Help! Champions ballad game breaking bug!!(update: fixed)

  • “Slight spoilers” Allies, i encountered a game breaking glitch in the champions ballad dlc. I tried searching for solutions but still too early and i might be the first one to encounter it. Basiclly while i was defeating the monsters in the forest of spirits (first challenge) i climbed atop the huge tree to defeat the last monster. I opened the chest at the same time the “success” music played and thats when the glitch occured. None of the shrines appear. Even after defeating all four challenges and there is no way of reseting it :( i know its a glitch because when i leave the great plateau and exit the trial i can see all four shrines in the distance. However i cant enter the shrines without the obiterator weapon, and when i go and get it i can see all the shrine locations on the map but no shrines are there, i can even teleport to there locations only to be teleported to an empty spot. The biggest problem is that the autosaves saved over everything i did post game and the only manual save is a few hours before i finished the game. Please share this around as i need a solution. Thanks for being the best out there allies!

  • @Mohamed-Alneaimi i found a solution to the bug. Loading save files wont help but you have to switch off your switch and switch it back on. Then i loaded the last save and the shrines appeared!!