• @tokeeffe9 I haven't followed the premier in a while and I didn't see many matches of Liverpool in the UCL, but seeing their recent history it makes me think that Klopp is just that much of a genious to be able to get this team to the final, similar to how it was with Borussia.

  • @bard91 There's some truth in that. For sure he does an excellent job at improving players and he clearly has an identity which is excellent but the Liverpool team is a good one. It's just seriously lacking in depth.

    Hopefully that's addressed this year.

  • Game 1 in what has to be the least predicted Stanley Cup finals ever. I'll be happy with either team winning but I feel like I'm pulling just a little bit more for Washington. The media here in Canada has always been hard on Ovechkin and compared him to Crosby - even though they play different positions and totally different styles. But I digress, HOCKEEEEEEY!!

  • Big MMA fan and I enjoy the NFL a bunch.

    Favorite team is Atlanta.

    Favorite fighter of all time is Anderson Silva.

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    @tokeeffe9 Yeah Im surprised how well Liverpool kinda has turned around and despite loosing the final I think we should be happy they made it.. but yeah still kinda sucks.

  • @lotias Well they've already signed Fabinho from Monaco which seems like a really good signing. So hopefully this continues!

  • @tokeeffe9 The good thing, as a Liverpool fan who can probably remember 2005, is that nobody can ever take that away from you.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern That is very true. Obviously that was incredible and I've seen plenty of good things as a Liverpool fan so can't complain too much.

  • Gonna revive this thread because it's NHL playoff time. Penguins are already out in 4, which is one thing, but the real story is Blue Jackets/Lightning. The Lightning this season tied the NHL record for most wins (62) and were heavily expected to curbstomp the Blue Jackets considering they only barely made it into the playoffs at all and have never won a playoff series period. The fact that they just got swept by said Blue Jackets is probably going to go down in the history books as one of the biggest upsets in sports playoffs history period.

  • @hanabi This was a pretty insane night for the NHL. I was just talking with friends wondering how many more kicks this Penguins team has at a playoff run. I wonder if they will do anything drastic in the off season.

    That Lightning/Jackets series I just don't know what to say. So awesome for CBJ to finally get their first playoff series win and to get it over a record-breaking team with a sweep? All the better. Sliver of silver lining for Tampa: Stamkos's goal was ridiculous.

    Other notes: glad to see Washington doing well but Carolina going through wouldn't offend me, I was a fan of the Surge. I really hope that Svechnikov kid is ok. All the series besides the two sweeps seem to be shaping up well so buckle up.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'd prefer if Carolina won this series, but then again I am a Canes fan so...

    I'm pretty sure Svechnikov is out for at the very least the next game. Probably the rest of the series. I hope he's fine but at the same time, I don't know what he was thinking picking a fight with Ovechkin. I guess it lit a fire under his team's ass since they wound up winning that game 5-0 but still.

  • This NHL playoff season has been insane. Pretty much all of my predictions have been wrong, and I'm loving it. As a Kings fan it's kind of bittersweet because they didn't even make it (and then got fucked in the draft lottery), but it's also kind of nice because I get to just enjoy the game.

  • @capnbobamous totally! There's a different kind of enjoyment when you don't have any skin in the game and it doesn't affect your mood no matter who loses - for the most part. I was a diehard Canucks fan until about 2010 and then absolutely jumped back on the bandwagon for 2011. Ever since, though, I've never really had a team and just love to see good hockey...especially when it involves the Kings losing. Though I do love Anze.

    The east is looking nuts. This Columbus team is starting to remind me of those 2012 Kings. Islanders are no joke. Canes might run it all the way back and I have no clue what to think about Boston Toronto.

    Where did the Kings fandom come from? You from LA? Gretz fan? Kurri? Robitaille? Sandstrom?? Hrudey?!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Sports?:

    Where did the Kings fandom come from?

    Been living in the LA area my whole life, though I will say there was a very short time when I was an Anaheim fan. It's funny because hockey isn't super big over here, but my dad was a huge Robitaille fan and used to play back in the day, so I was just sort of raised in the culture.

    Ever since 2015 it has sucked being a Kings fan, but I gotta hold out. Plus, as long as San Jose loses I'm happy.

  • Just wanted to mention that the champions league has been fantastic this year and the match between Man City and Spurs was phenomenal. Just had so many crazy moments.

  • @capnbobamous 2 cups in 3 years vs 0 cups in almost 50 years. You'll be alright.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern ouch yeah that's rough. At least with the Kings we suck so bad that the GM is making some major calls. I don't know if the same has happened with y'all.

  • I'm an Avalanche fan but I haven't watched NHL in forever. Every team relying on boring ass dump n chase and the awful broadcasting turned me off the entire league during my entire time at university. I just wouldn't make time for it.

    Now that Avs are in the playoffs and looking good, I decided to check the games out and they've been really exciting. I live in Toronto and can't stand delusional Leafs fans who support a team they can't even afford to go see play live. With the arena that has cocktail bars where people in suits socialize all game and take up seats from actual fans, I hope they lose horribly.

  • @dipset Vancouver is basically the same. If you get gifted lower bowl seats, you feel uncomfortable being a sports fan.

    And luckily the dump and chase has been mostly dead for a few years now.

  • Premier League's fastest goal ever. It's quite ridiculous.