• My opinion is that thousands of athletes, musicians, business people, and travelers all are in the same boat as Djokovic, but the onus is on the person entering the country to make sure they have a valid visa and such. This can all be corroborated before you even hit the border. The consequences of being denied at the border are also transparent. From my understanding of the story, he knowingly tried to oppose the rules.

    Now, I'm not defending these overly militarized and unhospitable border guards and airports that have plagued the planet since 2001. I absolutely hate that bullshit. But this, to me, isn't some aggressive abuse of power. It's just that someone's international work permit wasn't sorted out properly.

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  • such bullshit

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    i don't agree with anti vax protesters but this news basically just proves that you just need to be a rich celebrity in order to bypass government laws that the rest of us normal people have to abide by.

  • that's right GTFO outta here!!!!

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  • Well he's finally being deported
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