Civilization VI Leaders potentially leaked.

  • Alright lads, for all you fans of Civ who don't want to wait to find which civs are included in the new game, and which historical figure represents them, I might have a good one. Apparently the devs at Firaxis left us a nice surprise in a development picture not too long ago.

    [](image url)

    Here, we see that that they alphabetically ordered portraits of every leader of every Civ, so I thought we could have some fun and try to decipher which Civs are portrayed on the board, on who is the historical figure representing them. So far, I think I've got:

    A1: America - Teddy Roosevelt
    A2: Arabia - Saladin (Though I'm not too sure)
    A3: ???
    A4: ??? (Might be Bolivar)
    A5: China - Qin Shi Huang
    B1: Egypt - Cleopatra
    B2: England - Victoria
    B3: ???
    B4: France - Jeanne d'Arc? (For fuck's sake, Firaxis)
    B5: ??? (Its emplacement hints at it being Germany though)
    C1: Greece would naturally come here, and I'm pretty sure that's a bust of Pericles.
    C2: India - Gandhi
    C3: Japan - Hojo Tokimune
    C4: Not sure, but picture seems to be a black man, and the emplacement would hint towards Mali, so I'm going to call Mansa Musa.
    C5: Looks like Genghis Khan for the Mongols.
    D1: ???
    D2: Rome - Trajan
    D3: Russia - Peter the Great
    D4: ???
    D5: ???
    E1: ???
    E2: ???

    So, Allies, thoughts? Help?