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    I’ve played hockey my whole life and been in my fair share of scraps so I “get” it. I just think sometimes these guys should look at things in context. I’m all for defending your captain so kick the ass of Chiarot who laid a big hit on him, but not necessarily Perry who accidentally injured him.


    My Dad was a Nordiques fan with Peter Stasny so as a baby he’s the type of guy to buy Nordiques baby jumpers and stuff. Then it became Avalanche from there.

    In Ontario back in the 2000s, a lot of kids were Avs fans. A lot of Leafs fans IN Toronto but basically anywhere outside of there and it’s a free for all. That 90-2000s Avs was STACKED, so lots of kids were fans.

  • @dipset sorry, I was being sarcastic. I think the whole code in hockey is ridiculous. Drives me nuts when pundits say if you take out fighting, dirty players will take more liberties.

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    Oh sorry I honestly didn’t sense the sarcasm through text. But I love hockey, fighting is fun to watch, but it’s also just so dumb sometimes and I think this was one of those cases.

    I think of those old MLB managers that are trying to gatekeep the old stuffy rules while the young players break them all and I wonder if the NHL will have its moment too where the dumb parts of “the code” are left in the dust.

    Personally, I never liked fighting in youth hockey and stuff. I never went 1 on 1 like they do in the NHL it’s mostly just kids all throwing fists and tackling cause of a dirty hit or something and it isn’t like it ever resolved much. Just made the kids do more dirty hits cause they were mad.

  • @dipset Ahh the ol' bandwagon...

    Jk I was the same as a kid, except I jumped on the Ducks bandwagon, infuriating my Kings fan father. I eventually turned around to become a Kings fan, but that little Ducks fan in me is still there.

  • @capnbobamous Ducks fan til 2012, Kings thereafter? :P

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    I’ve stuck with Avs my whole life (even the dark times when they sucked and I had >2mbps to bootleg and old illegal satellite went away) but nothing wrong with rooting for a few cool teams here and there. I loved playing as the Ducks in NHL 03 (aka Mighty Ducks of Anaheim).

    Steadily growing franchise too. Now is a good of time as any to hop on the bandwagon before the rebuild.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern hahaha nope, around 2010. Only a couple years short of being called a fake fan for the rest of my life.

    @DIPSET If somebody jumps on the Ducks bandwagon now, they have my utmost respect, because the wheels have completely fallen off. When the Kings are doing better than you, you know times are tough (though with our prospect lineup and potential getting of Eichel or Reinhart, hopefully the Kings won't be the measurement for failure much longer.)

  • So these Avalanche...

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    That was a beating and a half and I couldn't be happier.

    But the back half of that game had a bad-90s hockey vibe that just wasn't necessary. Tbh, I think Graves hit was slightly late, but my peewee checking clinic when I was 10 years old taught me you are allowed to finish your check if you're already in stride and they also told us to keep our heads up. He got the minor, but I don't really think it was a dirty hit tbh.

    The retaliations were too much. The game wasn't even completely lost at that point but Vegas gave up and went goon mode.


    I kinda hope the Leafs lose tonight. I was rooting for them, but they can't get anything going in this series and they look kinda pitiful. If they make it through to Round 2, I hope Winnipeg wins. Leafs, Habs, and Jets will all get mopped up by Bruins or Islanders imo (I thiiiiink Canadian teams play either of those teams in Round 3).

  • Yeah now that the Penguins are out I'm rooting for the Knights to win the cup, but even I have to admire how great the Avs were. That's a hell of a tone setter. Hope the Knights can come back from it.

  • Oh man, the Canadian media was all about Oilers-Leafs in the second round. Then the Oilers got swept while the Leafs went up 3-1. Toronto media was so hyped...then the Leafs blew it and lost in game 7. This is a wonderful feeling.

  • I’ll never get tired of the whole of the GTA lose their collective minds when the Leafs blow yet another season. I honestly don’t know why they still support a greedy poorly managed franchise that continues to lose for 50 years.

    It’s like they get annual amnesia and forget that their team isn’t that good. The top line has one collective goal in 7 games and these Leafs fans still think they will win the Cup.


  • So these Golden Knights...

  • Regardless of who ends up winning, this has been a very entertaining series. The writing was on the wall for the Knights after the first game. Certainly didn't expect this.

  • UEFA EURO 2020 starts tomorrow on Friday! And Finland is IN! For the first time ever. A month worth of football ahead of us, man this is sweet. :)

  • Go Belgium!

    Man, I hope we got our first price ever.

  • Wish us luck tonight against the Knights. Do or die. Despite what the fair weather fans say, there was a lot to like about the Avs game in Game 5. Do it again but don’t choke this time.

    Let’s Go!

  • @neocweeny They were my pick in 2018. Still can't believe they lost to France. Also still can't believe that last kick goal against Japan - which was a bag of mixed emotions. I feel like they SHOULD win it this time and I hope they do.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern France played really dirty. None of their games are fun to watch eventhough they have so many good offensive players.

    We really deserved better. We won 6 out of 7 matches, all within the 90 minutes.

  • @sentinel-beach said in Sports?:

    UEFA EURO 2020 starts tomorrow on Friday! And Finland is IN! For the first time ever. A month worth of football ahead of us, man this is sweet. :)

    First time? I'll be sure to catch at least one of their games. :-)