Amazon Prime Day! Anyone buying anything?

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    Greetings Allies, it's Amazon Prime Day and that means potentially the largest consumer glut of the year apart from the winter holiday season.

    The question I have for all of you is naturally: Are you planning or have you bought anything today from amazon?

  • Bought Just Cause 3, Dirt Rally, and a tablet as a late birthday gift for my mom, and that's about far.
    Just ordered The World Ends With You, glad I did as it literally sold out in 2 minutes

  • Seems like the prices for the things I need have been mostly untouched. Shame, I really need a stationary bike.

  • I didn't even know Prime day was a thing, so thanks for the post! I ended up picking up a Fire stick and a Playstation TV (no deal on this one sadly).

  • Really? Amazon has been advertising it for like 2 weeks.
    Got Battlefront, and COD Ghost Hardened Edition (my brother is a fan of the Alien mode, and it came with the season pass for Ghost), And the Uncharted Collection (have it digitally, but for the price I figured what the hell and got a physical copy)

  • After the disappointment last year I didn't even bother checking today.

  • I bought a Sony HT-XT1 and a Powerbank for future Pokemon Go adventures :laughing:

  • I picked up the Dragon Quest: Heroes code on PS4 for $18. I also grabbed a new magnetic mount and phone charger for my car. I also took advantage of the Audible promotion where you got $10 Amazon credit free for getting the free 90 trial.

  • Picked up Dirt Rally (decent deal) for 35 and Dragon Quest Heroes (Darn good deal) for 18. Most of the dealer were meh but I wanted Dirt Rally for a while and I don't think I'm going to spend too much time with DQH but for 18, if I get a few hours of entertainment it's worth it. :)

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    @beneta said in Amazin Prime Day! Anyone buying anything?:

    After the disappointment last year I didn't even bother checking today.

    To be fair Prime Day last year was their first time doing it. Their second attempt had much better deals this time around.

  • Too broke to be buying anything.

    I still never used my one time Amazon Prime free trial. So a time like this would have been handy to finally use it.

  • @-Jak- could also save it for the holidays.

  • I bought the Fast & Furious 1-7 for $35 on Blu-Ray, as well as exploding kittens table top game for $20, and the resistance for $13. Not sure if the resistance was a deal.

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    By the end of the day, i just grabbed cowboy bebop complete on dvd and darksouls 3 along with a couple other odds and ends like an SD card

  • @DMCMaster Yea I may just do that. Since I already have a PS4 and no need to buy a Xbox One with Scorpio on its way. I could invest that free trail into black friday. Unless my total exceeds $50 dollars.