PSX Forum Betting Special 2017

  • Done @ib0show

  • @DisturbedSwan Lol, that's a great Final Bet, i'm changing mine now

  • @ib0show I'm almost inclined to just give @DisturbedSwan a freebie point just for the truly astounding final bet. I legitimately loled. Bravo.

  • @Tragosaurus said in PSX Forum Betting Special 2017:

    @Kneefoil Just to be clear, for these forum bets the Brim to Brim Bomb Bets are just normal bets for us. That is, you want to answer what you think will happen to get the point.

    I also have no clue who LanDi is.

    Oh right, I just copy/pasted my bets from another place where I made them. So for those brim-to-brims I typed the opposites of what I personally expected while watching still the video.

  • @Kneefoil Ok cool I'll update them in my spreadsheet accordingly.

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    I kinda want to do my best, but at the same time, Im not sure why I feel a little scared of it. Too many numbers?

  • When will PlayStation Presents Begin?
    How many shadow drops during PlayStation Presents?
    At the end of the weekend, how many characters will be revealed for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite?
    30 (The answer should be 0 from reading the question but going by the betting special)
    From the moment we see Shawn Layden how many seconds until his fingers touch each other(Atleast 4 fingers)?
    How many games will be playable in Ubisoft's Booth on the show floor?
    How many new characters will speak?
    Which Street Fighter character will get the furthest in the Capcom Cup?
    Birdie then Akuma
    How many double jumps?
    The Brim to Brim Bomb Bets(1 point each, incorrect bet -1 point each)
    Will Landi reveal himself?
    Which will we see more of Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest?
    Ni No Kuni
    Will Plant43 be seen?
    Will there be an Ape Escape shirt for sale in the store?
    By Monday December 11th by 3:15pm will Knack have a new project?
    Will Buckets be splashed(sporting or otherwise)?
    Special Bet(2 points)
    At the end of the meetup how many unique store bought grandma birthday cards will be signed and sealed within the box?

  • I did so bad...

  • The results are in and we have winners.
    Congrats to @Sentinel-Beach and @Haru17!

    Everything was pretty straight forward except "Which Street Fighter V character will get the further in the Capcom Cup". I used this link to find out which characters went furthest. Since no one chose a character until 9th place for our bets the answer is Karin and Mika.

    That gives Sentinel Beach another win under his belt and makes it that much harder for someone to dethrone him as Betting Grand Wizard. Haru17 is now on the board.

    See you all at E3, unless we want to try and make our own betting event for the Nintendo Direct that's supposed to happen in January.

  • @Tragosaurus i think we should do something for the Nintendo direct, I will try and annoy the allies into doing a betting special :P

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    Thanks Trago for keeping score! I'm calling the local paper here to make an article about my wins.

  • @ib0show I think we should too. Even if the Allies don't do an exhibition of sorts we should all come up with our own bets and do something.

  • @Tragosaurus I'm down as long as "How many double jumps" makes the cut.

  • These are the bets I came up with if EZA don't do a betting special. I could change them closer to the direct if there are rumblings. Anyone have any thoughts/changes.

    Quanto Bets (1 point each)

    How many shadow drops during the Nintendo January Direct?

    How many games will finally feature a release date?

    How many times will Reggie say that they’re/we're listening?

    How many new games will be shown?

    How many new characters will speak?

    How many double jumps?

    How many remasters?

    How many Switch click noises?

    The Brim to Brim Bomb Bets(1 point each, incorrect bet -1 point each)

    Will Animal Crossing reveal itself?

    Which will we see more of third party games or indies?

    Will there be a 3rd Party exclusive Nintendo property announced(A Nintendo property made by another company)?

    Will they announce a new Super Smash Brothers game?

    Will Buckets be splashed(sporting or otherwise)?

    Will Retro reveal themselves?

    Final bet(4 points)

  • I don't really get (or like) the whole splashing buckets thing, to be honest. How literal is it, or is it just an expression for something?

  • @Sentinel-Beach I think Huber originally meant it in basketball terms (splashing buckets = shooting and scoring) but never specified that at the time so it became really vague and confusing. The awfulness of the bet made it memorable and now kind of a meme.