• My opinion is that thousands of athletes, musicians, business people, and travelers all are in the same boat as Djokovic, but the onus is on the person entering the country to make sure they have a valid visa and such. This can all be corroborated before you even hit the border. The consequences of being denied at the border are also transparent. From my understanding of the story, he knowingly tried to oppose the rules.

    Now, I'm not defending these overly militarized and unhospitable border guards and airports that have plagued the planet since 2001. I absolutely hate that bullshit. But this, to me, isn't some aggressive abuse of power. It's just that someone's international work permit wasn't sorted out properly.

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  • such bullshit

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    i don't agree with anti vax protesters but this news basically just proves that you just need to be a rich celebrity in order to bypass government laws that the rest of us normal people have to abide by.

  • that's right GTFO outta here!!!!

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  • Well he's finally being deported
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    I was 7 years old last time this happened. We're on a warpath. LFG!!

  • @dipset I'm rooting for you! Would love to see MacKinnon get a cup.

  • @dipset On the one hand, I now kind of understand why people older than me say they never feel bad for the Oilers because of the 80s. For as bad as the Avs were for a long time, winning the cup in their first year in Colorado and then going back and forth with Detroit and New Jersey for pretty much a decade thereafter, I do find it tough to appreciate their revival from the depths after they had already had so much success in my lifetime.

    On the other hand, this is a real tough group not to cheer for. I would have preferred to keep watch McDavid but Makar and MacKinnon is more than sufficient. Also, something I never thought I would say, I feel bad for Kadri if he doesn't make it back. He's been the non-idiot in the playoffs teams have needed him to be so it's a shame to see it might not be rewarded with playing in the finals.

    I hope the Lightning come out of the East. That would be an incredible finals and I'd be happy with the story when either team wins.

  • @capnbobamous @E_Zed_Eh_Intern

    Thanks for the support fellas.

    My butt was puckered up every single time McDavid touched the puck the whole series. Especially with a full tank of gas at the start of a game or in the 3rd in desperation mode. I think the Avalanche team is adaptable, but a lot of credit has to go to Coach Bednar for just setting those lines up right and having an NBA-like double team on McDavid when he got close to the net.

    Per the Avs success in our lifetimes, let's just say that their fall of the face of the Earth from 2006-2017 was long enough pain for me. I'd rather be a fan of a franchise that is known for continued excellence than one that has to suffer decades of misery to be celebrated for finally winning. As a Cowboys fan, I am getting to the end of my rope with their content mediocrity and I'm glad the Kronke family did the right thing by putting Joe Sakic in charge and just going hands off the business. In a sports industry plagued by nepotism, I think the Avs are run properly and that makes me happy as a fan.

    All this boring stuff aside, I don't care who the Avs play. I think they are on a warpath and their competition doesn't matter. I have a feeling a Colorado vs New York series will be great for TV ratings and kick off the next decade of NHL in America so I'll root for that matchup but I'm cool either way.


    Also, I'm gonna start a petition for Denver to build a gold statue of Sakic if we win everything.

    P.S. I've never been to Denver in my life...


    Not to get too sentimental but this win brought out the inner kid in me. The older you get, the harder it is to look up to people. Some of your hero's aren't great human beings. Sometimes life gets you down and you can't relate to rich millionaire athletes.

    But seeing Gabe Landeskog and Erik Johnson and other even older veterans hoist the Cup was really amazing for me. Some of the words they said afterwords about believing in yourself and supporting the people around you was special.

    But more than anything, it just brought be back to being a kid. I used to look up to the Colorado Avalanche of the 2000s. As a kid in Canada, hockey is life. Bringing it back to video games, I remember playing NHL 2001 with that insanely stacked roster and it's crazy to see how that team actually got better with time despite never winning again (until now). When we'd played ice hockey in a league or ball hockey at home, it was no question; the goalies looked up to Patrick Roy and the players all loved someone from the Avs- usually Sakic or Foresberg. I give bonus points to Jerome Iginla for being a legend from that era too and he eventually did become an Avalanche which was cool.

    But this 2022 team just tapped into my youthful love of hockey that I lost a bit over time. They had poise, an insane amount of skill, and of course, a good degree of class. I hope this team inspires the next generation of kids who grow up watching hockey.

    Now I can tell my future kids about 1996, 2001, AND 2022!

    Let's go!

  • @dipset Pretty crazy. I was hoping to see a 3peat but really had no horse in this. Congrats on seeing your team win a cup. Glad MacKinnon has finally won shit.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Thanks man! Somebody online posted that MacKinnon is apparently the first player who was drafted 1st overall in the 2010s to win a Stanley Cup. Kinda hard to believe, but then when I checked on Wikipedia, that draft decade has had a rough go at it (Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, McDavid, Matthews). Likewise, Rantonnen is the first player from the 2015 1st Round to win a Cup also.

    I feel like it took nearly a decade for this core group to come into it's own, so there is still time for McDavid/Nugent-Hopkins/Matthews to shine. That said, I hope the Avs don't make it easy on those guys for years to come.

  • I'm a qualified skydiver, so the main sports I follow are various disiplines of Skydiving, like Formation, FreeFly, Speed, and Indoor.