Mass Effect: Andromeda - A Missed Opportunity

  • So i recently finished Mass Effect: Andromeda on my PS4. The game is way better than initially anticipated. The story in the game is really underrated and from what i gathered never came up in the discussion about the game. The only big criticism i would give is that the villain has too little screen time and you gain your companions too fast. The main character and the interactions with the companions are really good. I felt like it was a well told story overall in a totally new setting.
    The thing that kept the game back for me when playing it was the polish. The gameplay was solid and a lot better than the previous Mass Effect games. This wasn't the issue though. The glitches, bugs and framerate issues were so significant at times that i just stood frozen for several minutes and had to restart the game. From what i gathered what happened during the development of the game was that they spent almost 4 years of their 5 year development plan trying to create a No Man's Sky game. Procedurally generating planets and making vast worlds. They scrapped this around when the there was only 14 months left of development before the game came out.
    How do you plan this bad during the entire development cycle? You don't spend more than a year developing something that doesn't seem to work, but they spent almost 4 years on it? It's such a shame, because Mass Effect is my favorite gaming franchise. The potential of the franchise is so big, that i can be limitless with what you can do with it. You can tell stories from other perspectives outside of the humans. The problem was also around the controversial figure of Manveer Heir who on a regular basis bashed fans and on a regular basis went after white people did not help the game. That did not contribute to fans of the franchise buying into the new game either.
    I wholeheartedly want politics to stay out of gaming and want good games in general. The game at its core was really good and had potential, but was held down by politics and the lack of polish. Andromeda could have been a continuation of a great series, where choice and storytelling stood at its center. The problem is that they spent too much time on things that did not work and we go the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda

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    I am one of those people that LOOOVE Mass Effect 1-3 but havent gotten around to play Andromeda. I was going to buy it at release but then all the talk around it at the time scared me off.

    I dont know either how they could mess up the development of it so bad. It feels like they just ignored the wreck it actually was, or maybe it was EA (once again) just forcing it out. There have been the wildest theorys of EA trying to destroy it on purpose and stuff, but Im not gonna get into that.

    The more I read about the game recently though the more I feel like I still want to give it a shot. It seems like many issues have gotten patched and in the end... its still Mass Effect

  • The last copy I tried to get on ebay went to another buyer for 10,40, my bid was 10... I'm getting there, it's just a matter of time till I get one for 10, I mean you can instant buy copies there for 20 already.
    As someone who adored the original trilogy I am deeply disappointed on what they did, they gave the game to a B team, which also outsourced stuff, and for sure identity politics influenced it as well. It's clear where the majority of manpower and budget went, Anthem. If Anthem doesn't sell like hot cakes, Bioware is done.

  • @Lotias the game is good, just expect frame freezes and framerate drops. Otherwise the game is really good. Has lots more of RPG's elements than ME2 and ME3

  • @Musou-Tensei there is still Dragon Age and the new Star Wars game they're working on

  • @The_Andredal Like I have any faith in those.

  • @Musou-Tensei fair enough

  • I liked it. It was not amazing or anything but if nothing else the combat felt fun and visuals were great. Dragon age Inquisition in space, solid 8/10. Also the initial bugs and glitches were more hilarious than frustrating.

  • @Nillend I got the feeling as well regarding how you picked the metals, reminded me a lot of inquisition's resource gathering. Same goes for the armor and weapon system