A rant regarding this community

  • @Lotias couldnt agree more. people made this a bigger deal that it should have been.

  • @Hercule_ They've done a bit of that here and there, but none of them have really been super popular outlets as far as I'm aware. I think Ben and Huber have at least done a few.

  • @suplextrain said:

    Always giving people a chance isn't really a sign of open-mindedness. A stubborn or close-minded person can use that to try and convince themselves they're not.

    People pretending to appear a certain way for w/e reason shouldn't stop you from genuinely trying to listen to and understand why people feel the way they do.

    To convince someone with extreme opinions is hard.

    You seem to be under the impression that the point is to convince them to come over to your side. No, the point is to explain why you feel the way you do, listen to why they feel the way they do, and have a clean break so the both of you can decide what to do with what you've learned. If you go into every discussion just trying to change the other party's mind, you're just pushing your agenda/views on others.

    people online that don't really want their ideas to be challenged

    Again, if you are talking to someone and feel like they aren't listening at all and are just using every sentence you type to try and twist your words into something they can use against you, you don't have to keep talking to them. That however shouldn't automatically make you assume every person you disagree with online will be like that before you even try to communicate with them.

  • I absolutely love this community and the men who created it. They are a bastion of jolly antics and good, critical opinions.

    That is why I think the outcry was a little much for me. The sheer dismissiveness against Colin was disproportionate to what he has ever said. The tweet that got him pressured out of Kinda Funny was not misogynistic, but he was labeled for it.

    His comments on transgender politics and the theories underlying it were crass at worst but were overwhelmingly in favor of letting people do as they want.

    Let us not forget how controversial comments have even appeared from the Allies themselves. The OP gave one example, but I can think of two more. I distinctly remember Ben using the word "retarded" in a stream long ago. Ian in a community comments video replied to a question about "the biggest lie you were told as a child" by saying "that God exists" or something along these lines. Most I saw were angry about the trans topic and mentioned how he discredited their existence or identity. Last I checked, the billions of monotheistic peoples in the world have their faith at the center of their moralities -- as a cornerstone of their existence and very purpose. Yet I think we would agree calling for Ian to be kicked out is a ridiculous response.

    Both of these comments are incredibly off-putting to certain communities. However, none of us should EVER think Ben has a hatred or dislike of mentally disabled people or that Ian hates people who believe in God. Hell, Blood goes to church and can be friends with Ian! Why can't we see through the details of ideologies and instead look to how people interact with each other?

    Brandon and Colin had a great conversation. Blood and Ian can. So can we.

  • @Mbun said in A rant regarding this community:

    If you go into every discussion just trying to change the other party's mind, you're just pushing your agenda/views on others.

    Only going to post this ITT since you didn't seem to understand me. I discuss things with people to challenge my ideas and theirs, as I stated prior. Yes you can sometimes gain better understanding of someone in doomed attempts at a discussion but how would that benefit me? I don't plan on wasting time on these people anymore in the first place. After discussing things like this with people for over 10 years online I know that almost all of my time spent on them will be wasted for 0 benefit either to myself or them. I don't waste time on random people like this online anymore. When the people you're trying to discuss something with consistently resort to logical fallacies then you're not challenging your ideas or getting a better understanding.

    Right now you seem more fixated with trying to guilt trip me into wasting more time on people I know won't listen or discuss things with me, for no real benefit.
    Well either that or you're trying to tell me I'm close-minded because you take things I said out of context, to possibly stroke your own ego/pat yourself on the back.
    Either way I really don't see how any of the stuff you're trying to push right now is relevant to the topic at hand so I won't comment on it anymore, but I hope I clarified my views a bit better for you and potentially anyone else ITT.

  • This community can't even take a joke, no wonder Ian was divorced 4 times.

  • I am not a talented writer as I struggle to put my thoughts into words. However, I would like to point out a particular post made by a member of the community over on Reddit about the dangers of the ResetERA community (many of which were very much against the Colin/Jones Fireside Chat, as well as the "Peach Beach Splash" incident) and I feel that it is absolutely worth a read as it says everything I want to say in a clear, concise, and meaningful way.


    I have to agree wholeheartedly with everything that has been said in that post. It is clear that the folks in that section of the EZA community do not care about having a discussion or acting in a civil manner. They continuously shut down and deride anyone with opposing opinions and act in a condescending manner. Openly insulting, harassing, and acting in the way they continuously claim that "Colin's Community" acts.

    I genuinely believe that this mindset, shutting down any discourse and acting with hate/vitriol is completely counter point to the entire purpose of "love and respect" and they should not be allowed to continue to act in this way. They should be called out for their poor attitudes and actions.

  • Not as invested in this community as the GT days. But seeing the benefit of increased dialogue. With fair discussions in my personal life. I can only hope for the same here.