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    @suplextrain I have no idea what the devs or publishers think about what we (the EZA community) think about GOTY games. I don't think that's even a point anyone is making. Either it should be eligible because it releases in 2017, or it is delayed and is not eligible.

    Not entirely sure what's so complicated about that proposition. lol

    Point is there are no rules set in place so the game doesn't even have to be finished to be eligible, so even discussing if it's eligible or not in the context of EZA is pointless.

  • @suplextrain I think there are some general expectations in place based on historical precedent. But yes, it's up for debate, which is what I'm doing.

  • In the case of PUBG, if it comes out on Xbox in December as currently planned, I believe it should be eligible for our GOTY discussions.

    As for Yakuza 0 and Persona 5, they're also definitely eligible because they came out in the west this year as others have pointed out, so that's when a large majority of us got to play them.

  • My top spot was between RE7 and Prey, but I've already decided that Prey just beats it out.

    My least favourites this year have been Zelda and Horizon.

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    Kat is my waifu.

    I knew El-Shmiablo was a true Otaku

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    @Sheria Sugoi desu desu ne, my ninja.

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    So far my GOTY list are:

    1. Horizon Zero Dawn
    2. Tekken 7

    Thats all the games from this year I've played so far... I think

  • I've liked but mostly loved every game I've played this year.

    • Yakuza 0
    • Persona 5
    • Nier Automata
    • Nioh (liked)
    • Divinity Original Sin II

    I still have to play The Evil Within II, Resident Evil VII, and anything for the Switch. There is just no shortage of fun things to play. I'll save my GOTY until the bitter end once I've played as much as I possibly can by year end.

    1. Divinity original sin 2 (Probably the best game I have ever played. It's good. It's so good!)
    2. Nier Automata (emotional roller-coaster, mind blowing)
    3. Rime (melted my heart)
    4. What remains of Edith Finch (After finishing it I had to step away and just think for 30 minutes or so)
    5. I'm leaving this spot open since there are 5 more games that can get on the list: Spellforce 3 (didn't come out yet), Nioh (if PC port is any good), Seven days long gone (didn't come out yet). If none of them will make it then number five is probably AC: Origins. ALso there is still Xenoblade chronicles 2 but I won't be playing it.

  • I haven't really played that many games this year to really make a list :(