• With a lift of 267 kg (588.6 lb) at the IWF World Weightlifting Championships, Georgian weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze has broken the all-time clean & jerk (the heavier of the two Olympic weightlifting techniques, the lighter being the snatch) world record of 266 kg (586.4 lb) that has stood since 1988.

    It was an intense moment, as 2 of the 3 referees called no lift for a suspected elbow pressout, but the jury (correctly) overturned the call.

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  • this story is hilarious
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  • Good for Australia too. Optics world wide surrounding Covid were bad. Rich people who can afford their own tests are going cross country or even across the world while others have to stay home. The list of bad optics goes on.

    Playing internationally is a privilege and you need to respect the country you enter into like everybody else needs to.

  • On the flipside, he is the world's #1 player and the tournament's defending champion multiple years running. Winning isn't as much of an achievement if he's left out. Also;

    -it's been revealed that multiple other unnamed players successfully entered with exemptions before him
    -sporting events around the world are being held constantly, often with some minority of unvaccinated players and/or staff. Australia's hardline stance is the problem, not Djokovic.

  • @oscillator atm protests are happening in Australia to release Djokovic. our Australian government is saying that he's free to leave whenever he likes, he won't be allowed back in country for 3 years though because of this Visa bungle.

    this story is funny as and most people in Australia just think he's a total idiot. all of this drama could have easily all been avoided if he just got vaccinated but instead he's decided to make a big deal and fight the mandatory vaccination laws.

    Melbourne Australia was recently declared the #1 most locked down city in the world. and this rich millionare Tennis Player thinks he's above the rules and thinks he can just fly in and dodge the vaccine rules that the entire population of Melbourne has had to follow for the last 2 years now?

    yeah, no.
    we don't care how good at tennis you are. he needs to follow the same rules as everyone else here if he wants to come to our city and take part in our AUSTRALIAN tournament.

  • I must say, I'm loving it.

  • I wonder if Serbia is pissed enough to halt trade with Australia and kick out their diplomats...

  • @oscillator US and UK have got our backs. we'll be fine.

  • My opinion is that thousands of athletes, musicians, business people, and travelers all are in the same boat as Djokovic, but the onus is on the person entering the country to make sure they have a valid visa and such. This can all be corroborated before you even hit the border. The consequences of being denied at the border are also transparent. From my understanding of the story, he knowingly tried to oppose the rules.

    Now, I'm not defending these overly militarized and unhospitable border guards and airports that have plagued the planet since 2001. I absolutely hate that bullshit. But this, to me, isn't some aggressive abuse of power. It's just that someone's international work permit wasn't sorted out properly.

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  • such bullshit

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    i don't agree with anti vax protesters but this news basically just proves that you just need to be a rich celebrity in order to bypass government laws that the rest of us normal people have to abide by.

  • that's right GTFO outta here!!!!

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  • Well he's finally being deported
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