Mega Man 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

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    Gotta make that thread!

    I like the look, it feels sharp and modern without losing the simplicity and clarity of the older games. We'll have to wait and see if the gameplay and level design are up to scratch!

    If this and the X re-releases sell well, we can hope for a new X game too in a few years time!

  • I might eventually pick this up if it's like $20-30 on Switch and not built around hyper difficult stages that become a respawn fest. And idea what that hyper mode at the end would be? You can see a meter fill up above Mega Man and begin to deplete.

  • I didn't catch the stream so I only saw a still of it at first and it gave me a lot of fears that we were getting another Sonic 4 situation but seeing it in action it looks pretty solid. Don't really wanna commit until we get more though. Honestly I'm more interested in the X ports to modern consoles at the moment. Will they just be straight ports, will it be like those complete works versions of the classic series on PS1, something like the legacy collection, or what?

  • @Haru17
    I thought about it for a bit, what if Hyper Mega Man is being incorporated into a numbered game?
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  • Looks neat, though I'd personally be more interested in a new X game.
    Some people seem to be complaining about the visuals but they're fine to me. It's clear they're going for that classic megaman charm and don't just make everything bland 3D.

  • @suplextrain The game is 3D, they wouldn't have been able to make that excavator rotate into the foreground and background if it wasn't.

  • @Haru17 said in Mega Man 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One):

    @suplextrain The game is 3D, they wouldn't have been able to make that excavator rotate into the foreground and background if it wasn't.

    Yeah I know, but they didn't just make everything into basic 3D meshes but tried to go for the classic Megaman style. Prime example is at 0:45 in the video. It helps give the game more charm and makes it look less cheap.

    Compare MN9 to MM11:
    alt text

    alt text

    In MM11 enemies (and the player character) are more stylized, colors are more contrasted and it's less visually cluttered for better readability. Textures are also more stylized and don't go for a completely realistic look.
    From a visual standpoint I think they focused on what's important in MM11.

  • @suplextrain said in Mega Man 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One):

    Compare MN9 to MM11

    Wow, I just realized how hard they tried to make Mighty No. 9's title interchangeable with that of a Mega Man game.

    But I agree with what you're saying. I don't think 3D games look cheap though, that's a consequence of Kickstarter games of all dimensions. There's definitely something they're doing here that makes 2.5D look less gross to me than it usually does. I think the game's cel shaded or something along those lines.

    Should we flip a coin to predict whether Kyle will like or hate 11 on the podcast?

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    @Haru17 I like how they are sort of stylizing the 3D like they would sprites, i.e. displaying them at improper angles to display depth.

    I hope that they make an X game like this after they are finished with 11. The backgrounds in this are mostly neutral as a design choice to emulate previous game's mostly plain backgrounds, but X games always had very busy backgrounds, so something like that with this style could be really great, imo.

  • Yeah, just from what we've seen I definitely think they could be doing more with the world behind the level in a side-scroller.

  • Is this game also going to install a rootkit on my PC? No thanks. Capcom is on the boycott list for me.

    Game doesn't look that good anyways, imo. Not to mention I think Megaman should just be retired in general. Let the robot rest in peace.

  • There are like five things in that reply that sound like trolling each in their own unique ways.

  • I think it looks great, and most importantly, no cheeto explosions.

    I always found it weird that they went the NES graphics way for 9 and 10 after 7 and 8 had advanced graphics, but I don't dislike the games for that, they are still great Mega Man games, just imo they should have went for MM7 and/or 8 graphics for these sequels. I mean I know why they did it, and that's fine.
    Tbh at the very beginning of the trailer I was a bit disappointed to see NES graphics yet again so I was very pleasantly surprised when the real game was revealed.


    Some highlights from the latest Game Informer issue.

  • In redesigning Mega Man for MM11, Oda said they experimented with making the Blue Bomber "super masculine" and even "pretty". Ultimately they went with his classic look.

    Sounds like we dodged a bullet here!

  • @Axel said in Mega Man 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One):

    Sounds like we dodged a bullet here!

    Can't handle too much MAN with your Mega?
    alt text

  • Didn't Mega Man already pull out the Master Sword and become Adult 'Man?

    Anyway, the trailer was originally shown at the end of a montage / retrospective about the history of the series at that Japanese event/stream.

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