Polygon's Top 500 Video Games

  • I actually quite like the list. Obviously I'd change a lot if it were my personal list, but that top 100 actually had a lot more of the "great classics" than I thought it would. I went in searching for TloU expecting it in the top 10 or something silly, but was actually pleasantly surprise they didn't even consider it top 100. Tetris is a good number 1 though, and I like that Adventure and Zork are well recognised on there.

  • It's just a pointless clickbait article(s).
    First off it makes little sense in making a "best videogame list" since you would have to throw in games that aren't as good anymore simply for being influential. Second, many games on these lists are generally chosen based on popularity (and their positions on the lists is often reflected by their popularity). Third, huge impersonal lists are boring as hell since they're basically just long lists with possibly a short sentence or two saying "it was really influential for the time" or "the driving is really fun" or something. Fourth, it's all subjective and you can never create list people will agree with.

    To me something far more interesting would be if someone wrote their own personal top 10 or top 5 videogames list and then explain why those games are their favorites in greater detail. As in a completely subjective list that doesn't try and throw in HL2, SF2, Doom(1993) or something simply because it's popular.

  • I think the list is good. Its Clear to anyone that Dance Dance revolution is a superior game to the Witcher 3 in every way.

  • I can't wait for our GOTY thread next month.

  • @FutureCorpse DDR has better combat and romance animation.

  • If that were a film list, The Birth of a Nation would be top 20 or something; this list seems like it's primarily going for influence.

    Not bad I guess, but I thought the presentation and particularly the write-ups left something to be desired.

  • They think Depression Quest is better than Starfox 64, Timesplitters 2 and Ori.
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  • I hate these lists for two reasons:
    1: I disagree with vast majority of its placements.
    2: It's dumb to compare all video games in entire history since they are so dependant on technology. Because of that I personally believe that games have an expiration date.You cannot convince me that a game older than 10 years holds up today (there are couple of exceptions). That's why the phrase "best of all time" is so controversial. I have different definitions for "best of all time" and "best of its time". The two lists would be extremely different for me.

    • Mother 3 and Earthbound both in top 50 is really nice. Earthbound at #29 is sort of nuts. That re-release really did wonders for the game.
    • Team Fortress 2 should probably go up 70 or 80 spots from #145. It's more relevant than some games released this year.
    • Doom is #4 which is very appropriate since it's the foundation for every single FPS game. It's weird they factor in user-created content for something like Super Mario Maker but not for something like Doom 2 which has thousands upon thousands of custom levels that have been created.
    • Quake is pretty low at 122. I think a lot of those old FPS games are under appreciated in general. No Painkiller anywhere on the list, right? Gross!
    • Age of Empires 2 being at 262 while Starcraft is at #13 is nuts. Legacy should not be that important in deciding if a game is better or not.
    • Civ 5 over XCOM Enemy Unknown is also very questionable. I guess this goes back to user-created content. Long War is the best strategy game ever created, imo.

  • @FutureCorpse I will respectfully disagree ☺

    @Haru17 while I adore Witcher 3, I won't disagree with you about either of those