Overrated/Underrated JRPGs

  • @FutureCorpse Shadow Hearts needs more love. That first game is excellent, I liked the second, never played the third.

    Overrated - I know I'll get some flak for it, but Final Fantasy 9 has been such a chore to play through again, I basically dropped it. Final Fantasy 15 is a bit more decisive but it still reviewed well, which baffles me. It might be my least favorite in the franchise, besides something obviously bad like FF2.

    Underrated - I would normally name Shadow Hearts but it's mentioned in the OP so.... Xenogears? Yes, it frequently makes it on to "Best RPGs of ALL TIME!!!!" lists but I honestly know so few people that have played it - so maybe I'll just label it as underappreciated. Strange that some of my favorite RPGs ever made (the Persona series, Xenogears, etc.) all have such strong connections to philosophical ideas presented by people like Carl Jung.

  • I really wish they would release Shadow Hearts on the PStore, I've never played them but they sound really really interesting, and as much as I love my physical JRPGs I'd rather not throw 40$ on used copies of games I'm hoping I'll like.

  • @bard91 I'd honestly say they're worth the $40, but I understand the hesitation. The aesthetic is just so different from most JRPGs which makes it stand out, but things like the Judgement Ring really make combat fun. I'd love to see Jones give the series a try as well, since he's all about gothic horror. Koudelka was also a pretty solid game that serves as a spiritual successor to the series but I distinctly remember that game kicking my ass as a kid. Although there were some strange design decisions in that one - you could actual level your characters in such a way that healing spells were no longer effective. Still, it had a really different vibe from most of what is out there.

  • Overrated: Xenoblade Chronicles, especially among this community. I don't get 'Wow, it's an MMO, it's auto-attack action bar combat system is so nifty. Aren't DoTs and mobs and AoEs and pulling aggro and DPS so fun?'

    It has a story that spoils itself with basic checklist characters you wouldn't give the time of day in an anime because you'd seen those tropes in 10s of other things. Aren't the oversaturated environments it uses to market itself beautiful, never mind that they're flat and barren save for some pixelated ground clutter and MMO mobs with no effort put into hit detection littered all over the place. Oh, and they're filled with the kind of clunky fetch quests MMOs are notorious for which get fairly criticized in every other game except Xenoblade and Breath of the Wild (which doesn't have quite as many).

    The character-related twists are predictable and the broader world-related and endgame ones make actually no sense and exist for the sake of shock value when they're not rendering the game pointless as a whole.

    Like, I'm glad that they tried to have a story unlike most open world games and 8th gen RPGs, but trying is not the bar. Us giving a shit is, and that is something Xenoblade Chronicles continually prohibited me from doing.

  • Over: FFX
    Under: FFXIII

  • @Haru17 I can't fairly comment on the story as a whole as I only got a bit beyond 15 hours, but what I saw had me interested enough to keep going.

    Most other aspects of the game though, I completely agree the combat I found the combat to be boring at best and frustrating a lot of time, and the world and openness quickly lost its appeal after it endless and pointless fetch quests.

    I'm hoping to hear the opinion of 2 from people that didn't like the first to get an idea of how I may find it

  • @bard91 Well it seems that enough people reviewed 2 this time that it's getting the 7s that the first game screamed to me. And I don't think you would have reached the things that are dumbest about the story to me yet. I also don't think they're worth playing toward, but that's your call.

  • @Haru17 I have it as a very low priority with little chance of me getting it soon, I still want to revisit the original one, but yeah I'm at least keeping an eye on it

  • I was trying to fall asleep last night and the Wild Arms theme song got stuck in my head... I'd say that entire franchise is severely underrated, with 1 and 3 being the best entries. Just not enough literal western RPGs out there.

    As much as people love talking about the blue bomber coming back, he's been in a ton of games. There's another Capcom franchise that has been dormant for awhile... Breath of Fire. 3 and 4 were excellent and Dragon Quarter at least had some interesting ideas in it. As least put one of the characters in MvC... something, anything!

  • Has anyone played The Last Remnant? I was surprised when I discovered that most people hated it. Sadly it's made in Unreal, so you know there's gotta be a lot of graphical glitches and other issues. At least back at GT they gave it an 8.

    The battle system is kinda weird at first (not your typical turn-based strategy game), but once you get into it there's a lot of depth, and I certainly enjoyed it a lot. The combat is fun and really challenging, especially when you get lots of monsters in one go. Battles can go for over an hour sometimes, not even counting bosses, but the whole time you're immersed and invested, feeling like you're in a real battlefield.

    Also Baten Kaitos, especially Origins. God I miss those.

  • @Dario I remember liking The Last Remnant more than I thought I would, but it was a rental, so I never got a chance to finish it. That's when the 360 was really starved for RPGs, save for Tales of Vesperia.

  • @bard91 said in Overrated/Underrated JRPGs:

    I'm hoping to hear the opinion of 2 from people that didn't like the first to get an idea of how I may find it

    they'll tell you it's shit because they didn't like it. what else do you expect them to say?

  • @Yoshi obviously I'm hoping to hear arguments from people with a similar perspective from mine about what they think about the new one and see if that makea it more appealing to me.

    I have no interest in hearing someone say it is shit with no substancial argument.

  • @bard91 how far did you get in one?

  • @SabotageTheTruth 360 had a bunch of jrpgs, they were really making a effort to grab the Japanese market with vesperia, last reminent, blue dragon, lost odyssey , infinite undiscovery, and star ocean

  • @Bigdude1 Cough...Eternal Sonata cough!

  • Almost every post in this thread is like a little stab to my chest, lol. Tales of Symphonia, ouch! Xenoblade Chronicles, oof! Star Ocean, agh! FF9, ow!, Ni no Kuni, indistinguishable gurgling noises!


  • @Bigdude1 In comparison, I wouldn't call that a lot of RPGs, especially when you look at the PS1/PS2 era. Unfortunately a lot of that list is pretty forgettable for the 360 as well.

  • I did enjoy what I played of Magna Carta 2 on the 360, but that's technically a Korean rpg.

  • @Minamik said in Overrated/Underrated JRPGs:

    Almost every post in this thread is like a little stab to my chest, lol. Tales of Symphonia, ouch! Xenoblade Chronicles, oof! Star Ocean, agh! FF9, ow!, Ni no Kuni, indistinguishable gurgling noises!


    It's not that the games are bad, they simply have some elements that are pretty flawed. Some people have an easier time overlooking it than others.
    Ni No Kuni for example has lovely music, nice visuals, tons of content, the amazing Wizard's Companion, huge explorable open world and so on. But the core combat gameplay and familiar system is clunky, unintuitive and not very well designed. Considering how much of your time will be spent fighting this becomes a big problem.
    So when a game like this is praised to the high heavens other people don't really go in with the mindset of having to overlook sizeable issues, which will typically affect their overall experience and usually leads to dissapointment.

    Xenoblade Chronicles is another example some people tend to oversell a bit.