Sony: "We can not Ignore the Nintendo Switch."

  • Hilarious how a year ago, the Sony camp couldn't shut up about how Virtual Reality is "The Future of gaming" and how amazing it is and when Switch was being talked about, people kept going on about how it's just another "Gimmick" and how "PS Vita did it first. this is nothing special!"

    Amazing how the times change. lel.

    Youtube Video

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  • I'd have no problem leaving a thread like this open normally but @Yoshi, your post only comes across as one thing, and that's looking to start some kind of fight between Nintendo and Sony fans. You could have started this thread talking about how this shows the success of the Switch but you went with targetting the Sony camp. I'm not entirely sure what people you're talking about, if it's just everyone or people here but I can honestly say I've never seen those quotes, in particular the last one, being attributed to someone here.

    So this goes for anyone making a topic like this. Don't start a topic by just trying to get a rise out of other people.