• Come on Italy. England are under pressure.

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  • Happy for Italy and for England having another epic loss on their curriculum but sad for some of the English players that will get a lot of abuse.

    Great Euro! Now the Olympics.

  • @phbz said in Sports?:

    Great Euro! Now the Olympics.

    You can call it the Olympics, but it's a glorified workout session with nobody there to see it.

  • Man United losing 5-0 at home is something I could watch every day

  • This article is both sad and funny for all of the wrong reasons:

    SportsNet - Hockey officials ask: Is the Chinese men's team too bad for the Olympics?



    • In most international sporting guidelines, the host country automatically qualifies to enter competition.

    • However, Ice Hockey is a "full contact" sport, meaning you can legally use significant physical force against your opponent to gain an advantage. This means you can get hurt if you don't know what you are doing.

    • Ice Hockey is unpopular in China, so government officials scouted worldwide to find men with Chinese ancestry who are capable of playing hockey. They assembled a 32 man roster for the Olympics. Most of these men are Canadian or American.

    • NOW, the IIHF (hockey governing body) have concerns that China will get slaughtered on home ice so they have set up a benchmark match between the Chinese Men's national team and a KHL Russian Professional team (with a losing record).

    • IIHF has no power to make China pull out of the Olympics' and I somehow doubt they will do that, despite the likely embarrassment on ice.

    • China would be in the same group as Canada and the USA which have the best players in the world. It stands to be an absolute slaughter.


    I did some research on the potential Chinese roster. So, one of their better players in 37 years old. The list of likely roster has the tallest player being 6ft and their shortest being 5ft 5in. Most people are around 5ft 7in.

    The heaviest is 90kg (197lbs), and the lightest is 57kg (125lbs - WOW). I would assume everybody from the NHL would be around 5'11 or 6' and 200-215lbs.

    Not saying anybody is going to try to harm the Chinese team physically, but anything can happen at that full speed and full contact.

  • @dipset There are so many things to laugh at here. China trying to Arab prince a team (with the minor caveat that all players must be nationals) in 7 years. This team having to go up against the two biggest, baddest teams in international hockey, on the biggest stage, on home ice. Brandon Yip still playing hockey.

    And I feel zero guilt laughing at this. These are grown-ups who play hockey so it's not like it's Squid Game or something, they know what they're signing up for. Plus imagine what it'll be like to see McDavid skating against these guys.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    First of all, I'll take no Brandon Yip slander (lol), but 100% agree.

    If you read about China's goal with this Olympics, they essentially say "to get one goal and try hard".

    A) They can die
    B) They can get very physically harmed
    C) They won't get a goal

    They also compare this event with the 1984 Men's Basketball debut where China got slaughtered but it brought attention to the sport in China. It doesn't work that way in hockey—it's full contact.

    And what does the IIHF do when somebody gets crushed? You can't bend the rules to say, "no checking against China please gentlemen."


    In 2015, I went to Czech Republic for vacation and watched Team Canada destroy Belarus 10-0 in the Men's World Championship. That was in May with the NHL playoffs still ongoing. So a weakened Team Canada still crushed an established team.

    A full NHL squad is going to absolutely demolish China. China thinks they might lose 8-0, but I am predicting at least 5 goals from McDavid, McKinnon, and Crosby each. Wouldn't be surprised if Tom Wilson kills someone.

  • @dipset Please don't tell me they are looking at taking Tom Wilson.

    I think players will quickly get an idea of how little competition they are facing and adjust accordingly. It's probably in China's best interest to go down 2 early so Canada/USA cool off a bit and don't throw any huge hits to build momentum. Even so, I think going into a game against China, other teams won't be super interested in playing physically simply due to the risk of hurting themselves.

    Now, that all goes out the window if they take Tom Wilson.

  • That Mexico vs Canada World Cup Qualifier match last night was honestly one of my favourite international soccer matches. It felt like we won the World Cup. I feel like it was a really historical sporting moment for us. Top of the charts!

    The atmosphere was one thing—and shout out to the Edmontonian's who showed up in -14 degrees Celsius. I assume MORE people would've shown up had the roads not been dangerous.

    But on top of that, it was just an aggressive game. Canada started a bit slow and Davies struggled with the Mexican d-line but it was an all out blitz for about 75% of the match. It could've been 3-0 if the refs weren't completely inept. Concacaf officiating man... where do they find these people? I also loved how it got a bit chippy at the end. Ol time soccer or whatever the saying is.

    If Canada can beat a 10th ranked country, we can get our first World Cup match victory. I'm extremely excited. Great time to be a Canadian with Italian heritage. I have two horses in this race.

  • @dipset It's so crazy. Top of the group, 6 games left and only one against the US and none against Mexico. Being a Vancouver sports fan, it's hard not to think they will fuck it all up but this team is actually legit. I don't think they'll be needing a coin toss to get through this time.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    They aren't going to choke. Some of these guys are in their prime and playing with a chip on their shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if they stumbled at least one game, but they aren't going to blow 4 in a row.

    My buddy works as an equipment manager for a few sports teams, Team Canada, and Canada NMT and he might join them for the March window. He told me Canada's goaltender caught him off guard one day because he was just smoking darts in the arena during or around practice once. That is pretty friggin uncommon in this cross-fit hyper healthy day and age of athletics haha.

  • With a lift of 267 kg (588.6 lb) at the IWF World Weightlifting Championships, Georgian weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze has broken the all-time clean & jerk (the heavier of the two Olympic weightlifting techniques, the lighter being the snatch) world record of 266 kg (586.4 lb) that has stood since 1988.

    It was an intense moment, as 2 of the 3 referees called no lift for a suspected elbow pressout, but the jury (correctly) overturned the call.

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  • this story is hilarious
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  • Good for Australia too. Optics world wide surrounding Covid were bad. Rich people who can afford their own tests are going cross country or even across the world while others have to stay home. The list of bad optics goes on.

    Playing internationally is a privilege and you need to respect the country you enter into like everybody else needs to.

  • On the flipside, he is the world's #1 player and the tournament's defending champion multiple years running. Winning isn't as much of an achievement if he's left out. Also;

    -it's been revealed that multiple other unnamed players successfully entered with exemptions before him
    -sporting events around the world are being held constantly, often with some minority of unvaccinated players and/or staff. Australia's hardline stance is the problem, not Djokovic.

  • @oscillator atm protests are happening in Australia to release Djokovic. our Australian government is saying that he's free to leave whenever he likes, he won't be allowed back in country for 3 years though because of this Visa bungle.

    this story is funny as and most people in Australia just think he's a total idiot. all of this drama could have easily all been avoided if he just got vaccinated but instead he's decided to make a big deal and fight the mandatory vaccination laws.

    Melbourne Australia was recently declared the #1 most locked down city in the world. and this rich millionare Tennis Player thinks he's above the rules and thinks he can just fly in and dodge the vaccine rules that the entire population of Melbourne has had to follow for the last 2 years now?

    yeah, no.
    we don't care how good at tennis you are. he needs to follow the same rules as everyone else here if he wants to come to our city and take part in our AUSTRALIAN tournament.

  • I must say, I'm loving it.

  • I wonder if Serbia is pissed enough to halt trade with Australia and kick out their diplomats...

  • @oscillator US and UK have got our backs. we'll be fine.