What is Your Older Game GOTY?

  • What is your favorite older game you played for the first time this year?

  • I normally ignore these when I comes to GOTY as i feel it's neither correct or fair.

    .Hack Recode is the clear winner this year if we allow anything.

  • I have to say The Witness (January 2016). Played it and finished it in the first quarter of this year. I could honestly feel my brain at many points with this one. :)

  • I'm not sure if it 100% counts since I think I played it once at a friends house in 4th grade, but if you're willing to look past that then Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Fucking. Masterpiece.

  • Dishonored. Played 2 first then 1 & all the dlcs for both games. Totally fell in love with this series. The World, lore & gameplay is everything I want from a game series. Just a shame I never played them sooner.

  • The only old game I've played for the first time this year is actually what I'm playing right now:

    Final Fantasy IX

    From what I can tell, I'm pretty close to the end and I'll go back to a particular post in another thread and update my rankings accordingly when I'm done.

    The only other example that comes to mind is Wolfensteins The New Order and Old Blood, but I played them first in the last two weeks of last year, so FF IX is the only game that qualifies for me.

  • I mostly play older stuff, so here's a top 10 of games I never got around to until this year and really enjoyed:

    Demon's Souls
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
    Ranger X
    Star Control 2
    Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
    Gravity Bone
    Sam & Max Hit the Road
    Donkey Kong '94

  • Strictly speaking about games I've never played before this year at all, I guess Ys I+II (how it's packaged on Steam) or specifically Ys II. Haven't even finished it yet, but there's been lots of cool moments so far, and as soon as current games calm down I'm definitely going back to it. Seriously though, I barely played any older games this year. Who had time for that?

  • The Flame in the Flood. Love the music in that game.

  • I got to some good old stuff this year. Here's a short list in a loose order

    Demon's Souls
    Ni No Kuni
    God of War III
    Shadow of Mordor
    Until Dawn

  • Whoa, a GOTY thread I can participate in? I've been playing older games pretty much exclusively for the past year and a half or so, so I have a fair few to choose from. I have dedicated threads for most of these, so I won't go into too much detail below. One thing that ranking these has made me realize: all of them have grown on me in the months since I've played them. Here's what I got so far off the top of my head (in order of favorite to least favorite).

    1. Final Fantasy IX - currently listening to the soundtrack as I do work. This is a game that has grown on me considerably over the past few months since completing it. I want to replay VI now to see if it holds up to the height of my memory. I was pretty set on IX being my number 2 back when I first played it, but now I think it might be closing the gap...

    2. Persona 4: Golden - Another game that's warmed on me over time. I still think it's really flawed, but memory has worn a bunch of those down for me. I really liked this game.

    3. Final Fantasy VII - I'm not in love with this game like most of the world is, but it's another game that's grown on me. The soundtrack is pretty golden.

    4. Suikoden II - This one still bums me out a little bit, but - per usual - my positive memories from playing this game are starting to overshadow my negative ones. The main story arc is really beautiful.

    Still in progress: Final Fantasy Tactics (so hard), Dragon Quest VIII (potential old game-GOTY, but I'm only 24 hours in so we'll see if it can keep this up til the end).

  • @Minamik Never played the game, but I've listened to that soundtrack (and showed it to all my friends) multiple times now. It's so freaking good.

  • There's two that I can't decide between, and they oddly both start with an "X". Xenoblade Chronicles and XCOM 2. I fell in love with the characters and world of the first game and was completely engrossed in some very emotional moments. The latter represents the type of turn-based strategy that I crave: harrowing yet incomparably rewarding. You feel like a tactical genius prevailing over seemingly impossible situations.

  • Probably Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It wasn't perfect but I had a lot of fun throughout and probably enjoyed it more than I would have back in the day thanks to the fast-forward option.

  • I think I finished Trails of Cold Steel in early January so that, if it is indeed the case, otherwise I think it would be between Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Virtue's Last Reward, probably give it to VLR, as TMS is more of a guilty pleasure I would say. And I do have to say I was really underwhelmed by Ori and the Blind Forest, lost interest very quickly on that one and I was very interested going into it.

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    Not sure how much older a game got to be... but I played Life is Strange this year... and oh my it blew my socks off. Nothing special game mechanics wise (even though rewind time is kinda sweet) but the story and the music... holy cow. I got impacted on such a deep level and I cant wait to play before the storm.

  • I don't think I played any games this year that were released pre-2017, but the two remasters that really captured me were Dragon Quest 8 and Final Fantasy 12. FF12 has always been a favourite of mine and the Zodiac Age remaster only cemented that opinion in my mind. Dragon Quest 8 has been something of a white whale for me for years. I'm just now approaching the final hours of the game and it's outstanding! I think between the two, I'd still lean more toward FF12, but they've both been great reminders of why I love JRPGs to begin with. Excited to jump into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 next.

  • Shadowgate (2014)! I played it for the first time in 2017, and it's probably my new favorite adventure game. I was familiar enough with the original Shadowgate on the NES that I could tell they changed a lot of the rooms/puzzles, but I had never played it myself before. The presentation quality (especially the music) was a real treat. I found it challenging and more than once I was completely stuck for days. It'd be one long series of trying one flash of inspiration after another until I cracked it. Those days where I was stuck were my favorite days with Shadowgate.

    If a fantasy themed point and click adventure game sounds like it has promise to you, then I highly recommend it.

  • I love the question, and shouts out to the person who said THPS3. I hear so many people talking about how Mario Odyssey is the smoothest game and it has a near combo-system, and it makes me think about how the Tony Hawk series is literally perfect in terms of speed, control, combos, amount of tricks and their complexity to pull off, the special system, and the balancing system.

    GO PLAY Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Tony Hawk's Underground, and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. These games just kept improving on the formula until it peaked at THUG.

    To answer for myself, hats off to Resident Evil 2. I like this game more than Resident Evil Remake (remastered). It mixes the point and click adventure puzzles, with action gameplay and a bat shit story. I love everything about it.