GOTY 2017 Discussion

  • What has been your favorite games of this past year? What has stood out this year and what was the worst game according to you?

  • Persona 5, Nier Automata, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, Samaus Returns all spring to mind atm.

  • Sonic Mania is the easiest GOTY I've ever given out. Gravity Rush 2 isn't getting the respect it deserves, I feel like everyone forgot about it (assuming they even noticed it when it first dropped) but it's in my top 3.

  • Yakuza 0 deserves all that GOTY money
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    My top 3 are
    1: Yakuza 0
    2: Persona 5
    3: Pyre

    I didn't like Night in the Woods. It was too repetitive and depressing and vague. Dropped it like 3 hours in.

  • Banned

    @DeweyDTruman I really need to go back and finish GR2. I was having an amazing time with it, but a power outage caused me to lose like 3 hours of progress so I dropped it. Really great game though. Kat is my waifu.

    As for my goty, Horizon gets it easily, especially as I work my way through The Frozen Wilds. Aloy is pretty bland as a protag, but the gameplay, story, lore, visuals, everything is top notch.

  • So far!

    1. Evil Within 2
    2. Mario Odyssey
    3. Horizon Zero Dawn
    4. Persona 5
    5. Resident Evil 7

    this list is still in flux as I have yet to play Nier: Automata and a few others.

  • Though I played Zelda BotW (good), Mario Odyssey (great), Nier Automata (good) and Hellblade (just ok), I definitely had and have the most fun with Splatoon 2. Love the gameplay, music and art style. With so many awesome games this year I´m pretty sure it will not appear on any GotY list.
    I started to wonder that with so many good games in general, the rules and criteria with that we judge and rate games are getting even more arbitrary. I can’t remember if I heard a good explanation why this year’s Call of Duty or Assassins Greed are worse than Nier or Zelda …
    … And my favorite game of this past year is still Witcher 3. :P

  • It's pretty simple for me, Persona 5 is my GOAT and Nier Automata didn't surpass the original in my eyes, that would have been the only thing that could have gotten close to me, I haven't played Odyssey yet, but it can be the best Mario game ever by a lot and it still wouldn't be close to being my GOTY

    1. Persona 5/Yakuza Zero
    2. Mario/Zelda
    3. Horizon/ Re7 / Evil Within 2/ Wolfenstein 2 / Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice
    4. Nier: Automata/Uncharted: Lost Legacy

    Please Don't make me choose.

    I haaaaated Nioh, even though i loooove soulsgames. I recognize it's a good game though. I just dislike it to the max.

  • Probably Persona 5 or Horizon: Zero Dawn. Maybe Mario Odyssey as well, but I haven't played it enough yet to be entirely sold on it being GotY. I've played through the most common GotY contenders people list, but to me these 3 are the most deserving.
    Persona 5 because it's such a step-up from pretty much all JRPGs we've gotten for years. How well directed it is while taking noticable steps forward (both for the series and JRPGs in general) with how combat works, dungeon design and so forth.
    Horizon: Zero Dawn because of how well made it actually is, especially for a new IP. Great visuals, music, combat, etc. while also having an interesting setting and story (once it touches more on the past). The attention to detail was also noticable (both in terms of visuals and how characters can comment on minor things you did prior). The quest design was also noticably improved over most open world games (AC: Origins is downright terrible in comparison).
    With Mario Odyssey the only things I can fault it for (yet) are the visuals (the clash in tone is off-putting) and how it's a little too easy. There are lots of clever ideas in the game, even though if some of them (like merging with walls to play classic Mario) were first seen in other games.

    The only game I think would be a bad winner would be Zelda BotW. That game did far too much wrong, both in terms of a game in general and as a Zelda. It winning wouldn't only cement the fact that all of these issues will continue to be overlooked and future Zelda games would push more towards these bad design decisions.

  • While I won't post my list until we actually get into the forum thread for determining what the communal GOTY list will be, I will say I have played six games that came out this year, saw another in its entirety, and of my six, only one was a disappointment.

    And courtesy of Battlefront II absolutely crapping the bed, that's a disappointment I will refrain from playing.

  • I don't think I have a final order determined just yet and I still have to play through Horizon: Zero Dawn, but here's what I know.

    Number one no matter what is Persona 5. It actually dethroned Final Fantasy Tactics and became my favorite game ever made, so... it has to take top spot.

    Strong runner-ups are Yakuza 0 and Nier: Automata. Following right behind that will probably be Cuphead and Pyre. Some of that may switch but if I had to submit something right now... that'd probably be it.

  • Your lists are spoiling the The Official EZA Forum GOTY Thread excitement! (Out in January.) O_O

    1. Super Mario Odyssey
    2. Sonic Mania
    3. Nier Automata
    4. Zelda Breath of the Wild
    5. Sonic Forces

    Just of the games I played. Feels sad to not nominate a Mass Effect game considering it's my favorite franchises but BioWare just sucks these days, even if Andromeda was made by their B-studio at the time.

    I don't really know how to rank these games honestly. Sonic Forces is not amazing or anything either, but I strangely enjoyed it for the afternoon it took me to beat it, having been out of interesting games to play for a while and not having the money to spend to get me The Evil Within 2 or Wolfenstein.

    Oh yeah, Persona 5 came out too. Gotta play that as well, I guess. Odyssey isn't quite as good as Galaxy upon reflection, but it has, IMO, set Mario on a good course again and did many original things, particularly the endearingly weird story. Sonic Mania was also cool and I enjoyed it a lot. Automata is undeniably the most emotionally and intellectually riveting game I have played since the Mass Effect series was still ongoing. I was just invested in that game because the writing is so above average, and as for the game itself it's on the good side but also a little so-so at times, but otherwise it would've been an easy 10 for me.

  • I'm seeing a distinct lack of Yakuza 0 in many of your guys' lists.
    I'd like to remind you that Yakuza 0 is the game of the year. You really should get on that.

  • @TokyoSlim I've got no real good excuse for not having finished it, yeah.

  • I haven't played any 2017 releases because I'm a loser.

  • @Ringedwithtile Don't feel too bad. I've played a decent amount of them and it didn't change the fact that I'm also a loser.

  • @TokyoSlim said in GOTY 2017 Discussion:

    Yakuza 0 deserves all that GOTY money

    that's a 2015 game though...

  • ... soooo Skyrim, anyone?