Nintendo Directs / Possible NX Reveal Event

  • Hey Allies,

    I loved your E32016-Coverage and they way you managed to do all those reaction-videos. Sadly, there was no live Nintendo-Zelda-Reaction, but I understand your move in the light of the unclear messaging from the Big N.

    Would it be possible for Easy Allies make those reaction- and discussion-videos for future Nintendo (Direct) announcements? They are not that many in numbers and I think it's a possibility that the next one will feature the first information about the NX, which should generate a massive blowout of information and game announcements. Would be a shame to force all these discussions in your general podcasts.

    The NX announcement will be the last reveal of a new console which is not just an upgrade of what we had before for a looong time , would be happy to see the hype meter grow with my Allies.

  • admin

    We're not going to commit to every Nintendo Direct, we'll take them on a case-by-case basis. However, you can be sure we'll be there for whatever Nintendo does to reveal the NX.

  • They did a Zelda impression if you didn't check it out, and Damiani has like a 50 minute direct feed video.

    There's no way anyone is going to do a live reaction stream for Nintendo's 5 hour Treehouse of Zelda's Gameplay, especially when E3 was actually happening at that time.

  • @Whoaness so you say they even would have skipped a real press conference/digital event? I can't imagine that…

  • Them missing the E3 release was purely because they were all at E3 Day 1 in the morning, which overlapped with Nintendo's release of the trailer for breath of the wild. It's pretty rare that anything overlaps one of Nintendo's announcement streams/videos, so I'd definitely look at E3 2016 as an exception.

    That being said, I was pretty sad we didn't get to see a reaction from them, but I wouldn't ask them to miss out on the opening day of the showfloor at E3. (especially considering how slammed for time they were, Jones didn't even get to play Sea of Thieves.)

    Damiani even expressed his disappointment that they didn't get to record reactions to the trailer. (He especially noted the opening, which had a voiced NPC for the first time in a Zelda series.)

    The Zelda Impressions bit was really good, as well as the direct feed video as @Whoaness said.

  • @Stefan51278 Nintendo announced they wouldn't have a Direct or Conference this year, so that's why they skipped it.

    Brandon actually answers this in the latest Cup of Jones saying that it's unfortunate they had to skip it, but they'll see what they can do for next year.

    @Stormcrownn Ugh, the worst trailer of E3? Jones, Bosman would have ripped that trailer apart. I don't think fans would have wanted to hear that.

    And it's not the first time a mainline Zelda was voiced. We have the Zelda Faces of Evil and the CD-I games lol! :laughing:

  • I think TGS will be the place for Nintendo to show NX.

  • @Bloodworth Hopefully Nintendo makes sure to communicate clearly that the NX will be revealed during whatever event they end up doing.

  • I get the feeling a NX Direct or event will be held after TGS, but Before the end of the year, Possibly late November or early December, either before or after PSX/ Game Awards