• Total insanity out there, I agree. In both games. Even more so in the latter one. But in general: So. Many. Goals. Goals everywhere. And the grit of both Croatia and Switzerland, getting to even scores like that. The shoot-out was nerve-wrecking, as they always are. And of course the one who fails to score is the one who's failed the whole tournament at that. That's a football story right there.

  • I'm so fucking mad at the French team, especially the defense. How do you lead 3-1 and let them come back? It's unacceptable, they got fucking complacent, they thought they were already through, and here we are.

    Kudos to the Swiss they fully deserve it, they never took anything for granted unlike us. Maybe France should focus more on fighting til the end than on rehearsing their dumbass goal celebrations next time...

  • @axel I was never cheering for this France squad but after that celebration, I was all in on Switzerland. Obviously thinks the game is over so takes the time to try and build his brand. Pretty much sums up how ‘tortoise and the hare’ this game was.

  • Bad game. Both teams were terrible in the final third until England finally broke through. England players feigning injury when Germany built momentum. I will say both teams' back 3 looked great until the two goals and Havertz is a way more technically talented player than I thought. It WAS pretty cool to see the camera shaking from how nuts the crowd was going. Props to England, I think they were and are the better team and good to see Grealish get in and make an impact. Hopefully the second game delivers but I'm not holding my breath.

  • So strange that everyone from the group of death is out.

  • Germany's out, and I'm out of favourites to cheer. Havertz was a great new face to me (I basically only follow these big tournaments).

    Out of the eight teams that are left now I'll jump on Italy's bandwagon, I think. Both Switzerland and Ukraine will be underdogs in their next games, so they get my two thumbs up. And out of that fourth one Denmark deserves some Nordic brotherly love.


  • Anyone but England lord, please lord!

  • @phbz I concur. We'll have to listen to them blathering on about it for the next 50 years.

  • I guess I'll cheer for the Czechs from now on, it's kind of my second home!

    But this is Belgium's best chance to win it at this point, if they get past Italy they will definitely have what it takes, would be deserved after so many close calls in the past years.

    Also if you enjoy some drama, here's France for you:

    Sorry it's in French but basically that's Rabiot's mum after the game, trashing the parents of Mbappé for missing his penalty, and apparently she also clashed with Pogba's family earlier on. She's a total Karen and has stirred shit for Rabiot his entire career in every club he's been, at this point she's a minor celebrity in France for all the wrong reasons.

  • @axel if she didn’t want to see Mbappe miss that pk, she probably should have told her son to put it between the sticks in regulation time. Not to blame him, they were screamers but he missed just as much as Mbappe.

  • Nobody cheering for Italia huh? I see what it is...


  • @dipset I think Italy has been the best team in the Euros so far but I can not cheer for them because I'm Belgian XD

    Atmoshpere is crazy here because there are a lot of Italians living in my city. A lot of houses with both the Italian and Belgian flags.

  • Oooooooh man, I could never cheer for Switzerland but that has to be the most heart-breaking way to lose. Seemed like the story had to go the other way but here we are. They should have gone through and will likely not be remembered but what an effort over the last 2 games.

  • @neocweeny said in Sports?:

    I think Italy has been the best team in the Euros so far but I can not cheer for them because I'm Belgian XD

    My condolences. :-|

  • Great game between Italy and Belgium. It would be fair either way.

  • Italy deserved to win. The whole Euros we never were as good as we were at the World Cup 2018.

    It's sad because it was probably the last chance for Belgium to finally get a price until we have a new "golden generation" in 20 something years.

  • I was disappointed with Italy today. The game could go either way but I always felt like Spain was much more dominant.

    Congratulations to Italy, now don't fuck this up damn it!