• All England final in Champions League AND Europa League - as predicted by Nostradamus in 2012 as he flew over the icy hills of hell on his pet pig, Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Ice hockey world championship started in Bratislava, Slovakia today. And the Finnish team without practically any NHL players this time around beat team Canada, sweet.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Back on an Italy and Czech Republic summer vacation in 2015, I saw an IIHF World Championship game in Prague. I think it was Canada vs Belarus. It was pretty much pond hockey for team Canada so the players weren't celebrating too much and neither were the Canadian fans, but those Belarus fans were insane chanting the whole game. It was a really fun experience to see how much everybody was loving it. I got baseball in Japan type of energy from the Belarus fans.

    Then afterwards we watched the Czech game with the Czech fans in the beer garden and that shit was even more mental than inside the arena itself. I wanna say it was CR vs USA and both countries turned out hard. I get why international sports get serious and bring out the fans, but I didn't know anybody actually cared about IIHF thaaaaaat much.

    It was a good time.

  • @dipset I don't know if this is a fair assesment, but it sounds like what you generally see in terms of passion from Europeans vs American fans in general, or fans from most other regions really. At least for football (soccer) and basketball, which are the two I can speak for it is always the case that Europeans (and Latin American) show a lot more energy than US (and Canadian) fandom.

  • @dipset Most European hockey countries seem to get way into the World Championships and Spengler Cup. I suppose both of them occurring during the NHL season (WC during the playoffs, no less) doesn't help generate North American interest. With NHLers out of the Olympics (for now), it would be cool if the World Championships could be during NHL off season so it might grow in popularity here and players might become more keen to participate. Then we might actually get an international best-on-best tournament again, rather than teams having to pick from who's out of the playoffs AND willing to join.

  • @bard91 100% agree - or at least from my limited experience. North American fans are capable of getting hype for moments but songs etc. have been few and far between from what I've seen. I remember going to a Rangers game at Ibrox some years ago and the entire match people were up singing songs about Celtic - against whom they were NOT playing. I recently saw a video of a basketball crowd in Europe compared to an American one, it was funny. They just do fandom right over there. Minus the violence.

  • @sentinel-beach Finland came close to taking another one today. Sorry to see them ultimately fall to the US but wins over Canada and Slovakia still have them in a real good spot. I hope they can keep it up!

    Canada has the host Slovakia today and I almost hope they lose just for the home crowd (almost).

  • Hmmmmm we take our sports really serious over here, but we have all of the pro leagues and more. Usually the international games aren't as high caliber so we don't care unless its for unfettered patriotism like the Olympics. I still don't care about the Olympics but everybody else does for 2 weeks. Then suddenly everybody roots for their great great grandma's home nation.

    I think we're spoiled though. We have EVERYTHING in the major cities. Not just sports. Plus a place like Prague makes it easy to go see a game with their modern subway system and all. I can't help but be annoyed with our slow ass public transit just to see a team shit the bed. Spend all day commuting, pay and arm and a leg just to see a blowout baseball game. Hard to be excited for that. I live in walking distance so its a non-issue now but I didn't always have that.

    That's just my 2 cents.

  • So the Penguins were swept by the Islanders who were swept by the Hurricanes who were swept by the Bruins. I guess (hope) the Bruins will get swept in the finals.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I sure hope so. Boston wins championships about as often as I get oil changes I swear.

    I want to be upset about that sweep but in all sincerity getting to the ECF at all was a minor miracle for the Hurricanes so I'm glad for that at least. I think next year they'll show up again, and probably not as a wild card.

  • Weirdest of weird, Finals loses to Germany and Canada beats the states so Canada finishes tops in Group A. Canada gets Switzerland in the quarters (always a scary game) and Finland has to prepare for an unfamiliar foe in's too bad they're meeting so early and one will have to go home. Should be a damn good game though with Pettersson and Kakko.

  • Yeah, the Germany game didn't look too good for us. And now it'll be the Nordic classic, FIN - SWE. Our dear neighbor we have this eternal weird attitude towards in ice-hockey. Like it'll always be the absolute worst if it's Sweden who beats us in the crucial games. I'm predicting a huge viewer count tomorrow.

  • Well that was a game to remember! Holy shit. We did it.

  • @sentinel-beach Wow! Both Canada and Finland with insane late comebacks. Congrats! Never hurts to see the States lose either. All in all, a good day at the WHC.

  • It's on to the finals, babyhhhh! Goddammit, the last 10 minutes were insane. Lankinen was on fire!

  • @sentinel-beach hopefully see you there! Although that Russia team was way more stacked than this Canadian team so I don't like our chances. Not to mention the previous loss. Normally, I would say a wager is in order but I don't know how people across the planet from eachother would do that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Well you did it as well, it'll be a rematch. And we'll beat you again, hohoo! ;)

    Maybe the loser could have to make an appreciation thread here or something. "Ten reasons why Finland/Canada is a better country than Canada/Finland"? With as earnest or as ridiculous things as one likes listed. I don't know. :)

  • @sentinel-beach I very much love that. Shake

  • Surreal feeling in Toronto tonight since we made it to the NBA Finals for the first time ever. THOUSANDS flooded the streets for hours before the game even started. Now it’s an endless party. Horns honking, people cheering. Toronto is just one city but the whole entirety of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, multiple cities with millions of people) is celebrating. You physically can’t even drive right now. Thousands at the arena but tens of thousands across multiple cities freaking out about the win. It’s unreal.

    To top it all off, I made $330 betting on this game. I can’t believe I’m saying this but GO RAPTORS

  • Marko "MÖRKÖ" Anttila! Kevin Lankinen! Jukka Jalonen the God Tier Coach! What an intense game. Holy shit, the third time ever for us! And with what a team, nobody expected this from this "nameless" team this year. Amazing. These last three games especially.