Moral Dillema

  • I'm currently drinking in a 80's themed pub. They have a modified Arcade cabinet playing about 1000 games.

    I really want to call them out, what do you think?

  • @Sheria I'm not sure what games are on it but by this stage all the developers won't make any money from them anyway. I'm sure some of them old games deserved to be played or be lost to history.

  • They certainly haven't been given rights to be given free like Beneath a Steel Sky.

    I have already reported the pub for copyright violations. I might have looked the other eye if it were a home user, but this pub I making revenue from games they have no right to.

  • Banned

    Don't be "that guy".

  • It's better that be "that guy" than see good games be played

  • Honestly my stance would be that no one is gaining anything from this, not the developers or copyright holders, and certainly not the patrons of the bar that could enjoy the games, based on that I would have no issue with letting it be. I'd say though that I'm quite lax when it comes to old games, so that's obviously skewing my perspective.

  • Trickey waters to navigate.

    Developers and publishers usually don't go after small time businesses. Unless they're making some serious money off their product. At the same time. Losing these games to history can be a great tragedy. Keeping records of video game history was an afterthought for a long time. So much has been lost or forgotten about since video games hit the scene.

  • Of all the things to be corrected in this world, it was an arcade machine you felt needed justice.

    Was it new games? Or collection of 80's games? If the latter, then is it really an issue? Did you ask them about it? Im genuinely curious to know your thought process, motivation and justification for
    why you acted.