Top 7 Songs of 2017

  • I know everyone here has very different tastes in music, so we probably all feel differently about how music was this year. Did you enjoy it? Were you not a fan? How is music in the genres you listen to doing this year? Furthermore, I'd like to know what your top 7 songs of this year were!

    My Top 7 Songs of 2017 Are (In No Particular Order):

    -Strobelite by Gorillaz
    -Our Place by One III Notes
    -Jam Jam by IU
    -DDD by EXID
    -Gashina by Sunmi
    -Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet
    -Reminiscing by Ailee

    I listen primarily to Kpop and music from the 70's, so in terms of releases this year I can only really talk about that. Musically I feel pretty good about this year. I mainly listen to girl groups, and there were some killer releases this year. In terms of smaller groups finding success it was also a great year. I mainly stan smaller groups (not on purpose), so it always feels really good to see them get the success they deserve. I also discovered a lot of older groups and artists for the first time this year like BoA and SUJU, so I feel like my musical horizons have been widened. As for Western music, I really only listen to Gorillaz which I really loved.

  • Not many bands I'm in love with released new stuff this year so it's kinda light, so I might just add some songs that came out in 2016 that I love:

    Andromeda - Gorillaz
    Lights out - Royal Blood
    Fort Knox - Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds
    Pork Soda - Glass Animals
    List of People - Tame Impala
    Skywalkin - Miguel
    They gave me a Lamp - Public Service Broadcasting

    1. Bravado by Kirin J Callinan. Easily my favorite song of the year.
    2. High Enough by K Flay
    3. The Giver by K Flay
    4. Up All Night by Beck
    5. Down by Run the Jewels
    6. Friend Zone by Thundercat.
    7. Playing to Lose by Lemaitre. I think that was this year.

    Something like that. Friend Zone should probably be higher tbh.

  • 2017 was not just a great year for games, musically it was super solid too!

    1. Losing All Sense - Grizzly Bear
    2. Hot Thoughts - Spoon
    3. Head Like a Haunted House - Queens of the Stone Age
    4. So Young - Portugal. The Man
    5. Vanity Pail Kids - Broken Social Scene
    6. Ran - Future Islands
    7. Recovery - Cults

  • Also! I'm a huge Spotify fan and they very nicely wrapped up all of my most listened songs throughout the year into one playlist. Most of them are from this year, but there's some older bangers in here too.

    Check it out if you also use Spotify, right here.