Real Madrid I'm pretty bummed right now, and this was the third UCL final I didn't watch in a row, simply because I don't want to see them celebrate in case they do win (yeah I know I'm a bad loser).

    But man I'm heartbroken for Salah, I was confident that with him Egypt would be able to pull through their group alongside Uruguay, but now I imagine it will be a very fierce contest between them and Russia(plus referees)


  • Ya, as a Liverpool fan, pretty gutted with that one. Just one of those nights where I think both teams were relatively even but things just went against us with Salah getting injured early and two terrible mistakes. It was pretty incredible that we made it to the final and I think there is reason to be optimistic but right now, pretty disappointed.

    And yes, that Bale goal was incredible.

  • @tokeeffe9 I haven't followed the premier in a while and I didn't see many matches of Liverpool in the UCL, but seeing their recent history it makes me think that Klopp is just that much of a genious to be able to get this team to the final, similar to how it was with Borussia.

  • @bard91 There's some truth in that. For sure he does an excellent job at improving players and he clearly has an identity which is excellent but the Liverpool team is a good one. It's just seriously lacking in depth.

    Hopefully that's addressed this year.

  • Game 1 in what has to be the least predicted Stanley Cup finals ever. I'll be happy with either team winning but I feel like I'm pulling just a little bit more for Washington. The media here in Canada has always been hard on Ovechkin and compared him to Crosby - even though they play different positions and totally different styles. But I digress, HOCKEEEEEEY!!

  • Big MMA fan and I enjoy the NFL a bunch.

    Favorite team is Atlanta.

    Favorite fighter of all time is Anderson Silva.

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    @tokeeffe9 Yeah Im surprised how well Liverpool kinda has turned around and despite loosing the final I think we should be happy they made it.. but yeah still kinda sucks.

  • @lotias Well they've already signed Fabinho from Monaco which seems like a really good signing. So hopefully this continues!