Trails in the Sky - A wonderful adventure of a jrpg

  • Finally finished Trails in the Sky last night and oh boy what a ride.

    I loved this game, the characters are great, and I was hooked from the opening moments. The dialogue is believable

    This game feels like an adventure, sort of like Grandia 1, going out on an adventure and as our adventure continues on, we come across the bigger plot.

    It's a little trope and most everything isn't groundbreaking, but it is executed very well and there are a couple (for me) things I didn't see coming

    The music is phenomenal, it's not a large soundtrack, but what tracks you hear are standout

    The game does start a little slow, I can see how someone might be put off by that, but the characters are so likable from the get go and the translation is top notch that it didn't bother me.

    I can also see someone getting put off if they do every little side quest (bracer quests), but I enjoyed them and did them.

    The battle system is okay to good. I really wish I could move a few spots and not have it waste a turn, really annoying. Combat starts slow where you don't have many good spells and melee is good enough, but eventually once more enemies start showing up, you gotta use area spells. Combat as a whole could be a little faster. Some fights dragged when you faced a lot of enemies and you're just waiting for them to move and attack. Though I did love the boss fights as there usually was some strategy to use

    So I thought I was going to take a break before playing SC, but I gotta pick it up now. I'll probably play a small game in between, but once winter break starts in a couple weeks, I'm jumping into SC!
    If you're looking for an old school rpg that feels like it came from the ps1 days, this is for you!

    The Ending spoilers

    The ending caught me somewhat off guard....I figured Lorence was either going to be Cassius, or someone we knew, glad it was someone we didn't know. I either figured Cassius has turned bad or killed the real Lorence and took his identity.
    So glad Estelle finally told Joshua how she felt, so sad when he left, broke my heart at the end.
    His back story caught me off guard, did not see that coming, I figured Cassius just found him, maybe Cassius and killed Joshua's parents or destroyed his town and Joshua felt some guilt about living.
    Not sure how I feel about the mind control/making people forget things, I am glad that Richard wasn't some super evil guy, I can see where his concerns for the nation were and it was easy for him to be preyed upon

  • I'm like 15 hours in I think and have been meaning to get back to it, I love trails of cold steel so I'm gonna finish that first but once I do I'm gonna plow through trails in the sky. There's just a very home-y vibe to the game which is very pleasant, also that jazz music during the battles is superb.

  • @JamboHyland95 i would do Trails in the sky first theres a big reveal about half way through second chapter thats ruined if u play cold steel first

  • the ending really blew me away .

    throughout the game Estelle comes to grips with her feeling, at first shes weirded out by them because Joshua is her brother but eventually she excepts them. At the end she finally tells him

    the ending of this game is up there with mgs3 and final fantasy tactics has my favorite endings ever.

    also SC is like a 60-80 hour game

  • @FF7Cloud I'm like 40 hours into cold steel so I may be passed that point? Or is it the ending of Cold Steel that gives away the reveal in trails of the Sky?

    I'm just after the point in cold steel with the canon at Garrelia fortress during the west Zemuria Trade Conference.

  • @JamboHyland95

    No its the identity of the certain bard in Trails in the sky

  • @FF7Cloud

    Yeah, I really enjoyed the ending, feels like a good ending, but keeps me wanting more and to play the sequel. The threads were for the time being cleared up enough to justify ending the first game.

    Estelle has become one of my favorite characters in gaming and if we re did a favorite character list she will show up on the list, as will Oiliver

  • Out of curiousity, what lead to you giving the game a shot?

  • Also, imagine this. It's 2011, and you play this first game on PSP...

    Due to underwhelming sales on PSP, you have to wait 4 years for the sequel to get the resolution after that cliffhanger. Oof.

  • @Minamik said in Trails in the Sky - A wonderful adventure of a jrpg:

    Out of curiousity, what lead to you giving the game a shot?

    It gets talked about a lot over on reddit's jrpg subreddit, so it's been on my list for awhile to play

  • @Minamik

    Yeah, I heard it was quite a wait, gotta suck, but here I am sitting waiting for the next game of thrones book or the next kingkiller chronicle book, so I know the pain

  • @ACardAttack I guess if Huber can wait for Shenmue 3, we're doing alright in comparison, lol.

  • @ACardAttack I see. Good on those folk, spreading the good word of Trails, haha. You get bonus points for playing in the right order and not skipping ahead to Cold Steel, lol.

    Every new player gives me renewed hope of getting Zero and Ao, which sort of take place after the Sky games, but simultaneously to the Cold Steel games.

  • @Minamik

    I too am waiting for Shenmue 3!

  • @ACardAttack Aren't we all, haha.

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    Waiting for the ToCS thread called "Trails of Cold Steel - A wonderful RPG about doing homework"

  • @El-Shmiablo and hitting on your homeroom teacher

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    @FF7Cloud Or literally anything but advancing the plot in any significant way.

  • @El-Shmiablo its all set up a quadrilogy if thats a word. i agree with you though the first game neanders for the first 15-20 hours to get you use to the systems and the characters but it could have been done in 5-7 hours easily they knew from the start it was gonna be multiple parts. i enjoyed it alot as i dont mind the slow advancing plot if the pay off is good which it is. Trails in the sky does a much better job so setting things up for its trilogy and its only a 30 hour game.

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    @FF7Cloud said in Trails in the Sky - A wonderful adventure of a jrpg:

    @El-Shmiablo first game neanders for the first 50-60 hours

    Fixed that for you.