• I know being a sports fan is kind of a joke in the gaming community, but some sports are fun to watch. What sports do you watch?

    I personally am mainly an Olympic sport fan. The Olympics are my jam and you would not believe how excited I am for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I've already requested days off of work to watch the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and all my favorite events. I can afford to take those days off because I've saved all my vacation days for this very purpose. That's right, didn't use Vacation days when I visited Los Angeles for E3, but the Winter Olypics? You better believe I'm taking those days off.

    My Favorite Sports Are:

    Figure Skating (All Disciplines: Singles, Pairs, and Ice Dancing): My favorite skaters are the Shibutani siblings, Ashley Wagner, Yulia Lipnitskaya, and Kim Yuna.
    Ashley Wagner's 2016 World Championship SP
    Shibutani's 2017 Nationals SD

    Snowboarding (All Events, I mainly watch women's though):
    2014 Olympic Slopestyle

    Volleyball (Indoor)
    USA vs. Korea

    Rhythmic Gymnastics (All Events)
    2012 Group All Around Qualification

    Gymwheel (All Events)
    Straight Line

  • Triathlon
    IndyCar (the whole season, not just the Indianapolis 500)
    NHRA Top Fuel (occasionally)
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Ski jumping/flying (go Noriaki Kasai!)
    Downhill skiing (go Aksel Lund Svindal!)
    Olympic weightlifting
    The "field" portion of track and field
    Tour de France
    Men's gymnastics

  • I used to be huge into rugby when I was younger because I played it in high school, but now all I watch is UFC because of conor McGregor and me being Irish, however I try not to be just a McGregor fan and have made an effort to watch weekly fights and stuff.

  • Formula 1

    • As a Finn it's great that there's both Räikkönen and Bottas in there, and in top cars even. Next year's propably the last for Kimi, so that'll be extra special.

    UEFA Champions League

    • Top class European football. I don't need to see every game, but I'm really interested in it anyway. Watch a lot of the later games especially.

    Finnish ice hockey and football

    • There's a hometown team at the highest level in both sports, so there's interest from me.


    • Both summer and winter. I just love huge events like this when you know that practically the whole world is watching the same thing. The spirit of olympics is unique, I find myself watching even the weirdest sports and enjoying it.

    FIFA World Cup & UEFA European Championship

    • These are mandatory to watch. I'm not the biggest football fan, but again, when the event gets big enough something takes over me and I'm all in. A month full of football, games everyday, teams from around the world facing each others. Simply the best.

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    Im not much into sport in General. However there are a few things I follow.

    Forumla 1
    I grew up watching this and Ive always been weak for engine sport and racing. However, the speed, the beautiful cars and awesome drives keeps me coming back. I hope that Marcus Ericsson gets a contract for next year as well as a better car than he have had so far so he can put in more of a fight.

    Raceing in general
    There is only so many hours in a day. But I do tend to at least read about classes etc. Mainly Rally Cross, DTM and I try to watch the 24 hour le mans as its a classic.

    Even though Im not the greatest fan of sports, I love the whole spirit of the olympics, I do prefer the winters to the summers though as Sweden are better performers there.

    I want to put in esports here, but that might be a little silly as its about games in a games forum :3

  • I'm not much for sports but I grew up in a home where College Basketball was on TV pretty regularly so if I ever get the itch to actually watch something sports related or play a sports game it's usually basketball related.

  • I love Football/Soccer more than video games, i watch almost all of my team( Manchester United) game and i schedule my life around them.

  • For me, college level athletics, with a primary skew towards football and basketball (sometimes, mmmmaaayyyybbbbeeee baseball). I can never really get into pro level stuff, though there are stories from time to time that I appreciate like the last two world series champions, or the NFL Draft.

    While football maybe my chosen sport, my absolute favorite event is the NCAA tournament in March, ESPECIALLY the first two days, when there are four televised games at once at four different blocks. That's a lot of elimination basketball, and when a school that's given no-shot to win upsets a big time program, it's just the best.

  • @Brannox Got a favorite team? I was born and raised UK here but my brother's more of a UL guy.

  • I love the energy, flair, and personalities that thrive in the NBA. I greatly respect the technical prowess and cooperation of college basketball, but the incredible athleticism that it requires to outmaneuver several defenders, drive to the hoop, and slam down a flashy dunk in the professional setting is a spectacle to witness. Favorite team: San Antonio Spurs. Favorite player: Kawhi Leonard.

  • I watch football, soccer (football), baseball, sailing, the Olympics, and Boxing / MMA occasionally.

    I am currently planning to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as it's a convergence of some of my all-time favorite things:

    Going to Tokyo
    Watching the Olympics

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  • @DeweyDTruman That would be king losers Florida State, and the place investigated for everything Auburn. Oh and EVERYONE that plays Florida, Miami, USC, and Ohio State. Except when they play each other. Then I hope for a draw.

  • My avatar pretty much gives it away, but I'm a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs/Hockey fan ever since I was about 8 years old. Love watching it, love playing it.


  • @TokyoSlim said in Sports?:

    I am currently planning to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,

    Me too, hopefully.

  • I'm a qualified skydiver, so the main sports I follow are various disiplines of Skydiving, like Formation, FreeFly, Speed, and Indoor.

    I also do my best to follow my home football team, Blackpool, but I haven't been to a match for ages due to the Oyston Boycott. I really hope that changes soon now that BFC has been put up for sale.

  • I follow quite a few sports!

    • WWE
      I'll get this one out of the way, we already have a topic for it and one could argue it's not real sports. I do watch UFC too once in a while.

    • Football
      And by this I mean soccer. Big big fan of the sport, I constantly follow the exploits and disappointments of my French hometown 2nd division team, as well as the top tier European leagues, Champions League, and international competitions. Now that I live in Asia it makes it really hard to catch a game live though, so I mostly have to watch highlights, which sucks immensely. I still stay up until 4am sometimes to watch important games. I also play FIFA regularly with some colleagues and used to have countless tournaments with friends back in the day.

    • Rally (WRC)
      On and off because it's not easily accessible, but I find it a lot more entertaining to watch than Formula 1. My love for the sport actually started with games like Colin McRae Rally or Rallisport Challenge. I bought Dirt Rally too but it's way too hardcore for me, I suck at it.

    • Tennis
      Again I don't follow tennis regularly but once in a while, during grand slams for example, I get caught up in it again. Spending the entire day in front of the TV during Roland-Garros is a strong French tradition!

    • Ice Hockey
      I only started watching ice hockey a few years ago, influenced by my Czech friends, and it's a lot of fun! I only watch the Ice Hockey World Championships each year, not NHL or any other domestic league. France is not exactly a powerhouse but it's fun in its own way, constantly rooting for the underdogs and being happy with just not being last!

  • @Oscillator It's gonna be fun. And insane in a way that only Tokyo can deliver. Self driving taxis!

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    Oh yeah, also I tend to kinda follow Rugby as well since I moved to the UK. I mean like the main sports events. Its a nice mix of lunacy and brain damage. I didnt understand it too much until a couple of friends guided me through a match.

    However, Cricket are on of those sports I'll never understand.

  • @Lotias Yeah I don’t really get it either. When I was in middle school I was friends with an exchange student from the UK who loves cricket. She tried to explain it to me but I could never understand further than “team golf on horses”.

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    @michemagius Haha yeah! also who in their right mind wants to play a game that goes on for 6 days? I have had multiple people trying to explain it to me, but its just too much! with ropes, rounds and what not! I've given up and will focus on sports I enjoy instead haha