Brandon on Fireside chats with Colin Moriarty

  • This has been going for long enough, but there's one thing I want to add.

    Colin mentioned he has a Mexican friend who jokes with him about what's happened in the past, saying "I didn't know you were a racist". That's cool and all, but just because he doesn't get offended doesn't mean others won't. Generalizing is a big step to being an "-ist". Just as Haru said, one woman does not speak for all of them.

    You can have your opinion and your own way to view the world, but don't pretend for a second that your actions won't have an effect on other people, especially in this day and age where internet has made communication so easy and accessible. You don't live in a bubble, you're not alone. That goes for everyone.

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  • @Haru17 The biggest problem with that joke was that he had the opportunity to give his female peers and friends a bit of a boost. For someone who claims he's so very much on their side, he CHOSE to make a shitty joke instead of highlighting their necessity and value in this industry.

    When people highlighted that, he went with the "Humorless shitbag" defense. Which was more telling of who he is as a person that the original joke.

  • @TheHashtag0nist It has a lot to do with where he's coming from as an anti-Clinton conservative in 2017. The most damning version of that person is one who derides women on Twitter for marching on capital buildings in protest of inequality and a self-admitted predator getting elected, and that's exactly what Moriarty showed everyone with that sexist to the point of being passé joke.

  • At the end of the day someone just needs to send this to Colin.

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    He just doesn't see it...

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    @CGamor7 Regardless of how you feel about the situation you shouldn't be encouraging people to send hate to anyone.

  • @Kristen59 for a second i didnt see your point, i guess Im essentially calling him an asshole. But I disagree with this being hate. It's giving him some reflective advice. It's actually great advice for anyone.

    Maybe I could have not put the someone should tell him part, but it was never attended for ppl to band together and go after him.

    If you see someone harassing an individual on the street and you tell the person their being an Asshole, is that hate?

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    @CGamor7 Hate is subjective and I'm not here to argue about that. I'm just saying it's not a good idea to tell people to send messages to someone calling them an asshole because I'm sure you or anyone else here wouldn't appreciate it if it was the other way around.

  • @Kristen59 @tokeeffe9 I'm not going add anything to what's already being said. But if your going to delete my post then you should delete the following conversations that were about the post because now the conversation is taken out of context and makes it look like I was conspiring to spread some form of hate attacks, when it wasn't even close. So please delete the whole conversation or leave my post as is with your warning to allow for context, thanks.

  • @CGamor7 A middle ground, I've restored the post but removed the image.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Brandon on Fireside chats with Colin Moriarty:

    @Claus-Grimhildyr Just because it's a joke, doesn't mean it can't be offensive. I've defended Colin more than most when discussing him recently with friends but let's not pretend he didn't know exactly what he was doing with that tweet, and further along when he decided to frame it.

    You're not helping yourself by generalising GAF/ERA. If you have nothing but digs to offer, than it's probably not worth posting.

    I agree with you that he knew what he was doing in trying to ignite some backlash, but I definitely doubt he intended it to be that big of a backlash. I would also argue the framing of the tweet is actually pretty awesome. It is like framing your business's first dollar in that it is the thing that started out his brand new life. It is something to look back at.

    I also must say I agree with the generalized assessment of Gaf and Era -- at least on anything to do with controversy. They have a set list of acceptable viewpoints on a select number topics (i.e. like opinions on trans-identity or Colin's very presence on the internet) and enforce it with brutal bans.

    I will say that the community is fine on any other topic, but that heavy-handed groupthink is enough to taint the feel of that community.

  • Hoo boy. This convo got intense.

    I'm glad the interview took place. Colin seems like a bit of a douche, but I'm probably seen that way as well so no big deal.

    I don't think he's sexist, but he's probably said a sexist thing or two, I suppose. Still glad Jones took the interview.

  • @ThyBlight that wasn't my intent at all ;-; I'm all about the good vibes here!

  • @tokeeffe9 and @TokyoSlim I would like to apologize for my attitude. It was disingenuous for me to blame an entire forum for the work of an aggressive vocal minority within the community. The stress accumulated from work, finals, and grading - I had used my distaste for this small group as a conduit for stress relief.

    I will work on trying to better my interactions with the community.

  • @JamboHyland95 I don't think I'd ever conclude that as your intent. I got good vibes from you. No worries, my dude. L&R.

  • @ThyBlight Thanks man, appreciate it!